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Wacoal Decadence push up bra - White
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About Push-Up Bras

Would you like to have a curvaceous hourglass figure and an affordable bust boost, sans any plastic surgery? Buy yourself the push-up bras. Why? Because they are sexy, stylish, and comfortable, and you’ll love wearing them all day. In this post, we’ll take a look at various types of bras that come in different materials and styles. Stick with us till the end to find out some secret tips on how to buy the best push-up bras online.  

Typically, this bra is padded at the bottom and sides of the cups to ‘push-up’ the bust. Such a design suits almost any body shape. This form of undergarment re-centres the bust and creates a buxom cleavage. Generally, using extra padding in the cup lifts the bust upward and towards the centre of the chest. Most push-up bras come in a variety of types to offer comfort and support to women with different bust sizes and structures. You’ll find them with a design of a plunging centre front with a demi cup that you can wear under revealing tops and dresses. A push-up bralette must fit flawlessly to do its job correctly. Which begs the question: What do I need to do to get that perfect push-bralette? This guide will cover all the basics so you can find a bra that works fine for you. 

Discover the various types of push-up bras 

If you are someone who loves a fuller look, then these bras are a great addition to your wardrobe. They not only define the shape of your assets but also enhance them to give you a fuller look. Mostly, small-busted women go for push-up bras to boost their cleavage and add an extra cup size. You can find many different types and styles of push-up bras, depending on the requirement of the wearer. But, make sure that you choose them according to your body type. We’ve here compiled a few push-up bras that any woman would love to have in their closet. Read on to find out. 

Extreme boost push-up bras

Ladies, if you want a significant increase/lift in your breasts, then opt for this type of bra. They not only give you a fuller and voluminous look but lift your assets as desired. They also add an extra layer of push that pulls the breast together to create a subtle cleavage. But, women with larger busts are at a loss here. You may find these very uncomfortable, as the lift is extreme. However, they are a great option to wear under low cut tops as the cup does not provide full coverage. The push-up bras are designed not only to improve your appearance but also to boost confidence and make sure that an outfit fits you well. 

Double padded push-up bras

This is an ideal option for women who have smaller breasts. They add a couple of more cup sizes! These bras have twice the amount of padding that creates the enhanced uplift look. However, larger busted women must refrain from buying these as they may cause discomfort. At the same time, women with medium breast size can opt for a push-up bra to enhance their current silhouette. Therefore, they come with a range of padding to suit many needs! You can find them in a variety of options to suit your needs. They can also be found in many materials, ranging from cotton to polyester.

Strapless push-up bras

Remember, while the push-ups enhance the bust, they must also fit you right. Moreover, the strapless push-up bras are an awesome pick when you want to conceal your bra straps. It is a common misconception that it is the straps that support the bra. But, remember that it is the band around the wearer’s rib cage that promotes the support. Therefore, a strapless bra can be both alluring and supportive. Many times we want to wear a dress or top that has no strap or a very thin one. In such times, a strapless bra will be useful. You will get an attractive plus concealed look.

Front closure push-up bras

They are great for women who have wide-set breasts. With a sleek racerback design, the bra types come with a front closure feature. This helps you wear them comfortably. Additionally, they offer support and style that is sure to make them an everyday essential. Hence, it is one of the most important bras to have in your closet. They lift your busts upwards and to the centre by giving an enticing cleavage. However, you must take care that there shouldn’t be any spillovers or gaps in the bra and the breasts. It surely spoils the overall look. 

Adhesive push-up bra

Note that the lift of the bra depends on its padding. So, if you want to have a rounded appearance, go for a bra that has a subtle lift. However, if you’re going to add more cup sizes, then go for more moderate push-up bras. These self-adhesive push-up bras feature no straps, which makes them the perfect push-up bras for backless dresses. Unlike other push-up bras, this type of bra sticks to your breasts to provide the required support stylishly. So, if you have a backless dress or top, then this is a must-have for you. Go for the right fit, and you will not have to worry about any discomfort.

Tips on how to buy Push-Up Bras online

The push-bras is a women’s best pal! Usually, you wear them similar to the regular bras with a few adjustments. While normal padded bras hold your breasts naturally with support, the push-up bras lift your breasts upwards. Therefore, the process of wearing push-up bras is slightly different. They serve many purposes and offer many benefits too. Keep reading to explore them.

