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About Door knockers

Door knockers have been here for centuries. However, it was a necessity in previous times and is an aesthetics today. There has also been added accessories and features to fit into the modern world. If you are looking to buy one, contemplate your purpose, research, explore, and finally add your favourite product into your shopping cart.

A door knocker has a major purpose: to let you alert the people outside your house. Another purpose it serves is to emphasise the overall looks of your outside ambience. Any knocker has three parts, out of which one is attached to the door, a ring that you strike, and a strike plate. A ring part can be replaced by any other cut-outs or even a cast-iron sculpture. Most important is the sound it makes, which must be loud enough to alert you but not a thumping one that will irritate you. Apart from these basic tidbits, there is more to know about these products before the final decision.

Types of door knockers

Technically, these knockers have two types: the ones that are mounted on the surface and through-the-door products. Both variants are all-embracing and serve the purpose well. The choice depends on your taste, budget, and other preferences. Other than these two types, there are other variants based on different placement. It could be a front door, kitchen window, or any other door inside the house. If you have something specific in your mind, you can also explore and buy a personalised door knocker online in Dubai.

Brass door knocker

Brass is an excellent material to choose from owing to its inner properties. A good quality brass knocker is corrosion-resistant, durable, and attractive. Above all, the material inherits anti-microbial properties as well. Also, all these properties might make the product hang on the side of heavy range products. But if your budget is flexible, you can explore the variants and buy brass door knockers online in the UAE.

Labyrinth door knockers

All labyrinth fans can now bring a piece of this musical fantasy film into their household. The replicas of right and left knockers are available at our shopping platform, This pair resembles the shape of an old married couple. If you have a double door and a married couple at your home, this product sounds great, whether you are a fan of a labyrinth or not. If this doesn’t sound interesting to you, you can also check the door knocker for sale online in the UAE and explore some unique products here.

Antique door knockers

If you love antique products, you might know some of the items are weird, while some are fun. One of the designs is the cast iron product in the shape of a hand. It hangs upside down, and in some products, hands are also holding the ball for a good knocking sound. Some antique products are also in the form of sculptures. It could be a woman with flowers or a woodpecker looking at the door. Well, whether it is the antique piece you want or the cheap magnetic door knocker, you will find them all on our product search engine.

Modern door knockers

There is no difference in the material when it comes to modern products. They are also of brass, iron, bronze, or steel. But the difference is in the designs because the modern outlook is more into experimenting with shapes, not with sculptures. So, you will find a variety of cut-outs while shopping for a modern or contemporary look that complements your home inside out. However, despite exploring the designs, you should also consider the material of your door. For example, a door knocker for a glass door will differ from a door knocker for a uPVC door.

Tips on how to buy Door knockers online

Pre-planning before buying a door knocker is essential. There is so much to think about, like your placement, budget, compatibility, and a personal touch, maybe. If you don’t work out on these tidbits before buying, you might end up with a dissatisfying product. So, here we have compiled some fine points to narrow down your purchase. Do give them a read before you start to explore online.

  • Compatibility – The product you like the most and your house ambience may not match. Or just the colour you have chosen might not go well with your door’s colour. Therefore, the first thing to keep in mind is your door’s overall look and what can go with it.
  • Pre-planning – As we just stated compatibility requirements, you can further pin down some essential points that will eventually help you grab the right product. For example, the placement of the door knocker, the size of the whole product and just the knocker. If you can pre-plan these things, you can save a lot of your time.
  • Material – Brass, bronze, cast iron, and steel are some of the most-selling materials. Unless you do not see them with your own eye, you can’t choose between the materials. Also, you can have a personal favourite or something that matches your door, but do not pick anything before proper research. So, don’t mind scrolling through the products online because this is the most time-consuming step.
  • Additions – A door knocker with a peephole is a perfect addition. Some of you also call it a door viewer. Whatever the name is, this addition is one of the safety requirements of the house. So, the glass of the peephole can give 160 or 180degree of view, depending on what type you want and the budget you have.
  • Looks – There are plenty of styles available online. So, it is better to choose the style prior to choosing other preferences. You have options like an animal shape, classic loop style or even a modern ‘S’ knocker that is equally trending.
  • Contactless opener – During pandemic times or even after it, you may feel the need to maintain social distancing. If you agree, then contactless openers for a door knocker, bell, or electric ring fits right for you. This key-shaped opener can help you with all of them, even pressing the lift buttons. So you can prioritise having this as one of the essential door accessories.

Now, coming to commencing your shopping drive, you might need a few brand names, to begin with. You can explore Michael Healy, Cox and Cox, Moose, Black Country, and Menards, among others. You can find all of these names or even more at our shopping platform, Upon your visit, you can expect a seamless experience in an easy-to-use platform.

Question & Answer

How to install a door knocker with a peephole?

Installing a door knocker with a peephole is almost similar to installing a knocker alone, but there are a few additional steps. First, you have to drill two holes into your door, one for the top and one for the base. Next, there will be another drill slightly bigger than the rest that is for the peephole. The placement of this drill is mostly middle or on the top of the product, depending on the product’s style. Once done, all you now have to do is screw the three holes together with the door knocker with a peephole. This is an easy DIY project if you would like to, or an expert is anyways just a call away.

What is the best door knocker?

Door knockers come in various styles and materials, depending on which you may choose your personal best. For example, a few styles include horse-shaped, pineapple-shaped, modern metal black, or vintage grand knockers. These all are a few examples from the lot available in the market that you can see at our shopping platform, While exploring, you will meddle between style and material to come up with the best product possible.

Where to buy a door knocker online in the UAE?

To give yourself a visual experience, you can begin with the Baldwin brand. Here, you can find types like colonial, S-shape, French, Tahoe, and many others. Likewise, you can explore multiple other brands with unique products upon your visit to Some of them are Moose, Black Country, Black Metal, and more. With all the brands of flexible budget range under the roof, you will be easily comparing them all to grab the right product.

Door knockers can elevate the ambience of your entrance and leaves a long-lasting impression. You can’t let this appreciating moment slide by being a lazy shopper. So, scrutinise every single detail of the product. Not everything is worth your shopping cart, and our shopping platform, can help you make a quality purchase, for sure.