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About Adhesive Bras

The struggle in finding the right bra for the right outfit is real, especially if you love backless dresses. Well, you are not alone. The good news is, you can count on the wonder-working power of adhesive bras. Before we take you through the guide on how to buy and wear them, let us first enlighten you on what they are.

Adhesive bras, stick-on bras, or sticky bras—whatever you may call them—are often the ones you can best describe as strapless. You usually find them in materials such as polyurethane, silicone, or similar. A great invention in the world of fashion, sticky bras provide you with the support and coverage you need, regardless of the dress you wear. However, they are best suited for dresses that reveal around the bust area and have downright odd cuts. The great news is that there are a lot of premium quality adhesive bras for low cut dresses to choose from in the market today. Thus, you’re sure to get only the best one that gives you supreme levels of support and comfort.

Explore the characteristics of the adhesive bras

Adhesive bras are designed in such a way that have cups sticking to the breasts. In other words, their smart design allows you to wear a bra without the band or straps. Some stick-on bras come with two separate cups clipped together in the centre. You’ll get a fabulous cleavage if you push these cups together, and of course, you can flaunt your figure effortlessly. However, if you want a perkier look, go for breast lifts. These disposable and lightweight bra accessories help create that desired look.

Are adhesive bras better than regular bras?

Though regular bras provide your assets with the support they need, there is no denying that they are highly uncomfortable. Your outfits get limited, because either your straps are showing, or the lacy structure is visible under the figure-hugging attire. What’s more, you become conscious of them falling or moving out in place. Also, the tight straps or underwire leave you with deep rashes. Well, self-adhesive bras are great when it comes to eliminating such problems. They give support, comfort, and are ideal for backless or strapless dresses.

The merits of a self-adhesive bra

Sticky bras can be a lot softer and lighter than regular ones. They are more flexible and comfier to wear. Many women with larger busts complain of backaches. They are often not because of the weight of the busts but because of the straps of the bra. With adhesive bras, you can enjoy the support without the pain. A regular one keeps your breasts up and firm. However, with a self-adhesive bra, your breast muscles can do their job, thus preventing sagging.

Wearing them comfortably

Wearing stick-on bras is a risky business, if not done right. Start off by ensuring that your assets are dry. Keep in mind that moisture leads to an ineffective stick-on bra and could cause a slip out. Also, do not put your sticky bras on, as this could cause your cups to slip. We recommend you position your cups vertically for the best results. Start from the bottom of your busts while you work your way upwards. This way, your assets will get maximum lift. Lastly, clasp the pins at the front together, and you’re good to go!

Types of adhesive bras to add to your wardrobe

Trust us! You don’t want to buy just any stick-on bra. It is imperative to check out the various options available to make the right choice. However, let your most important consideration be style, colour, fit, and quality. Ultra-light backless strapless adhesive bras, invisible push-up silicone bras, self-adhesive bras with drawstrings, and all stick-on bras from Victoria’s Secret are awesome. Of course, you can also check out women’s strapless self-adhesive silicone invisible push-up bras to give your busts a perkier look. If you want to explore more such options, you are in the right place!  

Tips on how to buy Adhesive Bras online

It’s easy to fall in love with adhesive bras owing to their numerous benefits. However, choosing one among a wide range of options isn’t an easy task. For example, the most common type of self-adhesive bras come in silicone material, and most of them look alike. In such a case, you must look for other material options and consider other factors before you buy the best adhesive bra. Below are just some of the tips that can serve as your guide.

  • Go for the perfect size – Size is one of the most important factors when it comes to your inner garments. This becomes, even more, a crucial factor when you head out to purchase a self-adhesive bra. Usually, bras come in A, B, and C cups. However, the cup is useless without knowing your band size. Therefore, you must understand your body type, measure, and then pick the adhesive bra.
  • Understand how to use them – Adhesive bras are quite different from the regular ones when it comes to building and design. Hence, they work differently. Therefore, you must be aware of how they work before you purchase. You can check out some videos on how to wear adhesive bras or just scroll up to the prior part of this article.
  • Discover if the best stick-on bras are for small busts only – This is very important. Usually, bigger busts benefit from wider straps, thicker bands, and a more structured cup. Stick-on bras do not have any of these. They basically latch onto your breasts. But for ladies with larger assets, there is a solution. There are a few brands offering bigger stick-on sizes. Plus, you can go for plunging neckline bras for a less cleavage show.
  • Check out the price – Cost is always a crucial factor in the shopping process, and it is no different for adhesive bras. Most of them come in similar price ranges. However, there are a few that are a bit pricier. Well, that depends on the quality and brands you opt for. Also, remember that not all pricier ones are of good quality.
  • Explore the various styles available – Self-adhesive bras come in different styles and have reasonable size ranges. They are best when you want to wear a strapless wedding dress. You can also wear them with low-cut tops. And the best part is, you can find others that are made of soft lace to create a high-end feel. The lining of these bras is entirely silicone adhesive and is not sensitive to the skin. You can wash and re-use them with proper care.

It is now evident that there is nothing stronger than stick-on bras when it comes to keeping your tatas hoisted up. They give you a nice round shape and cleavage while perfectly spacing your breasts apart. This is why you can wear them under any tiny, slinky dress. So, go ahead and get yourself these sticky bras!

Question & Answer

Are adhesive bras safe?

These come in handy when you want to go for a tastefully revealing dress or an open-back style. However, bear in mind that you must not use these sticky bras as an everyday bra. Wearing them too often can cause breast tenderness. Although many women worry about keeping silicone next to their skin, there is no danger in wearing a stick-on bra. There’s a risk factor only when you place the silicone inside your body. Speaking otherwise, these bras are fun to wear and flaunt in.

How long do adhesive bras last?

Anyone who has owned a pair of stick-on will know that silicones do not last forever. Improper care, storage, or washing will lead to an adhesive bra falling off mid-wear. A stick-on bra will eventually lose its stickiness and will need replacement. Care for it well, and you could feasibly wear it dozens of times before this happens. However, you can add a few more weeks to the bra if you choose to buy from reliable and well-known brands. You can find most of these brands on our product search engine.

Which adhesive bra is the best?

When you want to slay that sexy look in a backless ensemble, you only need one thing: a strapless adhesive bra. This can come in various styles, and the most common of them is the one with two separate fillets with a clip or drawstring in the middle. Meanwhile, if you want comfort, then go for the sexy front lacing invisible silicone bra. It is soft, fits the body, and stays ice even during hot days. It is always a great idea to explore the market and check brands and sellers online before purchasing.

Can adhesive bras be reused?

Yes! Rinse your sticky bra with soapy water, clean it, and leave it to dry overnight. In doing so, it will look good as new. Remember, do not machine wash or soak your adhesive bras, as this can permanently damage the adhesives. We recommend you clean them after every use to get rid of any dirt or residue. Always remember those clean undergarments play a significant role in your health and wellness. Therefore you should always wash and wear a clean adhesive bra.

How to wear adhesive bras?

Ensure that your skin is clean and dry before putting on a sticky bra. Perfumes, moisture, and talcum powder all reduce their adhesiveness. Sweat will also affect the adhesion. Once you wear the bra, smoothen out the cup with your hand. This ensures that you do not have any hidden pockets or skin stuck down. So, if you are buying a stick-on bra for the first time for an occasion, then it is best to try wearing them a couple of times beforehand.

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