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About Longline Bras

The good old brassiere now comes in several variations. You can find bras and clothing in strapless, push-up, halter, demi-cup, balconette, plunge, minimiser, maximiser, silicone, bandeau, and the list goes on. But wait. Have you ever heard of longline bras? We will discover more about them below.   

No matter your body type or the shape of your breasts, there is a perfect bra out there for you! As a matter of fact, you can even find brassieres for certain issues such as maternity, sagging, enhancement, and more. It thus goes without saying that your choices are endless. Therefore, it’s never that difficult to find the one that will meet your needs from A to Z. Amongst all the different types of bras available in the market today, one model that truly stands out is the longline bra. Longline bras are genuinely game-changing. 

Different types of extended bras to select from 

Long bras are slowly beginning to gain popularity. There was a time when women only knew one type of bra and were happy with that. However, thanks to modern lingerie experts, that is not the case anymore. Today, you can choose a bra to address the smallest of concerns in the best way. Depending on your routine, the outfits you wear and several different things, there is one that will match your mood and preferences. With the several new variations that brands are offering today, you can find the perfect bra for any concern that you face. If you fancy these, below are some of the types to select from.  

The extended strapless bra 

Perfect for special occasions, the strapless longline bra is just like a regular one, minus the straps. Hence, it does a wonderful job of hiding awkward parts of the lingerie when you are wearing something revealing like a tank top, halter, or tube dress. Since this type is designed to provide extra support and convenience, unlike a regular brassiere, you don’t have to worry about it slipping off. However, plus-size women who may find it challenging to keep the bra cup in place can opt for transparent bra straps for a better fit. Whatever you are looking for, several brands offer a broad spectrum of choices that will suit your needs and requirements.   

The plus-size longline bra  

An excellent choice for women with a large bust, the plus-size bra offers a high level of comfort and convenience. Plus, it is versatile, as it can be worn under any outfit. Most longline bras also come with detachable straps. To get the best value for your money, choose one with convertible options so you can have a multi-purpose bra. However, it would be ideal for getting the same style in different colours or designs. Now, if you want better grip and comfort, try those options featuring a broad back and straps. Check out what different brands have to offer to end up choosing the one that will give you satisfaction.  

The shapewear longline bra 

This type kills two birds with one stone by working both as a bra and shapewear. Designed to enhance your curves and flatter your best features, it is another fantastic option for plus-size women. It can also be worn under tight-fitting clothing for better finishing. To get the right size, we recommend you seek help from a specialist in a lingerie store before shopping online. Since a shapewear bra is designed to bring out the best in your physique, skimping on sizing is never a good idea. Plus, it needs to provide you with ample comfort. Therefore, choosing the right one for your build is crucial. 

The plus-size longline bra for wedding dresses  

A wedding dress calls for the best lingerie. Hence, you need to opt for a plus-size longline bra specially designed for this occasion. Usually, this kind of brassiere is comfortable to wear and works well for low necklines. For something exquisite, go for options with lace, sheer, and embroideries. Of course, you can also choose a strapless one, depending on the kind of wedding dress you will be wearing. To make your brassiere more comfortable, try layering it with a thin cotton half camisole or spaghetti top. In doing so, you can rest assured that there will not be any sweat build-up. So, choose wisely.

Tips on how to buy Longline Bras

A longline bra is one of the most iconic and versatile types of modern-day lingerie. Apart from ensuring your comfort, it also addresses common concerns such as low necklines. With the right bra, you can have a relaxed day out with your friends or go through a day of work without having to check on your outfit multiple times. We will help you determine the ways how to choose the perfect one with our tips below.

  • Make sure it provides excellent support – Since long brassieres work on the core concept of a long band, support is definite. A good grip makes it stand out from a bralette since the length is not just lace but made of sturdy material that grips the body.
  • Multi-purpose ones are the best – Unlike a regular bra, you can use a long, multi-purpose bra as inner or outerwear. Because of its modest design and appearance, it doesn’t look like lingerie at all.
  • Choose bras with a secure closure – Thanks to their elongated closure, most bras offer a 365-degree fit. The front-closure option also helps you move around with ease. Check for this feature when you are shopping online.
  • Go for one with ample back support – A longline brassiere should offer excellent back support, especially if you have a substantial bust line. You can also opt for something with thick straps and a thick back band to ensure a higher level of comfort.
  • It should eliminate the need to wear a layer – Forget that camisole if you have a long bra. Since it quickly ends near the navel or a little over it, this bra’s length is enough to ensure that no skin is visible when you are wearing a short shirt or blouse.

The right bra can make or break your outfit. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the perfect one that works best for your body type, needs, and preferences. In doing so, you will always end up making the right decision. I hope the guidelines above will be helpful enough in your search for a high-quality long brassiere. Enjoy your shopping spree in any of the shops here on our product search engine!

Question & Answer

How long do bras last?

Depending on the brand, type, and frequency of usage, a bra should last for a year. If you wear it regularly, then it is imperative to check for wear and tear. Some common signs include fading, dull or lose straps, wires or padding that start to show through. After every eight to nine months of using a bra, look at it carefully to see any of these signs. Some established brands make bras that may last you a good couple of years, even with regular use.

What is a longline bra?

This is a slightly longer regular bra. Its extra fabric reaches until your mid-waist or sometimes till the navel. While the measure may vary depending on the brand, it is always lengthier than the regular bras in your closet. Apart from keeping you comfortable, a longline bra helps to absorb sweat and dries quickly. Some of the best options today offering this type include Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, Denim, La Perla, Forever 21, Panache, H&M, Gucci, Cacique, and Calvin Klein.

Which are the best longline back support bras?

Support bras are especially recommended for plus–size women, although everyone can wear them. Among its notable features include a longer length, additional/comfortable fabric, and broad straps. If you are a first-time buyer, among the best options are Heidi Klum Lune de Miel, Elomi Morgan Side Support Bra, La Perla Long-Line Lace Shell Bra, Fantasie Marianna Underwire Side Support Plunge Bra, Parfait Cora Longline Underwire Bra, and Blush Lingerie Loveswept Bra.

How to wear a longline bra?

The front fastening longline bra is said to be one of the best choices available in the market. Apart from being comfortable to wear and remove, its hooks don’t dig into your skin. There are multiple ways to wear this bra, and they all work well. You can either wear it as a T-shirt or a sports bra. What’s more, you can never go wrong with it for off-shoulder tops and low neckline outfits. You can even pair it with any skirt or jeans of your choice to get a cool and classy look. By choosing the right one, you will always be comfortable.

Where can you buy the best cheap longline bras online in the UAE?

With international lingerie brands all around the UAE, it is not difficult to pick one that works best for you. Among the leading shops that you can explore online include La Vie En Rose, Nayomi, Oysho, True and Co, Jockey, Bare Necessities, Intimissimi, Bluebella, The Q Room, Victoria’s Secret, and La Senza. You can also check out the stores here at, an amazing product search engine for more fantastic options. An excellent long brassiere will change the way you perceive bras. The fact that they are super comfortable and convenient is enough to make them your innerwear of choice. So, get started with your shopping adventure now!