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About Maternity Bras

Becoming a mum is one of the most memorable milestones in a woman’s life. It is also the phase wherein making proper health, fashion, and lifestyle choices are more imperative than ever. Mainly, investing in the appropriate intimate wear, like an ideal maternity bra, can go a long way to make your journey to motherhood worthwhile.

Since your body grows and changes over this period, it is necessary to attend to its needs. Aside from wearing the right innerwear for comfort, it is also essential to have something that enhances your quality of sleep. Therefore, it is good to explore the best pregnancy bras as soon as the first trimester begins. Your life as a first-time mom can indeed be challenging. We understand your struggles, so we will help you find a high-quality pregnancy bra that works best for your needs and preferences. On this page, we will understand the types of pregnancy bras and some tips that will help you pick the best.

Everything you need to know about maternity bras

Pregnancy bras are one of the best clothing inventions for expecting mothers. Though you are so accustomed to using a bra for years, comfort should be given more priority during this crucial period of your life. Remember that the right pregnancy bra offers a comfortable fit, does not strain your back, and does not dig into the skin. Along with these basics, you should also tick some other vital boxes when shopping online. Here are some things you need to know about this maternity innerwear.

Understanding the types of maternity bras you need

Although we highly recommend online shopping, it is much needed to go to a store to check your size. Doing this at home may not be easy. Any good lingerie store generally has staff that can help you with fittings. Ensure to note your right bra and cup size. Once you get this, you can quickly check the best online stores for bras of your size. International measurements like USA and UK sizes don’t change no matter which country you live in. Lingerie stores also have bra specialists who help customers make the right decision. 

Pregnancy underwired bras make feeding easy.

When you go in for a fitting, ensure you pay attention to several aspects. The bra should not be too loose or tight. The cups should cover your breasts, and the straps should sit on your shoulder with ease. They should neither slide off nor make it difficult for you to stretch your hands. Of course, the pads should also be comfortable to ensure that your breasts stay in place. Thus, try opting for pure cotton bras, as their breathable fabric is suitable for all-day use. Wear the bra on top of the blouse you are wearing to get a better idea. 

Specific pregnancy brands pregnancy bras

A lot of maternity brands specialise in pregnancy wear, including pregnancy bras. You can also find nursing bras for large busts, pregnancy underwired bras, nursing bras for plus-size women, push-up nursing bras, and more. Ensure to go for ones suitable for your needs and requirements. Also, check for full-back closure and straps. Since comfort is critical, opting for a thicker back strap is imperative. Choose straps with 4-6 hook closures for convenience. Although many women go for the front closure, it will all boil down to your preference. 

Reason to adopt push-up nursing bras and nursing bras

Depending on your body type, certain things may change. While a specific bra may work for some women, it may not work for you. Hence, it is crucial to take a close look at what you wear now. Is it a demi-cup, full-cup, or push-up? A good range of push-up nursing bras, nursing bras for large busts, and nursing bras for plus size moms are available. You can also opt for pregnancy underwired bras if they offer a better fit for your body type. Seek help from a bra specialist to understand the latest bra variations and make an informed decision. 

Give it time

Don’t spend a fortune buying different types of bras all at once. Invest in 1-2 bras if you are eyeing multiple brands. It would help if you spent all your attention because the chances of you returning to your current size post-partum are slim. It is also essential to ask yourself some questions to help you decide on what to wear. Will you be working outside during your pregnancy, or will you be at home? Are you a social person, or do you tend to relax at home? If you are socially active, you need to have the right lingerie to wear with dresses and blouses. In this case, opt for pregnancy bras by Victoria’s Secret.

Tips on how to buy Maternity Bras online

It isn’t uncommon for women to get a little perplexed when they go bra shopping. Living in the modern era where there are so many varieties to choose from, it can be tricky to zero in on the right one. You can find countless types, colours, and variations. However, the more choices you have, the more confused you get. This aspect is very true while shopping for lingerie! An adult woman may have gone shopping for bras multiple times, yet she’s still not confident the next time she does it. If you can relate to this, begin by following these quick tips.

