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About Prosthesis Bras

The treatment for breast cancer is wearisome. This is particularly true if you have gone through breast cancer surgery or any procedure that might have changed the shape of your breasts. After the mastectomy, consider buying the best post-surgery bras. Well, a prosthetic bra for cancer is designed to give you a natural profile. However, shopping for it can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. 

You probably ask yourself, “What is a prosthesis bra?” We will provide all the information you need to have a great shopping experience. Prosthesis bras are an artificial breast shape bra. They are comfiest to wear after breast cancer surgery. Moreover, they prove to be the best for women who have gone through mastectomy or a lumpectomy. It is made with specially designed prosthesis bra inserts or pockets inside the cups. And it is just so amazing how a little piece of fabric can do so much! At first look, prosthesis bras can seem so complex. However, once worn, they can make you experience ultimate comfort. 

Understand the types and features of prosthesis bras 

You’ll find a diverse type of prosthesis bras. Some of the common ones include one-sided mastectomy bras, mastectomy bras with the built-in prosthesis, the ones for special occasions, exercises, leisure time, even sleep time bras and many more. Did you know? Any women can wear a prosthetic bra. She doesn’t have to have undergone surgery to benefit from this bra. Below we have listed a few universal features and the types of prosthetic bras to help you get through the after math of fighting breast cancer. 

Prosthesis bra inserts with padded cups and no underwire

They are wire-free bras that come with soft cups. They offer immense comfort without having to comprise on style. Being highly functional and fashionable they depict classic feminity. These very special feature used in creating them makes them the best mastectomy bra in town. In addition to cups, some prosthetic bras come with light padding. This gives them a smooth look. This can be particularly advantageous if there may be any uneven tissue remaining after the surgery. 

Front closure mastectomy bras with under band and centre front with supportive side seams

If you’re looking out for a high-comfort prosthesis bra, then this mastectomy bras are your best bet. They come with under bands that offer immense stability and comfort. They help the bra to stay in place. These front closure mastectomy bras also cover the scar tissue. This type of prosthetic bra comes with wider side seams under the arms. The seams sit soft on your skin and this help hide the scared tissue. They also support the bra all the way around offering you the comfort that is required after the surgery. 

Sports bras with comfortable straps

Padded shoulder straps that are wide and thick are suitable for most women. The lion’s share of prosthetic bras feature them. We all know that, keeping fit is imperative to maximize your health. And the prosthesis wear collection from various popular online stores helps you do that with pocketed support. These sports bra with comfortable straps ensures that they do not dig into your skin even when you are carrying out heavy tasks. This makes it an ideal choice for most women. 

Cotton breast prosthesis bras for post-surgery that offer everyday usage

Immediately after your breast surgery, you need prosthesis bras that are made of soft fabrics. Once such example is the cotton breast prosthesis. There are also prosthetic bras for cancer that come with easiest front closure bras and extra pouches to help you manage your healing. These are also the ones that you can regularly wear to schools, office or on weekends. Some prosthesis bras have pockets in one cup, known as one-sided mastectomy bras, while some have it in both of them.  

Strapless leisure bras

These bras can be worn at home, just after your surgery or even while sleeping. They are quality mastectomy bras with the built-in prosthesis that are considered more than just a traditional bra. A mastectomy mustn’t prevent you from wearing sleeveless or strapless tops. The strapless prosthesis bras are a must-have for special occasions. Not only do they offer full coverage to secure your true breast form, but they are usually lightweight too.

Tips on how to buy Prosthesis Bras online

Many women are self-conscious and have the desire to purchase the mastectomy bra soon after they complete their surgery. They run to the prosthetic bra stores to buy the perfect one. However, it is necessary to allow your body to heal before you start wearing your bra. There will be incisions and scarring below the surface of the skin that needs time to recover. Here are a few characteristics to look for in the prosthesis bras.

