About Strapless Bras

A strapless push-up bra is both a blessing and a curse. That's because it can be your best friend or worst enemy. If a bit loose, you will spend all day awkwardly pulling it up. If a little tight, you will choke with the silicone line bands digging into your skin. Whatever the case may be, it is a necessity for fashion trends like no-shoulder or off-shoulder tops. Hence, it is imperative to find a strapless bra that fits perfectly. 

As the name suggests, a strapless bra is something that does not have any belts or straps over the shouldersThis design gives no-strap show under tops, making it highly appreciated by women around the globe. Surprisingly, this bra offers the same level of support as a regular bra. However, you need to find the one that fits you perfectly to ensure your comfort. Is this your first time to buy a strapless bra? Then, we will share some secrets on how to spot the one that meets your needs and preferences.  

Experts' secrets to buying the perfect strapless bra online  

A strapless and backless push-up bra is must-have item in every girl's wardrobe. Thus, it is important to know how to buy the best strapless padded bra. Today, buying such an item is an easy task. You can easily find a wide range of strapless bras on sale onlineAll you need to do is to pick your cup size. However, you need to understand that the strapless design is tighter than a regular bra.  So, you might have to compromise your comfort a bit. Here are some proven secrets to buying the perfect strapless bra like a pro.  

Go for the one that fits perfectly   

Some women care more about the style rather than the fit of the bra. As a result, they end up getting something too big or too tight than their actual size. Making such a mistake will take a toll on your budget and satisfaction. Therefore, your accurate size must be on top of your priority list. We recommend you visit a physical store and try on a strapless bra to determine your most recent size. Of course, it is also essential to seek help from a bra specialist. Once you are sure,  you can go ahead shopping online.

Band snug—Key feature of a fitted non-padded strapless bra 

Have you ever wondered why celebrities are so confident wearing a strapless bra? It is because the band is tightly intact around the chest and is comfortably positioned. This holds the bra in place and supports your bust. You can also opt for an attractive strapless bustier top, which is a perfect match to chic trousers. Now, you have already discovered how to style yourself like a celeb. Several brands offer an exquisite collection of strapless bras. These include Wacoal, H&M, La Senza, and Victoria's Secret, to name a few   

Go silicone-free 

Larger busts have more muscle movements than smaller ones. Hence, they have more chances of chafing and bruises due to the bra's silicone lining. If you have a full breast, then you need to choose properly. We recommend you look for an option that does not come with a silicone lining. This advice also applies to ladies with small busts and sensitive skin. If you had scarring or rashes due to silicone, then you have to be cautious when it comes to your choice. A silicone-free strapless bra or one with safe fabric is best for sensitive skin. You can explore such options form brands like H&M, Aibrou, Chantelle, and Asos. 

Tips on how to buy a comfy Strapless Bra

With the array of options offered by, you can enjoy strapless bra shopping online in the UAE like never before. However, this can also be an overwhelming task. Thus, we want to make the entire process easy breezy. Below are some relevant tips to help you pick the right bra for your low-cut dresses.   

  • Know your size - You know your bra has the right fit when it hugs your body nicely and stays in place. So, get your recent measurements and look for a bra with that size.  
  • Experiment with sizes - Try a size down in the band and up in the cup. That is because the band is the bra's only source of support. Check out how a few brands in a physical lingerie shop fit before you buy online.  
  • Maximum coherence -  Ensure that the bra sticks to your skin as firm as possible to prevent it from moving right or left. To do so, avoid using any beauty products like oil or lotion. Most of all, choose a bra with a rubber grip or silicone lining. 
  • Go for the best brand - If you have a fuller bust, you will need a bra with extra band support. Look for a brand that specialises in strapless C-cups or more. 
  • Consider the height - Choose a bra with longline style, as it will give additional support from below the chest. A longline design gives extended band support and maximum lift. 
  • Proper care of the bra - A good bra is undoubtedly a worthy investment, but its care is your responsibility. A handwash is highly recommended for an underwired and sturdy bra. Once washed with care, let it dry on a clean flat surface with the cups facing upward. 

Choosing a bra with a perfect fit can be difficult at times. So, ensure to buy one that looks good and comfy. Studies show that 80% of women wear the wrong size, 70% wear tighter bras, while the remaining 10% wear something bigger than their actual size. If you belong to any of these groups, it is time for a change. Start by looking for the right bra size here on our online search engine!

Question & Answer

 Which strapless bra stays up best?

Strapless bras have evolved much in recent times. According to lingerie experts, among its best varieties include strapless plunge bras, backless strapless from Namshi, seamless strapless invisible adhesive bras, and massage anti-skid strapless bras, and wedding dresses demi-thin bras from New Chic. Many women also love wearing Calvin Klein naked glamour convertible strapless push-ups for an enhanced look, coverage, and support.  

How do strapless bras work?

These come with a highly adhesive or sticky material that enables them to stay in place. If you do not feel so comfortable wearing a strapless bra, pin it to your dress. It is an easy, handy, and proven method to keep your innerwear intact. We recommend you go for a longline option to enjoy maximum support and increased adhesiveness.   

Why do strapless bras fall?

There could be many reasons why these don’t stay in place. It could be because you are not wearing the right size. Or maybe, the adhesive silicone material has expired and lost its stickiness. At times, a strapless bra loses its sticky nature because it is not washed with care. It leads to deformation of the cup and silicone damage. 

Are strapless bras supposed to be tight?

Yes, they must be tighter than a regular bra to provide the required cover and support. As there are no straps over the shoulders to support from above, all the support should come from below. This is the reason why these bras have to be a bit tighter than the standard bras used on a daily basis.  

Where to buy strapless bras?

It's here on our product search engine! We feature thousands of items from more than 500 shops offering ladies undergarments and accessories. We also enable you to compare the price of different items for an informed buying decision. So, you can get the right one suitable for your budget and needs. However, do not forget to check out customer reviews. 

Every girl deserves to enjoy her femininity. This is why you can find here at the leading brands offering an exquisite collection of strapless bras. Among your top picks include H&M, Aibrou, Chantelle, Asos, and more. Plus, you can explore online stores including Newchic, Brands for Less, OunassNamshi, GAP, Yoins, and Lacoste. So, shop now!