  • Invest in a plunge bra for those special occasions – This option allows you to wear low necklines quickly. The cups can be full or demi depending on your comfort level. Since the right plunge bra should not be seen through your outfit, choose either black, white, or tan.
  • A seamless bra is another must-have – This one is perfect for light-coloured outfits, as it doesn’t show any creases or lines due to its sturdy and wrinkle-free fabric. It is also ideal for special occasions and works well with bodycon or skin-tight dresses.
  • Comfortable non-wired bras for everyday wear – Non-wired options may or may not have padding. Since they are ultra-comfortable, they are fantastic to wear at home. However, if you want to wear them outside, go for ones with optimal support.
  • Nothing offers better comfort than a sports bra – Great for moms who love working out; sports bras are comfortable and straightforward. They are suitable for everyday use as well. You can also wear one while sleeping or while at home.
  • Pick a T-shirt bra that is not too structured – This is perfect to wear under T-shirts, shirts, and blouses. Generally, it can have light, moderate, or bulky padding. When shopping, go for one that fits you perfectly to avoid discomfort.
  • Feeding/nursing bras should be your go-to once you deliver – An essential for a to-be mom, these have removable or foldable cups for easy feeding. Invest in a few ones since you will end up using them regularly once your baby arrives.
  • Choose as per your preference – You can easily find bras in a large variety of colours, fits, and choices. It is important to remember that your needs change during pregnancy, which also means changes in your body. Thus, go for the one that works best for your body.
  • Check the price range – Setting a budget for your purchase process is a wise idea. That’s because you’ll find maternity bras with different price tags. Usually, the price depends on the quality and the brand. However, you can always buy premium quality nursing bras for sale during several promotional offers.

Always check for your measurements while expecting and before purchasing a bra. It would help if you also kept in mind that these sizes may frequently change, even during pregnancy. Re-check your size after every trimester. Don’t get carried away if you are trying out a new brand or style that someone may have suggested. Whichever type you decide on, always ensure that it is comfortable and the fabric is breathable. Pregnancy is a time when you should rely on warm clothing and innerwear to make you feel comfortable, and bras do that perfectly. Luckily, you have several online stores to buy some chic pregnancy bras online.

Question & Answer

How to buy pregnancy bras?

Buy pregnancy bras once your first trimester is over. Until then, continue using your regular bras by adjusting the straps to fit them better. Some mothers also use the same ones until the mid of the second trimester since the size of their breasts does not change drastically until then. After the first or second trimester, when pregnancy bras are much needed, start by knowing your measurements. Then, choose a few bras for daily wear and a couple of others to wear when you go out. Comfort should be your core plan when investing in maternity brassieres.

Can nursing bras have underwire?

Of course, they can! However, choosing maternity brassieres with an underwire can be tricky. They are suitable to wear before your baby arrives. However, after birth, ones without an underwire are most preferred. Regular nursing bras have a flap over the breast to make feeding the child easy. An underwire, in this case, makes it difficult to open and close the flap. It can also be hazardous for the baby due to its thin, sharp structure. Therefore, it is best to avoid bras with underwires before your little one arrives. Alternatively, you can go for one that can be used with or without the wire. 

Can nursing bras cause mastitis?

A common condition for most women who breastfeed, mastitis can be painful and needs immediate medical attention. Its first signs are pain, uneasiness, and reddening seen in and around the breasts. Fever and chills may also accompany other symptoms. It is best to immediately seek medical attention as the condition can cause discomfort to both the mother and the child. Nursing bras, however, are not connected to causing mastitis. However, it is best to stay away from using a traditional brasserie. Taking antibiotics and rest can also help improve the recovery process.

Where can you buy the best maternity bras online in the UAE?

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Which are the best online stores in Dubai?

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