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About Door Stops

Doors are one of the main components of a house as they act as barriers against unauthorised entry. However, a few doors may also be present at your home only for aesthetical purposes. The door frames connected to the wall hold the doors in place. And since doors maintain privacy and safety when closed, it is vital to ensure their durability by installing a door stopper. You cannot expect these stoppers to offer decorative impacts like rosettes and handles. However, they are key players in offering adequate protection to the walls and doors.

A door stopper is a device that connects to the floor or the wall to close or hold the door open. It can be a small bracket or 90° piece of metal on a door frame to prevent it from swinging. This product is vital in converting a door to a single direction. The majority of the garage door stoppers are metal, brass, or cast iron products. The self-adhesive door stop is an essential component of a house as they help prevent damage to the walls and maintain their purpose as expected. An adjustable door stop averts doors from swinging when opened, maintaining their durability.

Things you need to know about door stoppers

Door stoppers become popular among Europeans in the early 19th century. The devices have a major impact in France and Victorian England. Europeans invented them to maintain the doors opening for the free circulation of fresh air and impede the doors from being blown shut. Initially, stoppers were stones and wedges of wood before the emergence of contemporary devices. At the end of the 19th century, people had begun manufacturing door stoppers of diverse designs, comprised of shapes of figures, animals, famous personalities, and flowers. Following the end of the Civil War, door stoppers’ became popular in the United States and other nations.

Advantages of door stopper

A door stopper is an important component of the house as it impedes the handle on a hinged door from damaging the wall. A stopper hinders the fixtures from coming into contact with paintwork. When one opens the door, it controls the force and decreases the impact before the handle reaches the wall. Stoppers can absorb the force with the help of a spring or rubber padding. Rubber door stoppers on the rear end of a door are perfect placements. A magnetic door stop is useful for glass doors that are highly prone to cracking. Door stoppers have the aptitude to prevent doors from closing accidentally.

Uses of door stoppers

Door stoppers offer residential or commercial applications. Wall-mounted door stops, including hinges and fixed stoppers, are suitable for home use. Hinge-based stoppers do not require drilling the walls when installing them, thus maintaining a room’s aesthetic value. Notably, the majority of commercial doors are heavy-duty for security purposes. In this case, one should install fixed stoppers as permanent wall mounting. The fixed door stoppers keep the doors from swinging too widely, which may interfere with clients’ entry into business premises. Whether a door stopper for sale online in UAE is for commercial or domestic purposes, one should ensure that the installation mode is easy and inexpensive.

Types of door stoppers

The primary factor that causes variance between door stoppers is their different mounting placements. Some door stops occur behind the door, on the baseboard, while others are on the wall to control an opened door’s impact. The type and form of installation of a doorstop depend on one’s tastes and needs. The door stopper for the glass door has floor mounting to spread the point of impact, minimising shock following a glass door opening. Floor stoppers control the door opening to protect the immediate wall or decoration from the impact of a door handle or edge. On the other hand, wall stops hinder the door from reaching the stopping point when opened. Overhead stoppers encompass metal arms fixed on the door frame.

Tips on how to buy Door Stoppers

Though door stoppers are simple gadgets that are easily installed on a door, there are diverse factors that one should consider when making purchases. It is critical to understand the location in which a door stopper will be installed. Moreover, one should assess the durability and desirability of the item to fulfil one’s desires. The following aspects are essential to consider when selecting a door stopper from the market’s wide varieties.

  • Cost – The best magnetic door stopper price is based on the product’s design and the manufacturing materials. Though patio doorstop with unique designs is sold at a higher price, always consider items within your budget.
  • Desirability – Door stoppers are available in different designs, and the choice of an individual is based on personal preferences. Some of the door stoppers register great craftmanship, high sculptural quality, and unique folk art.
  • Rarity – Different factors contribute to the rarity of a door stopper. For instance, the lack of market and the high price for door stoppers in the 1700s fostered the low production rate. In this regard, one should select a door stopper with popular designs to ensure its availability when one needs a replacement.
  • Condition – Always consider purchasing a door stopper in good condition since it increases the probability of retaining and augmenting its value over time. For a door stopper to effectively hold the door, it requires some weight. As such, one should ensure that the door stopper IKEA is not only made of durable materials, but the materials add to its bulkiness.
  • Company reputation – To attain the best security door stopper, always consider the reputation of the retailer. One may find important information concerning a company from online platforms in customer reviews and the product quality check rating.

Doors are an important component of a home as they project a sense of security, offers an aesthetic value, and depict one’s personality and style. The use of door stoppers began in the 1700s, ensuing the rising butt, which automatically closed doors. Door stoppers are essential in protecting the walls from damage when a door is opened. A stopper increases the door’s durability as it is unavoidable to open and close a door recurrently. There are different types of door stoppers, and their design is based on the place of installation. One may opt to install floor, wall, or overhead door stoppers, which serves to control a door’s movement. To avert damage to the walls and eradicate expenses that could be incurred replacing a door, one should invest in a high-quality door stopper of the desired design.

Question & Answer

Where to buy a door stopper online in UAE?

One may buy a door stopper online in the UAE  under the DIY section of This is an e-commerce website that offers a wide range of door stoppers both locally and globally. A cheap cast iron door stopper is available on the online platform in different colours and designs. Customers may consider acquiring the best security door stopper from popular brands available on our platform. To begin your shopping, you can explore Godrej, Dorfit, Hettich, Dorma, and many others.

How to install a door stopper?

Installing a door stopper is easy and inexpensive as the process does not necessitate exceptional skills. One should consider installing a stopper in all doors in a building to prevent damage to the walls. Firstly, you should decide on the type of doorstop you desire for your doors. It is essential to close the door when installing a door stopper. A flat-head screwdriver is used to pry the hinge pin out of the top hinge. The screwdriver is placed under the flared top to force out the pin. One should then fix the hinge pin through the ring of the doorstop using a hammer. The door stopper should then be adjusted to allow the required opening distance.

What is a hydraulic door stopper?

A hydraulic door stopper is a mechanical device made to aid the door to close gradually and firmly enough to latch. These types of stoppers use hydraulic fluid to exert spring tension on a door. For instance, when a person opens the door, the hydraulic fluid is transmitted from one reservoir to another. Moreover, when the spring pushes the door, the hydraulic fluid proceeds back to the initial reservoir. Several valves are also installed to control the speed of the door. Hydraulic control valves are sold in different configurations. Some are designed to foster delayed action in which the door remains open for longer periods for people with disabilities.

What is the best door stopper?

The best type of door stopper is associated with different factors. For instance, a door stopper’s durability should be a buyer’s priority when visiting a store. The robustness of door stoppers is defined by the construction materials used. The majority of door stops are made from brass, copper, and metal. The best door stopper should enhance a home’s security by ensuring the door remains closed when not in use. The door stopper should serve the purpose of improving the aesthetic value of a room. Therefore, the best door stopper should register high performance for an extended period without requiring replacements or repairs.

Which door stopper shall I use?

Door stoppers are available in diverse designs, and the choice of an individual is based on personal preferences. To select the best door stopper, one should understand its intended purpose. Door stoppers are mainly installed to control the movement of a door. Moreover, one may purchase a door stopper to protect the walls from damage caused by repeated slamming of the door. The best door stopper should be easily available at an affordable rate. A cheap door stopper may be acquired from online sites or visiting a physical store. In this regard, the door stoppers a person opts to purchase should have the aptitude to satisfy the needs and compliment an individual’s taste. Explore our product search engine and choose from the best door accessories available.