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About Bras

Do you know that more than 80% of ladies wear the wrong size bra? Admit it, ladies, most of us stand in the line. One primary reason is that bras are not as visible as other clothing items on your body. That’s why women believe that brassiere has nothing to do with the appearance and personality. This is a wrong belief with the potential to destroy any personality. Remember, a perfect bra can not only inspire your self-esteem but will also enhance the demeanour. However, important is to decide which specific type or style of bra will give you the desired look. From a prosthesis bra to a support bra, every style serves a different purpose. You need to understand the role of each bra before using.

Historians suggest that the concept of bra existed since the time of the ancient Greeks. Initially used to cover the bust, the brassiere became part of sportswear in the 14th century. Later in the 19th century, the corsets were introduced as fashion innerwear that were eventually replaced by bras. In the late 20th century, bras evolved into a wide range of styles and materials. Some common names include T-shirt bras, sports bras, strapless bras, adhesive bras, support bras, or minimizer bras. The key to enjoying its luxury is choosing a perfect fit and style for your body type. Today, we will help you make your online bra shopping experience perfectly successful and smooth.  

Things to consider while buying

Are you getting the best return of your money? A perfect bra shopping demands much more than choosing a cup and band size. You need to look for fabric, support, style and much more. The best-seller bra brands like GAP, Namshi, and New Chic, offer a wide range of brassiere, including high-quality women’s full figure brassiere to strapless or backless bras in Dubai. Likewise, online shopping stores like gives you an exciting opportunity to explore, compare, review and buy best. Despite having such amazing opportunities, you cannot buy a perfect bra if you don’t know the basics that we are going to share with you now.  

Know your measurements

Do you know that your breast size fluctuates throughout your life? Your bust may not be of the same size as it was a year ago. So, getting your recent size should be your priority while buying a new bra. Keep in mind that a wrong-sized bra will squeeze your breast into the bra and will not offer the required support and comfort. Likewise, a loosely fitted bra will ruin your look and posture while leaving you uncomfortable. With accurate measurements, you can determine the right cup size from A, AA, B, D, and so on. The size of bra varies with design. For instance, a push-up bra might fit you in size “D”, but you will need to buy a size “B” or more in feeding or pregnancy bra.  

Consider your bust shape

Experts suggest considering both the size and shape of your bust. If you have teardrop-shaped breast, you can choose from demi style or balconette bra. For a round-shaped breast, a triangular silhouette will be ideal. Likewise, for girls who have a full bust, bras without braces will be more comfortable as it offers a flattening effect to bust. A T-shirt or wireless push up bra is best for girls with east-west shape bust, but for a separated-sibling bust, the plunge style can offer the necessary support. The bustiers will always fit differently than a long bra because of which experts claim that not all bra styles are universal. Certain styles are designed to complement specific body types, choose yours!  

Focus on Features of  brassiere 

By features, we mean straps, belts and material used in cups of the bra. A high-quality lace bra offers comfort like no other type of brassiere could. Certain bra material does not leave any rashes in your back and shoulder. For instance, a push-up bra is made of stiff material to give your bust the required shape, but it cannot replace a sports bra that is designed in a way to keep skin secure and sweat-free during extreme physical activities. Likewise, the material of a pregnancy bra is entirely different from prosthesis bras. Choose material according to your need. Medical studies suggest that material of bra is of critical importance, especially when you need to change bras after surgery.

Choose trusted brands 

One of the trickiest questions is where to buy the best brassiere online? Choosing a trusted retailer is important as it ensures the quality of the product. is one of the most trusted websites to buy bras online in the UAE. With more than 500 brands, bring the best bra brands to uplift your intimate outfit options. Brands like Centre Point Stores, GAP, Namshi, New Chic, and Yoins, offer exotic feminine styles of women’s full figure bras and much more. Enjoy buying the best bra for lift and side support of your assets without risking your money. Our website also gives you services like easy return and exchange policies for bras online in the UAE.

