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About Storage enclosures

These storage enclosures can put your hard drive in a case, which gives a bundle of benefits. The foremost benefit has to be the portability factor. It becomes so convenient to transfer data through an external hard drive. It even reduces the possibility of data corruption or data loss. But before you go and buy, you should compare and review different hard drive enclosures.

Although using hard drive enclosures is simple, you should not take a chance with technology and follow the said steps. And using storage enclosures is simplest of them all. You need to open the enclosure, place the hard drive inside, and connect the cables. There is a power cable, the internal connection of enclosure with a hard drive, and the final connection to the computer. Coming to the purchase, it is imperative for you to do your part of research before adding a product to your cart. You have features, benefits, compatibility, and a few more bullet points to consider while buying hard disk enclosure online in Dubai.

Benefits of the external hard drive enclosure

The first and most-useful benefit of having a drive enclosure is that it creates additional storage space and media types in your system. So, you can add more drives to your server or a workstation. Data transfer becomes convenient between non-networked computers. Safety from malicious attacks is another benefit of making your hard drive external. At last, hot swapping is that benefit we cannot skip to mention. With this feature, you do not have to disconnect or shut off the power while replacement or fitting of computer parts. also have storage enclosures for sale if you would like to see and find something worth purchasing.

Consider multiple hard drive enclosure

Most high-end systems have more than one hard drive. There is a top-notch brand of Orico providing 5 Bay Aluminium storage enclosure. That means you can connect five drives to your system with each having a different USB connection. Apart from that, the same product supports USB 3.0 that is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1. The aesthetics of this product match perfectly with your expensive system. This reminds us to notify you that watching the style of the product is as important as efficiency. And why not? That product would be placed right beside your system in front of your eyes, and that is supposed to look good. To illustrate what are we saying, we would like you to look at some cheap NAS enclosure 4 bay online.

A special HDD enclosure for your laptop

HDD caddy is the name of the product, which is a special type of hard disk case designed particularly for laptops. It is made up of aluminium and fits in a full-size frame that helps in absorbing the noise. But not all the noise is cancelled, it surely makes the product less disturbing. An exception is there – we have been telling you that the drive enclosure is an external storage device. This is half true with the laptops. Once installed, the storage enclosure is not visible because it fits into the DVD drive. And once installed, you can see the extra drive inside "My Computers" folder of your laptop wherein you can store your data easily. But what about DVD drive space if you need- Well, you can easily exchange it with the external drive because the product is still replaceable.

The process to create external hard drive enclosure

The course of action to transform is simple yet effective. To get started, you need to know the item you need handy. These are – internal hard drive, enclosure, and required cables. Out of all three products, an enclosure is something you need to purchase. And buying guide is in the next section that you can read. Back to the transformation process, you need to insert adaptor and internal drive to the enclosure. And connect the necessary cables to the enclosure and to the system also. You should definitely refer to the manual guide you get with the package. There is no need of the technician as such, but still, if you feel the need, you should consult. Finally, the HDD enclosure you have created is ready to work as an external detachable storage device.

Tips on how to buy Storage enclosures online

Even if you are looking for storage cages for sale, you can't just pick any enclosure based on the looks you fancy and by just scrolling through a few specs list. When you are on a shopping platform, you must see the specifications list carefully and compare it with different products to know the total worth. We know aesthetics is an important factor, but a few technical factors should be preferred equally. We have divided these technical factors into different points. And we are hopeful that they would help you to narrow down your purchase.
  • Connection - USB 2.0, USB 1.1, and Firewire, are few connectors to choose. And you can't just choose any because you need to have ports for these connectors. Out of all, USB ports are the most common.
  • Material - Plastic, Metal, Aluminium or a combination of the three are different materials available in the market to purchase. You can grab any as per your budget preferences. Plastic is the cheapest and aluminium, the most expensive.
  • Size - 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch are two sizes available for the hard drive. You need to buy the size depending on the size of your internal drive. However, you can have both with multiple hard drive enclosure.
  • Interface - SATA hard drive connects to the computer with a 1/2-inch wide cable while IDE drive connects with a 2-inch wide ribbon cable. You need to choose matching enclosures. Everything you buy must be compatible with each other.
  • Fan - Some storage enclosures come with a fan in-built to keep the hard drive operational all the time. And this is expensive than the product without a fan. The difference in the budget is not much, though.
Compatibility is the first parameter you should check when buying an additional gadget for your computer. And even compatible have subcategorisation as internal and external. Externally, you need to check if cables and ports can connect with each other. Internally, you need to check if the computer parts support the version you are going to buy. Now your shopping drive can be more exciting with the list of brands to go for. These include Icy Dock, Mediasonic, StarTech, Sabrent, Renkforce, and Vantec.

Question & Answer

Why should you use a hard drive enclosure?

For those who are completely unaware – with this product, you can convert your internal drive to external hard drive. Fascinating, right? Yes, and it also protects your data in case of virus attacks and corruption as well. This page has enclosed more benefits of this product you should know. To some consumers, it sounds like an extra burden that left hanging outside your laptop or computer. But, if you look at the other perspective, this product is more useful than having only an internal drive.

Where to buy a hard drive enclosure?

Telling you what storage enclosure you should buy would be vague without knowing the operating system of your computer. Yet, Sabrent is the brand that contains a product with a wide range of compatibility. Some products of this brand do not have USB 3.1 for 6Gbps transfers, but overall, it is good looking, affordable, and easy to use. You can also check out ORICO with ABS exterior and contain up to 4 TB SATA III drives. Our product search engine can be an excellent platform to explore more features and unique brands for the right buy.

What kind of hard drive enclosure do I need?

More than your preferences, the HDD enclosure depends on the ports and the drive size you own. Suppose you have the 3.5-inch drive, you need to check the specification list of the storage enclosure if it is compatible with this size of the drive. Another thing to consider is the interface – do you have SATA or IDE. The number of bays you want and the connection type you are looking for matters too. At last, the material of the product. It could be plastic, metal, or aluminium. You can check all these pointers under specs of the product clearly mentioned. So, you don't end with the wrong fit.

How to use a hard drive enclosure?

There is only one way to use the enclosure – connecting both external hard drive enclosure and your system with the cable. No matter what kind of enclosure you buy, the process is the same for every product. You need to line-up the drive smoothly into the enclosure, tighten the screws that hold the enclosure and connect it to your system. Although, the product comes with a quick installation guide that you can check. Understanding the features can lead you towards the best hard drive case. Therefore, grabbing the one out of many could not be a daunting task for you. And, that's our primary motto of writing this page. If you have already read the rest of the page, including the buying guide, this is the time to commence your shopping journey at our retail search engine. Browse different products, read their reviews, compare with brands, and add the best one to your cart.