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About Port Expansions

The USB ports available on laptops and PCs are limited, which many times do not allow you to use three devices at the same time. You already have mouse, keyboard, and printer connected with your laptop and got no port for webcam connection. So, it is important and sometimes the need of the time to have port expansions. Plus, if these high-voltage devices remain connected to your system for long hours, they hinder performance.

You sure have bought a high-quality system for your work, but maintaining that quality is in your hands. And investing in a USB hub is that one smart step you can take for your system. Whether you are wanting additional ports or confronting drained batteries all the time, port expansions can help in both situations. But before you impulsively move your cursor on any product, take some time and ponder upon the best buy USB hub.

Pre-requisites of buying expansion ports

First things first, powered USB hub and unpowered are the two types of port expansions. Your first decision is to choose between the two. The only difference between the two is their different power source. Non-powered hubs take their power from computer's USB port, while for powered ones, Ac input is their power source. Once you decide on the type, you can check out product's variations. For instance, Dlink brand provides you with a product that is a combination of a USB hub and USB charging station. There are products that offer SD card's space alongside USB ports. So, the second thing you need to decide is if you just want a USB hub or the combo of two or three products. The research and a little inspect can help you in buying the best multi USB port in the UAE.

A few unspoken features of expansion ports

Ports, power, and speed are surely the basic features, but there are few more that are important as these basic ones. We call them functional features without which you can hardly manage the product well. For example, the design of port expansions should be in a way that your devices do not get congested while plugged in. For that, you need to check if there is ample space between the ports. Then, the cord length must be long enough to maintain the distance between the system and other computer parts. You should also consider paying attention to aesthetics factor. After all, this product will lie right beside your system, and it must look good enough. For all other technical features, read on and make an informed decision while buying a multi USB port in the UAE.

USB C hub is more technically sound than others

USB A, B, and C are three types of USB ports. The first reason type C is more popular is because of its ease of use. You do not have to worry about the side while inserting as it can fit into the slot either ways. Also, type C offers bi-directional power. It means that you charge your smartphone not only through laptop but also the other way around. The future of type C is that it will completely overpower the other two types in the coming future. So, it will be easy for you when you only need one type of cable for every device. You can check out some of the best buy USB type C hub online at

The dilemma between USB splitters and USB hubs

Well, splitters just provide an additional one or two ports to expand. The major downside of splitters is that two devices will be connecting to a single power source. It means the power-sharing and performance compromise. Although low-voltage devices will not reflect any performance hindrance, you should avoid splitters if printers or scanners type high-voltage devices are you wanting to connect. For that, USB hubs will be the right product. In any way possible, splitters can be those handy tools for emergencies. They should not be doing hardcore jobs because you have port expansions for that. Do check out our retail search engine to make an informed decision of buying the best USB hub.

Tips on how to buy Port expansions online

If you have purchased a laptop recently, it is awful to see only two ports. When you have already attached a mouse and an external hard drive, you need to detach one of it to connect to a printer. And, here is when USB multi-ports hubs come into the picture to lessen the compromise. You can connect multiple storage devices, charges, external devices into one USB hub. But before you grab one, make sure you make a list of your preferences and priorities. Powered or unpowered - This decision is simple. If the devices you are going to connect to the USB hub are of high-voltage, then choose a non-powered product. Otherwise, unpowered ones are good to go. High-voltage products are external hard drives, printers, or scanners. And for low-voltage devices are mouse, keyboard, and flash drives, you can choose powered USB hub. Usually, mouse and keyboard are attached to the laptop USB port, but you need to get a hub with additional devices because ports in the laptop are limited. Number of ports – Maximum ports that you should allow to your port expansion is seven. Beyond that, you may experience performance issues related to the hub as well as your system. Even in the unpowered hub, you will be in a good place if you leave one or two ports empty while in-use. Thus, you should choose more than required ports, which is good from performance and future point of view. If you get one more device in future to connect, you will not have to buy another hub as you have a port to connect. Power distribution – Let's talk about the powered product first. If the maximum power output is 500mA in a four USB port hub, every device will get 100mA. However, the unpowered product can distribute 500mA to each device. This distribution justified our statement when we said that you should buy unpowered for high-voltage devices. You get more power without compromising the performance. There is another product known as a dynamic hub. It can shift from being powered to unpowered and vice versa by detecting the devices it gets connected to. Read the fine print – Primary features of power and ports make the product rock-solid, but small details are add-ons much appreciated. Two additional features are LED points and power switching. HooToo has products with LED points besides every port to tell you whether a connection is established or not. Also, a few product offer power button meaning you can switch off the hub without unplugging from the main point. Some even provide power button to each port. These features add to the budget, so consider them after spending on primary details. One thing we would like to highlight here is to not use USB hubs as power banks. For that, USB charging station is the right product. USB hubs are port expansions and let us do one function with this product. But you can search both at and see what fits best to you. Brands you will discover at our shopping platform include Lenovo, Kensington, Docooler, and Targus. You will find more once you visit.

Question & Answer

Can I use a USB hub to charge multiple devices?

Yes! You can charge multiple devices with a USB hub only when the product you have bought says so. Well, some of the hub only provide additional USB ports to plug and work. Other products provide extra features of charging. So, if you have got one or wanting to buy a product, you can choose among different variations. But if you ask for USB hubs, they are not actually for charging purpose. For that, you can rely on power banks and charging stations.

What is the best USB C hub to buy?

Satechi brand has got some great products to offer. Many of their models support pass-through charging. For those not aware, pass-through charging is a process when a USB hub can charge itself and the attached devices at the same time. So, you do not have to wait for a hub to charge. These models also ranks good in design and contain a good number of ports. Another brand HooToo has also got some affordable range that is high in quality. You can check all of the brand's models at and see what fits best.

Will any USB hub work with PS3?

USB hubs generally do not work with PS3 because of differently constructed ports. The only hack you can perform here is by investing in a USB expansion hub from Sony. This device can let you have five port expansions. It even allows you to plug-in other accessories or charge multiple devices. Top of all, it is ideal for charging extra dual shock controllers for party gaming. We hope you have got your answer about PS3 hub.

Why should you buy a powered USB hub?

There is more than one reason to have powered USB hub over non-powered ones. If you have several devices to plug-in and charge, powered hub will not affect the performance of any of it. And if the devices operate on higher voltage, the need for powered device gets bigger. External hard drives, printers, and scanners are a few devices of high voltage. Yet, you can have unpowered ones for keyboard, mouse, flash drives, and game controllers. Get an excellent start at Jumbo Electronics, which is our one of the best online shops for electronics. You will get a range of affordable and high-end brands under one roof. Another online shop that is Virgin Megastore is a store with nearly all the shopping categories. You will find high-quality technology devices here. Once you visit our product search engine, you can see more such shops and choose one to find the best-fitted product.