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About Processors

The processor installed on a computer is the core of the system that performs the instructions you give to the computer. Be it a simple command or complex coding, the computation time remains the same. And generation after generation, these processors have advanced themselves into a product stronger and versatile than before. Every new version comes out as better, faster, and depending on the application, apt for following the instructions. 

To illustrate you the evolution of processors so far, we would like to state a simple fact related to the measurement of processors. So, the primary versions used to be measured in 'Instructions Per Second', which is now measured in the order of Millions or Billions. You can now assume how mainstream processor speeds have climbed over the decades. But still, there are variants manufactured specially to cater to different needs, or to be exact, to cater to the performance abilities. Your purpose influences your purchase the most, which can be a processor or any other computer part.

Types of latest processors

In total, there are five types of processors titled as microcontroller, microprocessor, embedded processor, DSP, and media processor. Every processor has its allotted work. For example, DSP is responsible for speech, image, & biometric processing, and lots more other applications. Some of the applications are beyond the use of your personal computer at home. A microprocessor is a chip having other processors on-board, and these other processors' abilities depends on your needs, such as gaming, coding, designing, or basic operations. All the factors starting from your requirements to budget make manufacturers come up with variants. So, knowing them is a must before adding one into your cart.

i5 versus i7 processors

The differences between these two chips are very subtle, especially that the i7 processor price in UAE is very close to i5's. So, what makes you buy i7 not i5 other than that the former is the latest version? A core i7 is better for multitasking, media-editing, and even high-end gaming. Also, core i7 chips have a larger amount of cache, due to which quick processing of repetitive tasks is expected. The similarity, however, is in the higher clock speeds, and that both use turbo boost. No doubt, a new version come with better speed, but having i5 version is not completely bad if you have a fixed budget to spend.

Intel versus AMD processor

Every best place to buy processors enlists AMD and Intel both names. Although the choice between the two is a never-ending argument similar to Apple versus Android, you should still look at the features matching the usage. In terms of value and price, the newer versions have neck-to-neck fight, and somehow AMD got the point. However, coming to gaming performance, intel is the winner with top performance. Coming to productivity and content creation, AMD and Intel both have a few pros and cons. Overall, AMD has some best models in mid-range, but intel improves with newer models with which the older ones start to lose the charm.

Quad-core processor

One processor chip can have multiple cores. So, the one having four cores is known as quad-core processors. Each core is itself a Central Processing Unit that can independently perform all computational tasks. Thus, more cores mean more speed, but only for the program that can split tasks between the multiple cores. The only downside of having more cores is the higher power consumption and also the generation of more heat. To overcome heat generation, you should better have heat sinks or other cooling solution.

Tips on how to buy Processors online

The marketplace is loaded with variants so much so that it becomes a daunting task to grab one processor that best suits all your needs. But listing out your priorities and researching a bit about it can help you end with a satisfying product. After all, buying a processor is an investment of years to come, so checking out a few factors that will influence your purchase can be the first step towards your research.
  • AMD or intel – These two manufacturers have captured the whole market of processors. Be it intel i5 processor to buy online or AMD's high-end product, scrutinise even the tiny details before you decide. Ultimately, high performance is all we need and a little customisation here, and there can boost both the processors to match your requirements well enough. Sometimes, the brand is also a personal choice.
  • Clock speed – Many of you focus on the number of cores and totally neglect clock speed, thinking the core performance will overcome the low clock speed. But that's not the case as both are important to add up to the performance abilities. Higher clock speed enhance performance in common tasks, but core number assists in speeding up the multitask.
  • Generation – Depending on your needs, you can pick the generation, but we recommend getting the latest one if high-end applications are what you are going to use the system for. Embedded with all latest technologies, improvements, and more speed than the previous version, you cannot deny the appeal here. However, a system for basic operations can compromise with the generation choice.
  • Compatibility - The processor you buy must be compatible with your system. For instance, a strong CPU does not match with weak storage, RAM and graphics. If you are upgrading, this option is must to consider.
  • Overclocking – If you choose to have overclocking features, you should also look for customising your system a bit. The reason is the downsides of overclocking, which high-power consumption and thermal output. You should get a cooling solution to overcome heat generation.
We hope the tips will help to narrow down your purchase. As we have been mentioning AMD and Intel all over, there is another name you can consider, and that is Zilog. You can find it at our product search engine, and also the other two processors. Here, you can explore, compare, read reviews, and even grab the best deal for your purchase. So, hop on it now and start scrolling through the products.

Question & Answer

Which is the latest processor for PC?

The latest processor is the 10th Gen Intel Core processor with Intel Iris. It is the first time when users can experience broad-scale artificial intelligence to the Personal computer. Everything aside, this latest processor define performance in another level. Be it graphics, speed, or AI – every related integration is awesome. Technologies related to the product are - Intel graphics, Adaptix, Thunderbolt 3, and Intel Optane. You can explore more about this product at our retail search engine.

What processor speed do I need?

Processor speed has a lot more to do with the clock speed, which is measured in Gigahertz (GHz). Clock speed determines the speed of the processor to retrieve and interpret instructions. So, if speed is the main factor for you, you should go for a desktop computer and not laptops. If you are looking for gaming systems, 3.4 to 4.0 GHz is good clock speed. An everyday processor for basic tasks normally has 1.5Ghz. Likewise, you should choose a speed according to the tasks you are going to perform on the system.

Which processor is best for a laptop?

Again, that depends on your requirements. Let's give you a few examples here. Do you want to use your system for gaming purpose? Then, go for Intel Core i5/i7 H series. For everyday productivity, you can choose U series or G series or AMD Ryzen Mobile 7. Other than that, a processor for budget laptops is Intel Celeron Pentium. The atom series of a processor are further cheaper. They all have varying battery life that you can check under the specifications list.

Which processor should I buy for gaming?

While a new graphics card can boost performance factor to your gaming session, but that would last for a couple of years. At last, you need to upgrade the processor. But with what? AMD or intel have been a debate for all the gamers. There is one in the i9 series of intel, which is 9900K provides high performance, and it fits in your budget too. Another mid-range processor is AMD Ryzen 3800X. But there come different processors for hardcore gaming, streaming purpose, or overclocking. Products in the category of electronics are very specific about writing specifications. So, everything you will read while shopping will be the exact and full configuration of the product. In doubt, you can always ask an expert via online methods, and this is how perfect research sounds like. Isn't it? You got to explore, compare, scrutinise, and shop. And do not forget to find the best deal at some of our online shops: Jumbo, Menakart, and Virgin Megastore.