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About Door Closers

Agree or not we all are getting used to technical aids in our day to day work. But many mechanical devices like door closes go unnoticed until they are not there for our help.

A door closer is a mechanical device that is used to close a door in a controlled manner. This device helps in preventing door-slamming after one opens it or after it automatically opens. The force used to open the door is stored in the special setting of springs or hydraulic mechanisms. The door closers can be linked to a building fire alarm system. Where doors need to be held open for most of the time, they are held back with a unique electromagnetic device.  When the fire alarm is triggered, it cuts the power to an electromagnetic hold-open device allowing the door to close. Most of the time, these devices are separate from the door closer and parts of its design.

Everything you need to know about door closers

There can be times when a door closer might have come up in a conversation about adding security and safety measures to your property. But merely a few of us know the actual purpose of the door closer. As per the definition, a door closer in an adjustable spring-loaded mechanical arm is responsible for closing the door automatically after it is or left open.  These door closers are generally filled with hydraulic fluids. This fluid dampens the door swings and controls the operations. Installing a door closer also adds a level of control to the safety of the new door. Today we can find different types of door closers in the market. But before you head for purchase, here is what you need to know about these door security devices.

Purpose of door closers

These mechanical gadgets serve in several ways and have several benefits. However, the primary purpose is to close or latch the doors in a controlled manner. Besides, they also maintain the fire rating of a door and save fingers from injuries while preventing damage to property.  Besides the automated system, this device ensures that the fire doors are kept closed all the time. If it is not so, the fire protection mechanism is compromised. Hence, they become an integral part of the security and fire safety system of any building on this date. Additionally, these closer play their role in protecting the door frame by supporting proper door closure each time anyone uses it.

Significant benefits of door closers

In the baseline, these devices help to avoid the slamming of doors. The damper feature of these devices keeps the force and speed of the door closure at a specific level. It is essential when it comes to heavyweight or large-sized doors. Plus, the same feature also works for people with lesser physical energy and abilities and needed additional support and added time to open-pass through- and close the door. And at the same time, the feature of customization allows you to add security using a door closure by allowing secure closing of the door after someone passes through it.

Types of door closers

With the varying needs of users, buildings, door materials, weight, and size, we can find a wide range of door closers online in the UAE. Despite several similar functions and features, these types vary impressively. And the best model for you depends on the price range, the door types, and other specific needs you have. There are a variety of door closers suited for automatic, manual and electromagnetic swing styles. These closers can also serve the purpose of being seen. So, having an obvious door closer can communicate to people that the door is controlled, and they do not need to worry about anything. But if you need something modern, opt for concealed variety.

Maintenance of door closers

To do their job properly, these mechanical devices need proper maintenance and replacement after years. Different factors can lead to changing or maintenance of door closer. Also, before installation, your door needs to operate flawlessly as it makes no sense of adding a door closed if the door itself is not working correctly. The installation should be proper, including process likes lubricating and tightening of hinges and proper fitting of the door into door frames. You may also need to call a professional for help if you notice anything like a failure of the door closing, door-slamming, faster movement through the door swing cycle, or no spring tension.

Tips on how to buy Door Closer online in the UAE

It is essential to buy an appropriate door closer according to the type, weight, and size of your door. This is because a door closer for steel door is entirely different from the best hydraulic door closer that is suitable for specific types of doors. But there is a myriad of choices of door closer for sale online in the UAE.  So, pinpointing the right one for your situation can be confusing.  And in a try to help you make a reasonable and well-informed choice, we have compiled a short guide on the core features you must consider while buying a door closer.

  • Consider the door – Always start by reviewing the door carefully. Must you notice it closes inwards or outwards? For external doors, you will not need an electromagnetic door closer. Likewise, for many inwards and outwards openings, you might need model-specific items with or without angle brackets as per the situation.
  • Assess space availability – Next, you need to check the height and width of the frame and door. Here it would help if you kept in mind that the heavier the door, the larger the power size of the door closed it will need for optimal performance.  But a narrow frame will need a well-concealed door closer.
  • Notice the frequency and volume of traffic – The door closer should be according to how often the door is closed and opened per day.  Here you will also need to consider the need of users. For instance, the less abled and older adults need to delay closer to allow them enough time to pass through the door. Likewise, it can be the case with kids to close automatically when they leave.
  • The force required – Here, it is important to consider the needs of kids and older adults as both cannot apply much force to open the door. Here you can consider buying a door closer with adjustable strengths to meet the needs of the weight and size of different types of doors.
  • The mounting situations – Here you will need to choose one of surface mounted overhead; slide arm; regular arm; parallel arm; transom-mounted; floor spring or concealed door closers. So, before you head to buy a closer system, head for some professional assistance or search online to understand these types so that you can make a better choice for your home.
  • Latching and closing speed – Here we can interpret adjustable closing speed as to how quickly the door closes after opening. Whereas adjustable latching speed allows adjustment of the closing spends for the last few degrees of the end.  Both features can help in either speeding up or slowing down the door closing time.

At times when you need to read and understand the door closers before heading for a purchase, many questions are answered in the product description section. It is thus recommended to read the product description section to have an idea about the size, make, model and other features of the product. For more surety, you can also go to the customer review section to know more about the performance of the product.

Question & Answer

What is a free swing door closer?

A free swing door closer is a special overhead door closer that is specially used on fire doors. This type of closer helps in the easy opening and closing of the fire door. It is a wireless device that allows you to keep the door open in any position and close on the sound of the alarm. For more details about the product, you can read the product description or the leaflet that comes with it. It will explain everything about the material, working and installation etc.

What size door closer do I need?

Door closers come in different sizes. A perfect size of a door closer for you is the one that is according to your door size, make and model. It will also include where the door is installed – whether it is the main door or the one inside your home or office. General the ideal door closer size goes by – heavier and wider the door, greater force it will need to control it – hence bigger the size of door closer. For instance, if the door closer is to go with the fir door, a minimum of size three is recommended to fit it for proper working.

How to install the door closer?

Every door closer comes with a different mechanism to work and thus, different types of installation methods. The installation process also varies based on the material type your door is made of. A metallic door will depend on a different set of experiences to install any door accessories. At the same time, a glass door will need some specific care instruction to avoid any damage or breakage. Therefore, it is always recommended to look for professional assistance for installing a door closer. But if you already have some experience on how to install a door closer, you can review the installation manual in the package to know the process and do it yourself.

Where to buy door closer online in the UAE?

Door closers are a considerable investment, and if you are successful in investing in a genuine quality product, it will last with you for years to come. Therefore, we will recommend you explore a reliable product search engine to find reliable best-selling items online. At you can find more than 500 brands selling a wide range of door closers online in the UAE. Some brands that you can buy here are Dorma, Yale, LCN, Falcon, and Abloy.

Besides these known names you can also look for products offered by Milano, Dorf it, King, and many others. Additionally, you can search for DIY products, including the entire range of door accessories from top trusted global shops.

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