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As a woman, lingerie is often a topic of debate amongst groups. While someone may swear by a particular brand, another one will despise a new bra that she picked up. It is often the massive variety of choices today that makes it tough to zero in on a brand or category. One of the top choices today is a bustier. Let us explore more about it.

Today, bras come in so many varieties, and that leaves you with a lot of options to choose from. That is why they never seem to be left out of female conversations. While some wear them for support and better visual appeal of their clothing, many others see them as a primary and much-needed necessity. Amongst the many types of brassieres, the bustier is undoubtedly one of the best choices. Different from regular ones, these come with extra fabric that covers your midriff and offers supreme comfort.

Different types of bustiers

Choosing the right type can be quite a challenge, especially if this is your first time shopping for a bustier. To make things easier, we compiled below a list of some of the best ones that you can check out. With a good one, you can instantly change and upgrade your style. Options like blingy, embroidered, and bustiers with tassels also add a special touch to your favourite outfits. If you’re wearing any of these, remember to keep the rest of the outfit simple. And that means your accessories and makeup should be left to minimal to ensure that your style statement has the right vibe and balance.

The full bustier

The most common type, the full bustier, generally starts a little over the breasts and reaches until the navel, mid-waist, or full down. This one is perfect for all closed attires and is comfortable, too. Generally, it comes with padding for the breasts, so you no longer have to wear another layer of innerwear under it for support. What’s more, it is a great idea to pair them with cute coveralls for a great outfit altogether. The full bustier is the best option for someone who is looking for comfort and freedom of movement. It works well with most types of clothing and will never let you down, thanks to its functional design.

The low bustier

Created for special occasions, this is an excellent bustier for strapless dresses. It also works equally well for off-shoulder, halter, and cleavage gowns and dresses, as it carefully hides your innerwear. This one, too, does not require wearing a bra inside. You can switch the low bustier for a corset if need be. If strapless and tube dresses are a part of your wardrobe, then you can never go wrong with a low bustier. It also does the trick of hiding the bra or cleavage and gives you a much better appearance. It should be your next pick after the full bustier. Go for one with good fitting, so you feel comfortable and confident while wearing it.

The fancy bustier

Generally designed in lace, satin or sheer material, fancy bustiers work well with outfits where a part of your innerwear is visible. They also go well for special outfits, and some women even choose to wear an elegant bra on its own. Although they don’t require wearing silicon or strapless bra, we recommend it since doing so protects the bustier against sweating and staining. Therefore, your classy dresses, gowns, and one-piece attires stand out with elegance! For those who dare, you can also opt for a sheer cover-up on top of the fancy bustier for maximum visual appeal. It works great if you’re able to carry it off.

The slimmer bustier

This one is another option apart from the corset. It helps in achieving a slimmer look when worn under an outfit. It is designed to tone down your love handles and stomach flab without making you feel uncomfortable. Generally made of cotton for sweat absorbency, it also dries quickly. Wearing a slimmer bustier frequently for long periods is, however, not recommended. It is excellent for skin-fit clothing to get a slimmer, toned down look instantly. For dresses and skirts, use it with an additional slimmer bustier for your thighs to get the perfect toning on your body. However, it’s a must to get the right size for comfort and confidence.

The support bustier

Made of sturdy, stretchable fabric, this offers excellent support to the bust line and is attractive to wear under a low neckline dress or tight-fitting clothing. It can also have “ribs” along the waistline to provide a better, more comfortable fit. This type of corset bustier for plus size is especially helpful. Therefore, it is no doubt the ideal one if you’re slightly on the heavier side. The beauty of a support bustier is that it also works best for longer wearing periods. You can wear it under any regular clothing and even use it for office wear. Hence, investing in one can give you a win-win situation.

Tips on how to buy Bustier

Both bustiers and corsets are helpful in their own ways. It comes down to the outfits you wear and your level of comfort when choosing between the two. Start by analysing some primary differences between them. Using these simple but significant differences, it gets easy to figure out which is the better choice for you. For some, a bustier is a right choice, while a corset works just fine for others. Here are a few tricks to help you make an informed decision.

