Door Accessories

About Door Accessories

A door is a hinged or moveable barrier that allows access into or way out from any enclosure. The door offers security and control over access to any place. Considering the role of doors in the security and privacy of a user, several door accessories are available to enhance the performance of doors.

By door accessories, we mean everything that takes part in the look and functionality of a door. These accessories may include door stoppers, door bumper guards, hydraulic door closer, fingerprint door lock, along with many other types of traditional sliding door hardware. Some of these accessories are responsible for holding the door at its place and functioning correctly, while others make doors secure. Many door accessories are also responsible for adding aesthetic value to the doors while keeping them functional. One way or the other, door accessories hold great importance in every person’s life in the world. Hence it is essential to buy high-quality door accessories to enjoy most of them.

Essential functions of door accessories you should know

Just take a moment to ask yourself what comes to your mind when you discuss the furniture. We are sure that whatever it is, doors are still the most favourite house items. This is because it is the most critical part of any home that ensures both safety and privacy. But it does not offer any physical relaxation. And probably this is the reason why we mostly end up having absolutely no idea about the type of door we need the most. As a result, we have limited time durability and too unreliable security. So, before you head to buy any door accessory, including a wall-mount garage door opener automatic door opener, here is what you need to keep in mind.

Biometric door locks or portable door locks

Locks are an important part of any outer or inner door. They offer both security and privacy for your home and office location. There are several technological levels in locks according to the type of doors, level of security, technological advancements, or access. One way or around locks help to stop intruders. Today you can find various locks from reliable spring bolts, deadbolts, biometric locks, keyless entry systems, portable door locks, and mortise locks.

Handles and hinges

Besides security and privacy, a full-fledged door also comes with comfort to use. And this is where handles and hinges play their role. Handles are of many different types, but lever handles and doorknobs are the most famous and widely used. The appropriacy of use varies according to the type and location door and other preferences. And then comes the hinges: These are a pair of small metallic plates on the backside of the door. It is responsible for holding your door nicely into the concrete setting. Plus, it is the reason for door movement. These small yet essential door accessories come in various, including glass hinges, case hinges, interior door hinges and more.

Door viewers and door stoppers

Door viewers are often taken for granted for their effectiveness of use. But they are important for your home security and keep intruders or strangers away. These smaller holes come with concave glass that helps you have a more comprehensive view of the surroundings outside the door. It also allows you to see who is knocking. At the same time, a variety of door stoppers help protect the door’s body and aesthetic. These stoppers keep the door from getting bruised due to unnecessary friction with the floor. They also protect the door from hard-hitting while opening and shutting. Here available options include; wedge stoppers, wall bumper stoppers, baseboard stoppers, kick down stoppers and more.

Bolts and advanced security systems

Bolts offer an initial level of security against intruders. A common modification comes with doors and chains. It allows a user to see a person’s profile without opening the door wide open. Indeed,  without compromising the security of the user. But the advanced level of security comes within a combination of different technologies. These include CCTV cameras, motion sensors, sockets, Wi-Fi, audio and visual recording devices, burglary alarms, etc. These devices work in coordination and are generally available as a complete package of surveillance systems or security systems.

Tips on how to buy Door Accessories online in the UAE

Updating the look and feel of your home is a serious job and takes a lot of your time, money, and effort. And a wrong choice can easily ruin the entire look and feel of the home. Luckily, there is an array of choices available in the market. It does not matter if it is an interior or exterior door; the choices are endless. Besides money and quality, it is also important to focus on the look and feel of the accessories you are about to buy. We know that purchasing door accessories is an intimidating task for many people out there. Therefore, we have aligned a quick list of what you may need to consider while buying any items for your traditional or sliding door accessories.

  • Consider functions of the door – The doors are of different types, sizes and materials, plus they are installed both in and outside of a building. And based on location, doors serve differently. So, you should consider the position and functionality of the door and make a list of basic accessories you need.
  • Note the material – As said earlier, the material of the door is of great importance while selecting any accessory for it. This is because a door lock that will work ideally on a metallic door might not stay longer on an oak wood door. So, know about the material of your door and decide what types of accessories will work fine for it.
  • The functionality of door hardware – The door accessories will vary based on where they are installed. A bathroom door handle has a different locking system than an outer door. Consider the functionality and choose accessories accordingly.
  • The finish – The strikes, hinges or latches are important. All these accessories vary in material, finish, style, and model. Here, aesthetics are as important as functionality, so you need to carefully look at both aspects to choose the best option for your home or office.

Security is among the most important features of door hardware, specifically if it is an outer door. So, you need to start by deciding what level and type of security you need on the outside. For instance, if it is an exterior door like a garage, you will need an advanced security system for the door. But for doors inside your home, lesser security is needed. So here, you can pick a reasonable item from doorknobs or handles with locks. However, it does not matter if you head to buy garage door accessories or look for a simple keychain garage door opener quality is something you must never compromise on.

Question & Answer

What is the best material to buy indoor accessories?

When it comes to buying door accessories like Doorknobs, House Numbers, Keyplates, Letter Plates, Nameplates, Profile Cylinders, Door Closers, Door Handles or Door Knockers; durability becomes the most important point. Therefore, at such times you should opt for reliable and lasting materials like Stainless steel, Bronze, Brass, or Aluminium. However, for certain items, you can also look for accessories made of high-quality wood.

What door accessories do I need for external doors?

When it comes to essentials for an external door, the list varies according to the door’s material, style, and size. A sliding door will have different demands as that of traditional styles. However, some items remain the same in any case. However, the techniques may vary based on the type of doors. These standard accessories include Doorknobs, handle sets or any other kind of locking mechanism. Hinges are door holding accessories that come in many different styles, including hinges made of: oil rubbed bronze, antique brass; satin nickel, polished brass; brushes brass; polished chrome; or brushed chrome. At times you will also need items like nameplates or doorbells.

What are the main accessories for a glass door?

Glass doors need special instruments for installation and proper working without causing any damage to the glass. So, when it comes to door accessories for a glass door, you will need items like glass door closers, hinges, handles or doorknobs, stoppers, patch fittings, glass fittings and door locks. You will also need Rail and wedge system, sliding system, spider & canopy fittings, and spider accessories. Luckily all these items are easily available on any retail search engine.

Where can I buy door accessories online?

When buying any DIY accessory, including Door Rosettes, Door Stops, Doorbells, Intercoms or any other door accessory, buying online is the best idea. Any trusted retail search engine is where you can find the most variety and best options in accessories from brands like Yale, Dorma, ASSA Abloy, Hafele, Von Duprin, and Adams Rite. Explore today to embark on your online shopping experience!