  • Pick models with comfy shoulder straps — They must be comfy, adjustable and must not put any strain on the shoulder. Remember to adjust them regularly to ensure that they are not too loose. Note that different of prosthesis bras come with different type of shoulder straps. Make sure to pick the one that offers you maximum comfort.
  • Look for pockets — These pockets keep your breasts in form. Therefore, look for the ones that best suit you. There are multi-pocketed bras that give you more choice. Some are single whereas some offer two pockets.
  • Check out the cups — The right prosthesis bras must look just like the bras before your surgery, and cups are an essential part of it. Remember that the cup must follow the shape of your breast closely to fit perfectly. In addition to that there are elastic edges that give you extra security.
  • Go for wider under-band — A wider under-band in the prosthesis bras provide stability and support to ensure your chest firmly stays in place. They generally come in soft materials and ensure that your skin is kept in utmost comfort.
  • Select bras with variable fastening — With this feature of the prosthesis bras, you can embrace your uniqueness confidently. They come with 1-4 hooks ensures that you have just the right amount of crutch and snugness.
  • Choose tender under-wiring — This design of the prosthesis bras follow the curve of your breast form to offer support without putting pressure on your breast scar area. That way, the bras will support your scarred are and help in faster healing process.
  • Buying them at the right time — Do not rush to buy, as bras can irritate and prolong the healing process. You can consult your doctor about the time for your recovery and then start wearing the bra. Some women do not wear the mastectomy bras, as they get adjusted to their new body shape.
  • Carefully look at the pros — If you have purchased a mastectomy bra, you’ll know that it certainly boosts your self-confidence. However, maintaining a womanly figure isn’t the only reason that post-surgery bras can be beneficial. The prosthesis bras support your chest and the tissue that remains after the surgery.
  • Check out the maintenance methods — It is essential to clean and maintain your prosthesis bras to prevent damage. Treat them as you would treat your own skin. Handle it gently and wash it with soap daily. When you are not wearing them store it in its original box. If you have prosthetic breast adhesives, then it must be cleaned using only the solution provided.
  • Pick a durable model — Prosthesis bras usually last generally last for about a couple of years. But it may have to be replaced if you lose or gain a lot of weight. However, you can increase their life span, if you maintain and clean your prosthetic bra for breast cancer properly.

Every woman has a personal reason to forego breast reconstruction surgeries. Sometimes older women simply decide not to, that it is not important to them. While it is hard enough to cope up with any physical surgeries, women who have undergone mastectomy made it through a huge emotional journey too. Therefore, this guide highlights the factors that aids in you getting the best choice of prosthesis bra that gives a long-term natural look.

Question & Answer

Why are mastectomy bras so expensive?

The high-quality prosthesis bras are more than just a regular bra. They offer coverage to secure your original form and are highly crucial after undergoing a mastectomy. Like all women foundations, bras create the way you look. However, from luxurious mastectomy lingerie to flattering cami-style bras, finding a beautiful, comfortable and functional mastectomy bra can be tricky. Therefore, you’ll find them priced a notch higher than the regular ones. You may try to read the features and advantages of one product, and you will eventually find the price tag worth it.

Are mastectomy bras covered by Medicare?

You should know that major all medical insurance policies usually cover mastectomy products as per their set guidelines. It sounds logical as well. Most of the hospitals file your claim for you, and Medicare will reimburse 80% of your expenses as per their fee schedule. However, we recommend you check their respective official websites to be sure of such reimbursements. Do not hesitate to contact them via mentioned channels in case you have any queries.

What do mastectomy bras look like?

It looks like a normal bra you explore online. It is just that it has fillers inside. The prosthesis bra is the best way to fill the space where your breast was after breast reconstruction or mastectomy. They come with specially designed discrete pockets inside the cups. Some bras have only one cup while the others have two. They come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Some have adhesive patches, whereas others use magnets to attach to your body.

Where to buy mastectomy bras?

This is one of the most common questions a woman confronts after her mastectomy.  Well, did you know that there are specialized shops and online stores for it? They offer some high-quality mastectomy bras! However, it is essential that you feel comfortable in whatever you purchase. Do not settle in for cheap, mastectomy bras. Instead, go for the high-quality ones. Apparently, with a little perseverance and ingenuity, you can find an ideal mastectomy bra at 

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