  • Determine the purpose – As the name suggests, a bustier is specifically designed to support the breasts, while a corset supports the waist. Although both have the same function, this helps answer the question–what are you looking to tone or support?
  • The fit is most vital – A good bustier should fit right. If you have loose spaces near your waist and breasts, it is not doing an excellent job. Just like a bra, the fit is essential here too.
  • It should support your torso – Ideally, it is the corset that provides comfort. Hence, it generally comes with steel boning and is designed to tone the waist. Bustier shapewear options, however, rarely come with boning since their primary aim is to provide support to the bust.
  • Check for proper closure – The traditional lace closure is still seen in a corset wherein zigzag patterned laces are fastened at the back to close. These, on the other hand, mostly have a hook and eye closure, which also provides better grip and fewer chances of loosening.
  • Have a budget – You’ll find that corsets are much pricier than bustiers. Since bustiers are mass-produced, their cost stays low. On the other hand, Corsets are created to match body shapes, and there is high attention to detail given to their production.

Spend a few minutes to think which one between a corset and a bustier will better suit your needs. Also, try on a few options in both types to better understand which one will provide you with satisfaction once you narrow down your choices; research on them by reading customer reviews. It is important to give them a little thought and, if possible, try out some options to be 100% sure.

Question & Answer

Can you wear bustiers out?

Of course, you can. Bustiers are great when paired with any outfit to add a special touch to them. Instead of a bra, opt for them if your outfit of the day is a bit revealing. This prevents the need to use transparent or silicon bras and straps. Among the fantastic options, you can complement a bustier with include a midi dress, fitted pants, or high-waisted pants. To make it look modest, you can use any cover-up like a jacket or shrug.

How to use bustiers?

Although they are a form of lingerie, their appearance is quite different from regular bras . You can opt for a graceful bustier to wear for a special occasion. Workwear can include this; however, always opt for a pantsuit with a blazer to prevent it from looking too over the top. You can also opt for a built-in bra, as it gives you the freedom to go bra-free when you wear it. These are just some of the styling tricks when wearing a bustier.

What are bustiers used for?

You can easily substitute bustiers for your regular lingerie, making them a fantastic investment. They also give the breasts a good push and can be used instead of a push-up bra. Bustiers don’t have straps, so the chances of them digging into your skin are not huge. Therefore, it can clearly be inferred that they are a safe and comfortable choice. What’s more, you can easily switch a corset for a bustier if need be.

How to wear a bustier?

You should wear it just like a corset. Similarly, a bustier has hooks and eyes on the back to secure it in place. However, don’t wear it with a bra, as doing so will ruin the overall look of your lingerie. As far as styling tricks are concerned, you can rock a bustier with trousers, chinos, pantsuits, and skirts. Like a corset, this is also comfortable and versatile, depending entirely on how you carry it off!

Which is the best bustier for wedding dresses?

You can choose from Goddess Women’s Lace Bustier, Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Strapless Bustier, Va Bien Women’s Satin Low Back Bustier, Maidenform Women’s Flexees Lace Bustier and Kranchungel Women’s Bustier. All of these make excellent choices for special occasions like weddings. Now that you have already figured them out, then you can embark on your shopping journey! However, go for the one that suits you best.

Which are the best bustiers to wear when going out?

Whether it is for partying or a formal gathering, a good bustier will help your outfit shine and make you more confident. It is especially needed if you are wearing a stylish one-piece, a long gown, or a strapless mini dress. Among your best options available include Felina Women’s Essentials Seamless Hidden-Wire Bustier, Le Mystere Women’s Sensuelle Bustier Bra, Maidenform Women’s Flexees Lace Bustier, and Panache Harlequin Tiffany Strapless Bustier.

Where can I find the best cheap corsets near me?

Some of the best bustier shapewear options are widely available online at pretty sweet deals. Therefore, you can always expect to get the best value for your money. Among the most trusted online stores that you can count on include Intimissimi, Bluebella, The Q Room, Women’s Secret, La Senza, La Vie En Rose, Nayomi, Oysho, and Victoria’s Secret. Check out the things they have in store now!

Which is the best place to buy bustiers in the UAE?

Be it buying corset bustiers for plus size women or picking between a bustier vs corset, shopping online is the best way to go! If you are new to it or don’t know how to go figure out the best bustier for your strapless dress, lingerie brands have a test or size chart to help you out. Online stores here on our product search engine make for great choices. With a little bit of knowledge, time, and understanding, you will easily be able to determine what works for you and doesn’t.

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