Top tips on how to buy Bras online in the UAE

Do you feel shy visiting a lingerie retailer on a physical store for bra shopping? This hesitation is one of many reasons why women don’t like spending more time required to find the right bra. To help such ladies offers the comfort and freedom of time to search and compare different bra options and choose the best from. Explore the trendy bars and buy one according to style or purpose you have. Below are tips to make your online shopping experience successful.

  • Product comparison –No two bras are designed equally. Each design compliments certain specific body types and needs. Start by comparing different products to decide what style of bra you must buy. You can also compare the price and products features before making a final decision.
  • Product review –Always read the product description and reviews of customers. A customer review is generally the most unbiased section where you can find details about the products. It also helps you decide if the shortlisted article will suit your needs or not. You can consider products that are top-rated by the customers.
  • Return policy –The best part of online shopping is that it comes with an easy return policy. If a bra doesn’t fit well, you can return or exchange it. If you are not sure about the size and fit for trying a new style, an easy return or exchange policy is a good idea. It will give you the freedom to change the style if needed.
  • Free shipping –Why pay extra bucks if you can enjoy free shipping services and buy another elegant bra from the saved money? Many online stores in Dubai offer free shipping services chose the one that has the best offer on its products with zero shipping cost. Let’s save money now to invest in the right place later.
  • Washing instructions –A sexy bra is always delicate to handle and wash. Before buying a unique bra online, read the care instruction for the product. Bras with front closure or padded push-up bras are generally delicate and come with special washing instructions. Slight care in washing will help you keep the bra in good condition for long.
  • Consider your budget –Mostly, women tend to avoid buying a perfect fit bra just because it is a bit expensive. Let’s face the fact that quality items are always a bit pricey. If you want to save money, a wise decision would be to buy bras on sale. A bit of search for new deals on bras online can help you find some elegant styles in your budget.

Never underestimate the power of a good bra on a bad day. Always pay a little extra attention to your bra shopping online. It is better to never compromise on the time and attention you need to pay while shopping a bra online. Thus, when you are heading to shop from, make sure you have a clear mind and list of don’t and do’s for buying to the point and economically perfect item.

Question & Answer

Which bras are safe to wear in Summer?

When summer hits, staying comfortable in bra is the major challenge for many ladies. However, online stores now have a variety of bras. The design of these brassiere helps ladies to enjoy comfort and care for their delicate skin in the scorching sun. Some of the trendy breathable summer bras for fabulously boobed ladies are; Lightly lined cotton, cool comfy, supportive, strappy back, activewear collection, unlined lace, pure cotton full-figure, off-shoulder neckless, or lingerie porcelain Elan moulded strapless inner-wear.

Why are bras bad for you in summer?

Brassiere is not bad for summer at all until and unless you are using standard bras after surgery. Even if you have undergone a breast operation, you can find a high-quality prosthesis bra from best bras brands online. These bras are non-padded with special material and design to protect your post-surgery breast. However, care is mandatory for every female while choosing a daily use item that comes in direct contact with their body. Although it’s a myth that bras cause breast cancer, it is still better not to use padded bras on a daily basis, especially in the extreme summer season.

Why are bras expensive in Dubai?

Unlikely t-shirts or other clothing items, the bra material is expensive. There is always an expectation of durability and quality that cheap garment cannot meet. For this durability, quality of material and the efforts placed by brands in delivering high-quality products, certain articles like wire-free push-up bras are expensive in Dubai. However, if you want quality and economy side by side, you can consider shopping Victoria Secrets innerwear in online shops where they often give discounted prices on a different item.

Are bras uncomfortable?

If you fail to choose a quality item or not willing to compromise on the price, the resulting bra will surely be uncomfortable. If you are eager to enjoy a bra that is comfortable and supportive, you must pay the price for that. Shopping online is the best way to pick a bra according to your need and budget. We at offer the most exotic range of inner wear of top brands and suppliers from around the globe. Shortlist some styles you like and compare them to find what works well for your body type and needs.

Some stores you can visit are; Newchic, Namshi, Ounass,,, Menakart, Sun & Sand Sports,, Lacoste, GAP, Lifestyle,, Mamas & Papas and many more.