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Are you going to be a mum? Yay, congratulations! This is the most important phase in a woman’s life; thus, it calls for a major lifestyle change. Of course, aside from making healthy food choices, you also need to shop for clothing essentials that will make your journey to motherhood a breeze. Well, breast-feeding bras (nursing bras) are among the items that must be on top of your shopping list.

Since you are a first-time mum, we will reveal today everything you need to know about this type of supportive undergarment and how to choose the right one. Also called a nursing bra, a breastfeeding bra is a multi-purpose clothing item used after the baby’s delivery. It has cups with panels or flaps that can be opened easily without removing the entire bra. Therefore, it enables you to breastfeed your baby without fuss, whether at home or in a public area. What’s more, the best nursing bras are also designed to improve your body posture after pregnancy. Let us explore the other reasons why using this post-partum undergarment is a must.

Benefits of using a nursing bra after pregnancy

Breast sagging is one of the common issues faced by women after delivery. And a nursing breast is more vulnerable to such shape problems. If not taken care of, you may end up facing pre-age sagging, which can take a toll on the confidence of any woman. The good news is, that a breastfeeding bra can help you prevent it in the most effective way possible. As a matter of fact, it can even be used when exercising after pregnancy to keep your body in good shape. Breastfeeding bras come in an array of sizes and styles to cater to every type of body build and figure, too. Say, for instance, you are on the heavy side, there are varied options of maternity bras for plus-size available.

They make nursing easier

When you step into the world of motherhood, breastfeeding becomes a natural part of your life. Your body also gets more inclined towards the feeding needs of your bundle of joy. Of course, no mother would want to see her baby hungry, even for a moment. Unfortunately, women face extreme reactions and criticisms when breastfeeding in public. This is where nursing bras enter the picture. Regular bras are structured in such a way that makes it difficult to feed the baby without removing them completely. Whereas, the removable panel of feeding bras enable the fold or cap to be clipped down without exposing the entire breast.

They are comfy

Those nine months of pregnancy that end with severe birth pains leave every woman exhausted. The biological changes also make the body vulnerable and sensitive. For this reason, the material of a standard bra might not be suitable and comfy for a new mum. The sturdy underwires or elastics used in the band may leave blisters and red marks on the shoulders and chest. Moreover, nylon and lace fabric can also irritate already sore nipples. Thus, we recommend you invest in nursing bras with cotton, as they are specially designed to reduce sensitivity and cover a larger surface area of the breast. Additionally, the best nursing bras don’t have an underwire, yet they provide optimal support.

They adapt to any body type

You can also consider a blouse for breastfeeding, which can adapt to any body size and shape. During the pregnancy period, your breasts may change from one to about four cup sizes. And guess what? They grow even more when you are nursing. In many cases, women also reported having varying breast sizes daily. Thus, there could be no specific feeding bra size during this phase. Hence, you need to know your recent size before you head to buy any padded nursing bra online. Brands like Daisy Dee, Medela, Mumzworld, and Mothercare offer feeding bras with breathable and flexible fabric. They also feature the right amount of stretch to manage breast size fluctuations.

Tranquillity and style

During pregnancy, the breast grows in both weight and size. This can be an extremely confusing transition. And it can get worse when you use a rough and thin-strapped regular bra, as it can cause irritation and sores. Nursing bras are wide but strong and comfortable enough to manage the weight and expansion of your breast during pregnancy. Even with a broader surface area, maternity bras for plus–size mothers do not pull or pinch. The wider design spreads the pressure evenly, which eases the fatigue when nursing. Brands like H&M, Cake Maternity, and Bravado offer stylish bras with a padded cup that can hide your nipples and give you a modest look.

Tips on how to buy Nursing Bras online in Dubai

Finding breastfeeding bras for large breasts is easier than finding a nursing bra for small breasts. Through the years, lingerie brands have advanced their efforts by using surveys and technologies to formulate a vast range of the best multi-purpose bras. This is meant to cater to the needs of different body types. However, with such an extensive range, it becomes difficult to choose between a strapless maternity bra or a full coverage feeding bra. Well, below are some tips to make your nursing bra shopping experience convenient and successful.

  • Finding the right size – The best way to choose a breastfeeding bra with the right fit is to know your breast’s most recent measurements. Google feeding bra size calculator and enter your measurements to know the exact cup size you need to wear.
  • Choose the right supplier – Do you know how the best brands that manufacture breastfeeding bras? How about the reputable retailers that supply maternity bras in Dubai? Visit to explore amongst the trusted brands and shops that offer cheap maternity bras online.
  • Know your needs – Most mums prefer using a soft-cup bra over an underwire bra. However, there are times when you need some style support from the base of your breast. At such times, an underwire helps a lot. Decide why you want a breastfeeding bra and shop accordingly.
  • Focus on the material – The baseline of a feeding bra is to make the breast and nipples comfortable when nursing. Materials like nylon can cause rashes and blisters in the base of your breast or on the back and shoulders. Thus, check the material of the bra before ordering.
  • Never buy in bulk – As mentioned earlier, the breast size changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. So, don’t make the mistake of buying feeding bras in bulk. Online shops are open 24/7 with free delivery services. So, buy only when the need arises.

Buying nursing and breastfeeding bras online is now made easier and more convenient than ever. And thanks to product and price comparison tools, you can always be guided in making the right decision. Of course, we also recommend you check customer reviews and product descriptions to know what to expect with your purchase-. Well, here at, we’ve got everything you need to make online shopping a wonderful experience. Have fun with your purchase and indulge in some fantastic deals and discounts!

Question & Answer

How to use breastfeeding bras?

How to wear a nursing bra depends on your chosen style. Say, for instance, you are using a drop-panel nursing bra, you can take off the bra lid to expose your nipple. This way, you can breastfeed the baby conveniently. However, if you are using a stretched material without panels or cups, you need to pull the bra over your breast to expose your nipple for feeding. Choose the one that will best meet your needs and make your breastfeeding experience fuss-free.

How to buy breastfeeding bras?

With online shopping, buying a feeding bra has become a piece of cake. However, it is imperative to measure your size and use a feeding bra size calculator to know your cup size. Once done, visit our online retail search engine to explore great product recommendations and options. It is also advisable to read product descriptions to end up with the one suitable for your requirements. When you are sure, place your order and enjoy the comfort of a nursing bra once you receive it.

What is the best time to buy a breastfeeding bra?

The breast size changes throughout pregnancy. Thus, buying a nursing bra during this phase is not a good idea at all. Most nursing bras that fit well in the last trimester generally fit well during the feeding tenure. However, in some cases, you may need to buy an upsize for the first few months after birth. This could be because of excessive lactation. Otherwise, the last three months of pregnancy are the earliest time to choose a nursing bra. So, it is better to wait till delivery. This is the time when full milk production occurs, leading to maximum growth in your breast size.

Where to buy breastfeeding bras online? is the best shopping search engine in Dubai where you can find more than 500 shops selling nursing bras online. Amongst the ones, you can explore all top global sellers which offer a range of styles, sizes, and fabric materials to choose from. What’s more, we also help you compare the prices of different products or brands to make a great choice considering both your budget and needs. Still, it is better to explore different brands and products and compare them for the price and features before placing an order.

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