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About Letter Plates

Letterboxes or letter plates are some of the common tools to beautify & complete the look of your home. So, the letterboxes allow the mail or letters to be safely posted through the front door of your house. And the letter plates are used to cover up the hole of the letterboxes. Thus, making it look neat and tidy. But that’s not the end of knowing it; there are more for you. So, keep reading till the end!

A letter plate or letterbox is a container for collecting emails. It will not only make a statement to your front doors, but it will also advance your home’s kerb charisma by generating a pretty first impression to your guests. You can find it in various shapes and sizes to garb a wide variety of doors. They are of extraordinary materials like aluminium, stainless steel, brass, etc. These plates are made of two flaps: internal and external flaps, for protection purposes. Almost all in the market are anti-corrosive, fire-resistant so in case of anything, your mails are well preserved. On this page, you will explore more about them.

Things you need to know about front door letter plates

There are several varieties available in the market, and the type of door you have defines which type of letter plate you will need. Some of the most common ones you will come across include UPVC letter plate, aluminium letter plate, and stainless steel letter plate. And the vertical one is perfect for those who do not have space in the middle bar and might need their plate to be positioned on one of the stiles on the front doors. The internal letterbox plate has a swing-style design, and it’s an ideal type for any door. These, together with many more, are all available at Whether you are looking to change the letterbox plate on your current door or looking for one to add to your new home, you will never miss your best of best.

Victorian letter plate and successors

The letter plate (Victorian letter plate) was introduced back in the 1850s by Alber Potts. Those letterbox plates were of only wood and iron, which were light and could easily be stolen. Later they were substituted with cast iron which was somehow heavier to carry around. These wonderful gears would be fitted in Britain houses during those epochs inform of a guileless hole enclosed with a flap. Later the flaps were fitted with springs that prevented them from banging in the wind. Later the materials for making letterboxes were improved to stainless steel metal, aluminium, brass, etc. Today, letterboxes available in the market are excellent, with remarkable designs for contemporary homes.

Modern styles like stainless steel & brass letterbox

You should go for a good quality letter plate that can withstand exposure to bad weather and elements. Today, there is a huge variety to choose from, ranging from stainless steel to chrome, nickel, brass, and more. You might also want it to complement the door finish. Are you looking to buy a letter plate online in UAE? If so, you are in the right place! has stores that offer quality, affordable, and the best letter plate in the market. These letterboxes plates have been scrutinized based on their quality, level of security, elegance, durability, and material to give you the best. Irrespective of your taste, has it all.

Internal letter plates

Whether you are hunting for brand new or replacement plates, has the solution! Aiming to satiate even the sophisticated ultimatum, we offer an appropriate letterbox plate to make your door look perfect. Whichever plates you choose will promptly improve safety within your residence. At, both internal and external plates are available. With an internal letter plate preventing any intruders from eagle-eyeing your letterbox. So whichever design, shape, style, colour you are hunting for, the finest selections await you here on our product search engine. Most of the varieties of internal letterboxes are of aluminium, gold, etc., so it’s upon you to pick the one which complements your home décor. It’s not too late. Grab the opportunity and get your perfect choice with just a click of a button!

Tips on how to buy Letter Plates

Shopping for the right letterbox plate for your home is easy. All you have to do is decide on the materials you wish to have for your plates. Next, decide on the size of the letterbox. However, you need to keep in mind that the letterbox and plates need to match the look and colour of your other external door furniture. Else, it will give a dull look to your home exterior. However, you will come across with vast collection of letterbox plates while you seek to buy letter plates online in the UAE. But proper tips are needed for you to refer while shopping for the same online. Thus, we have already listed some of the essential tips below to make your shopping journey hassle-free. So, checkout!

  • Consider the size – Pick the most appropriate size based on the volume of mails you are likely to get. If you are likely to receive parcels galore or mails from your family and friends, you need to consider a huge size letterbox. With the right size letterbox, your mail will be safely preserved. But if you are most likely to receive a smaller mail range, then a small-sized letterbox is ideal for you.
  • Pick the style – This is an important factor to consider because it’s upon you to choose a style that can complement your door, giving your home a fashionable look. Some letter plates have black, white, grey glazes for a contemporary look. Some feature a maximum of flaps attached to the spring, while others are draft excluders for a fresh look. If you prefer stainless steel, there are also options for you.
  • Select the types – If you have kids who are most likely to play with your mail, you should consider wall mounting. This is important because of added privacy. Either choose a standard box or a full-sized letterbox. For a standard letterbox, think about how it transforms the look of your door.
  • Go for product comparison – If you aren’t a regular online buyer, you must compare the costs of analogous products in different online stores. It’s undeniably you will encounter some great deals which you can take advantage of but be careful not to be lured into buying an unstandardized product. You will treasure some products offered cheaper in some online stores through price comparison but expensive in other stores.
  • Check the customer evaluation – This is one of the perfect ways of guaranteeing a quality product. Remember, customers’ recommendations are always factual, and that is the only way you can directly picture the product to buy.

Having discovered some of the tips for selecting the best ones online, you can now begin shopping along with us. We are the best shopping search engine with 500+ brands & shops allied with us. Thus, you browse through the mind-boggling collection of DIY products with the best affordable price in the market. Not only that! You enjoy exciting offers & deals every festive season.

Question & Answer

How to install a letter plate?

Many doors come with it, and that’s why many people have letter plates without an idea of installation. If the external door you just bought doesn’t have a pre-install letter, you are free to buy one for yourself. If you are looking to install a brand new letterbox or replace your old one, here are the steps of installing them. Before beginning the task, make sure you have all the necessities at hand. Begin by marking the position you want your letterbox to sit. Draw lines joining the marked point, then position the letter plate against the door. Proceed by creating a hole by a drill through the door on each marked corner. Then proceed by screwing your letterbox on the door. Then finalise by inserting a draft excluder, and you are ready to go!

What is a sleeved letter plate?

It is a trendy, modifiable telescopic mailbox that can be used for all purposes. Its assemblage has an indistinguishable appearance thus no need for a supplementary in-house letter tidy. It comes in two fragments which, when put together, result in the formation of a tunnel. It lengthens inner sheaths to allow adjunct to a multiplicity of door width. This amazing letterbox suits doors of thickness ranging from 30 up to 75mm. Being a fire-rated letterbox, you need a puffy pack too. If you are looking for a letterbox that you can install both in your business or home, a sleeved letter plate can be your option.

Which letter plate is best for my door?

Are you looking for the best one to add to your home or business? If so, we got you covered. Here on, we have a fine selection that is best at augmenting the overall look of your home or any other place. So, whenever you are looking to buy letter plates, look no further. All your favourites are available for you. If you are looking to add elegance to your home-based property, a brass letter plate is an ideal choice for you. And if you are looking for the best letter plates for your wooden door, then a chrome letter plate is a nice one. Chrome letter plates are durable and can complement your decor.

Where to buy letter plates online in the UAE?

If you are looking for the best one online in the UAE, then look no further as you have already arrived at the right place. At, you can find more than 500 reliable online stores that sell products at affordable prices. If you have budget restrictions, you can also compare the prices to find a pocket-friendly one. Whether you are in search of stainless steel, chrome, or brass, you can find many options here. So, go ahead before you miss the latest collection. If you are looking to make an impression on your guest, then letter plates are a way to go. You can get all varieties from a letter plate for a glass or a wooden door. So, don’t wait any longer and start shopping at Check out a range of choices on door accessories from more than 500 online brands and shops here!

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