  • Go for the ones with exquisite lift — Are you a woman with smaller breasts looking to increase your cup size? Or perhaps you are a woman with fuller busted, merely desiring to give a sensual uplift. Either way, the pushup bras are essential in any woman’s closet. This ensures that there is no spilling over of breast tissues or bulging.
  • Look out for models that are perfect with formal wear —Push-up bras are excellent beneath your formal wear. You can wear them low cut tops as most of them come in a semi-cup with a lower centre front. This makes them hide under your gorgeous attire. We recommend wearing the loosest hook as it will continue to fit you perfectly for tighter hooks as well.
  • Get the ones that enhance your silhouette — A bra can make or break your entire look and outfit. Therefore, choosing well fitted push-up bras are essential to compliment whatever you wear outside. Adjust the straps to get the right support. The straps must not cut your shoulders. Instead, they should be comfortable.
  • Check out their pros and cons — The push-up bras lift heavy-bottom breasts to give a more youthful look. Some wireless push-up bra cuts are also perfect to wear under strapless formal wear. Remember that wearing a push-up bra for an extended period (10+ hours) is not advisable. This is because your breasts do not stay in the natural position, and you’ll find them lifted purposefully, which is very stressful for the body.
  • Know the difference between push-up bra and padded bra— The push-up bras and padded bras both are padded. However, the critical difference is that one has extra padding while the other is lined. Padded bras are lightly lined bras with a cup size of 1/4th of a centimetre. At the same time, push-up bras have more padding to create a look of cleavage and enhanced breast tissue.
  • Assess the size – With so many types and styles, it is crucial to get the right size for the right busts. A well-fitted best push-up bra for a small chest can make a significant difference to your outer look. Measure your cup size accurately. You can measure by wrapping a measuring tape around your rib cage. Go for a cotton push-up bra if you are a person with sensitive skin.

Many women think that push up bras do not work for large busts and only work well for bras with cup sizes A or B. Some are against the push-up bras, no matter what the size of their breast is. Push-up bras help sculpt, re-shape and lift your bust, so make the most of them to show off your assets. Of course, you are free to form your own opinion. However, ensure to keep the above-listed points to buy the one that best suits your body type.

Question & Answer

Are push-up bras padded?

You come across this query often when you go a bra shopping. You know, not everyone is blessed with a full chest. Therefore, women, many a time, resorts to these push-up and padded bras. Push-ups and padded bras have the same objective, which is to enhance the look of your breasts. However, they slightly differ in terms of padding.  A push-up bra usually contains a light padding on either side of the bra. This helps push your breasts upwards, whereas a padded bra has pads inserted between cups to give fullness to your breasts.

What do push-up bras do?

Push-up bras are a woman’s best pal. Why? It is because they give your breasts that enticing look. They lift your busts upward and to the centre, giving them a bewitching look. The lift of the busts usually depends on the padding. Ensure that the breasts should sit on the top of the padding to get the best results. Sometimes, you may also have to adjust your busts for the perfect fit. It is needless to state that these push-bras are an excellent option for those women who have smaller breasts and are looking for an exquisite lift. Browse through the largest product search engine,, which features some of the high-quality push-up bras from top-class clothing brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, La Senza, H&M, Marks and Spencer, Chantelle, Aibrou, Nubra, DNKY, and ASOS.

Are push-up bras bad for you?

Push-up bras have nowadays become a wardrobe staple for many women. That’s because they add a desirable push and frame to the entire body. These bras are great when it comes to making your breasts fuller and sensuous. But it is unhealthy to keep your breasts caged in such bras for a long time. They are designed to unnaturally alter the shape of your breasts by applying constant pressure. This feature considerably blocks the circulation in your breasts, thereby creating many health issues such as the formation of lumps, damage to breast tissues, alteration of melatonin levels and damage to shape.

Will push-up bras prevent sagging?

Your breasts droop as you get older. But, keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with droopy breasts. It is purely a scientific and aesthetic issue. However, when you are on the move or out for work, you wouldn’t want your busts to look saggy. The push-up bras are a great solution, then. They are tailored with padding to lift and push your breasts upwards literally. The padding comes in different levels. For example, there are ones that have a subtle lift, a moderate one, and a dramatic lift. Some increase your breasts by two cups. These varying degrees of lift help you achieve the desired look.

How are push-up bras supposed to fit?

A wrong size push-up bra means risking inadequate support, the constant need for adjustment, chafing and other discomforts. Getting a push-up bra with the right fit is a little tricky. It can be easy to mistake a proper fit. That’s because they are designed to create more cleavage. This makes it a little harder to figure out if the cups are too small or are the right fit. Remember this to attain the most flattering look.  Go for bras where the cups lay flat against your breast tissue without creating any bulging on the top. The bra should never leave any marks or intends on your breast tissue from wearing it.