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About Graphics Card

A graphics card can be simply defined as a video card that displays data on your screen with high clarity, colour, definition, and overall appearance. However, depending on your needs, you may need different variants of these features, starting from entry-level to high-end. So, it becomes imperative that you research and pick the product that fits both your requirements and pocket.

You exploring video cards can have two reasons. The first reason is that you are buying a whole new computer, or second, you are trying to upgrade your already bought system. A logical approach here is to list down your purpose, which will then decide the kind of graphics card you require. The purpose can be video editing, gaming, streaming, or others that require you to have high clarity images. Once you are clear with your preferences, you can set the budget. Well, exploring computer parts can let your drool over the latest and new technologies. Thus, it will be good if you bound yourself into a budget.

Types of graphics card

Video cards can be integrated and discrete. By integrated product, we mean the one already installed on the motherboard. For you looking for the whole new system, you can have integrated cards as per your requirements. This will make your whole system high-end as the other hardware have to match the level of the video card. On the other hand, you can look for discrete cards if you are upgrading your system. In discrete type, you can either expand your PC internally through expansion slot or externally by buying additional graphics box. To take a visual look, you can check out some of the best budget graphics cards for video editing.

Gaming graphics card

No doubt gaming video cards have to have high-end features as compared with basic versions. Now, what sets them apart is a list of specifications out of which foremost is having its own supply of memory. Other features include maximum resolution, TV tuner, multiple monitor support, MPEG hardware support, video capture, and more. If you are on a budget, you can check out some of the best cheap graphics cards for gaming in the UAE.

GeForce Nvidia graphics cards

GeForce is a brand that contains only Graphics Processing Units, so you can expect plenty of products here. You can find GPUs for your PC, laptop, mobile handsets, or other electronic handhelds. You can explore and buy Nvidia's graphics card in Dubai at our shopping platform, Another brand that gives a neck to neck fight to Nvidia is AMD. Talking of the high-end market, both the brands are the only two remaining competitors right now. They have three categories of GPUs: entry-level, mid-range, and high-end.

External graphics card

If your system does not have the right configuration for the card you are eyeing on, you can go for external GPUs. They are equally efficient and powerful as internal ones. But there are two variants of eGPUs you need to decide upon. One type is equipped with all the hardware inside and sufficient in itself. However, another type is just a card for which you need to buy hardware separately. You can also search them with a name gaming box, but make sure that whatever you choose, it has a replaceable card so you can upgrade in future. To check out the products visibly and buy an external graphic card for laptop, hop on to our platform,

Tips on how to buy Graphics card online

Whether you are only upgrading your video cards or in need of a powerful one for dedicated work, you should contemplate a few things first. There is so much to know and loads of products to see. Thus, a guide will help you to narrow down your purchase. Here we have compiled a bunch of things to consider, and we are hopeful that you will find them quite informative.
  • Keep budget for card and CPU both - You cannot skimp out on the processor as it can lower your PC's performance. Then, the whole point of buying a card for a real gameplay or powerful video editing will go and crash. Rather you should invest in a better GPU system with their own hardware components.
  • Match your monitor resolution - Most of the video cards you will explore online will seem sufficient for work at 1080p resolutions at between 30-60fps. If this is 4K resolution we are talking about, then you will need a high-end card with relevant settings.
  • Check for the power and space - what if your PC case does not have enough room for the card? Also, it is possible that the power supply cannot spare enough watts as the case is already loaded with other hardware. If you go on making more space and power, it will lead to spending more money on the CPU upgrade. The choice is yours: you can either buy a compatible card or make your system compatible with the card you are eyeing on.
  • Dual cards versus single card - Well, dual cards have been trending in the market for so many years, but before grabbing them, you should know that they demand extra attention. As they say, double the card, double the pain. IF you are ready for it, you can go for dual cards. But as seen and compared by the experts, dual cards can easily replace one efficient card. You can search for it, but if you don't find one, you can choose to have a dual setting.
  • Consider your refresh rates - A refresh rate is the number of times the monitor gets updated with a new image each second. So, if your monitor has triple refresh rates, you are in dire need of a powerful card and processor to reach the full potential. On the other hand, you can make it up with a basic GPU upgrade if your monitor tops out at 60Hz and 1080p.
Now that you know what to consider and what not to consider, you should be exploring the products. To further narrow down your purchase, we also have got a list of brands for you to consider. These include NVIDIA, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, ZOTAC, PNY, EVGA, Sapphire, and XFX. You can find all the brands names mentioned at our retail search engine.

Question & Answer

Which graphics card is the best AMD or Nvidia?

This is a hot debate without a single outcome. It is like a team red versus team green, and no team is going to stop boasting about itself. However, everything comes down to one question: how do you define the best video cards? If we talk about performance with a single card, AMD may wear the crown of excellent performance in a single slot. On the other, we must give it to Nvidia when it comes to the best card for less power consumption and less heat output. But when you say games, you will find some are optimised for Nvidia and some for AMD. Likewise, you have to first question your purpose and then try to find the answer for the gaming graphics card.

How does graphics card work?

First of all, a graphics card is just another piece of hardware responsible for the images that you see on your computer screen. Yes, you already got video cards in-built when you buy a computer, but anytime you want to upgrade the image quality, you can buy an upgraded version of graphics card available in the market. Coming to its operation, it works with the CPU, who sends the relevant information to the card, which then renders the image to show it to you on the screen in the form of pixels.

How graphics card affects PC's performance?

Every computer today has some form of GPU, and adding a new one can definitely contribute to positive changes. But it depends on the kind of dedicated card you would like to have. To do normal daily work, you might not need a powerful GPU for which the integrated one works fine. However, gaming and video editing need a dedicated resource. If you buy a separate GPU, it will come with its own set of video RAM or VRAM. Thus, graphics processing and multitasking will boost up, and ultimately, your PC's performance too.

Are graphics card plug and play?

In a way, yes! The external graphics card is a plug and play component but internal ones are not. Your computer has an in-built dedicated slot where you insert the card you have bought and continue working. But it is not as easy as we have put it here. To get your new card working, you have to delete the drivers of the previous card and then install the new drivers. These drivers also need updating from time to time. So, if your question is about switching the cards and working just like that, then the answer would be No. You cannot switch between two cards. If you do, there are lots of steps to do before and after the switching, which is not feasible and logical. Are you now ready to scrutinise the products online? is not just a platform to begin exploring the products, but also a place to grab amazing deals. Amongst various brands, shops, and their unique products, you can expect to get a flexible budget range as compared to other platforms.