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About Door Handles

Door handles are around since Neolithic times. And the latching and locking mechanism has existed for about the same time. However, it was since the Egyptian civilisation since the key-operated door handles existed around.

A door handle or doorknob is a mechanical device used to close and open a door. These devices are not a part of all types and sizes of doors. You can easily find them in residential or commercial buildings, inside and outer doors. Keeping in mind the versatility of use, these locks are available in many shapes, finish, material, styles, sizes and designs. In the meantime, a large number of commercial level door locks come with latching and other types of locking mechanisms. These locks are manufactured to fit standardised door locking or latching mechanism.

Common types of the door handle

From unique types of kitchen, door handles to specially designed glass door handles; there are different types available in the market now. This variety varies based on how they are used and what is they look and feel. Choosing a door lock is a simple task until you end up investing in the wrong one and wasting your money forever. While it is simple to pick an item from the shelf, there are some serious considerations that most people have no idea about. As the aesthetics and usability of each type are necessary for their own ways it is essential to choose the correct type.

The lever latch

These are among the most unadorned door handles available in the market. A latch keeps the door shut well besides allowing the user to release the latch and open the door. This type usually has an elongated handle. You can just push the handle down to operate the latch mechanism inside. Whereas some doorknobs also work on the same system. These handles are common in offices and homes. Due to the level latch, they generally have no locking system incorporated. For the same reason, these handles are ideal for inner doors or where no security or privacy is a need.

The level lock

This handle is quite similar to the previously mentioned but contains a locking mechanism in it. The parts of this lock are identical to the previously mentioned. The only difference is that the lever locks have a keyhole for a motorised plate beneath the lever. With this lock, the door can be opened freely when unlocked or securely closed when keyed in. It allows for a built-in locking mechanism while keeping the design and parts simple.This design is ideal for the interior and best for places where you need security.  

Pull door handles and electronic locks

These are the one that does not have any type of built-in securing or locking mechanism. Here you do not need any latches or any kind of latch strikes. These handles are ideal for doors that are simply designed to open and shut. They come either as passage handles that can typically be seen in hallways or closets. Or in kitchen handles where they are often used for pulling doors for easy access.  These are the simplest ones and can be made of wood, acrylic plastic, or metal. At the same time, electronic locks are much different from a door handle and come with a highly complicated mechanism to protect doors (generally outer).

The lever privacy handles

These handles are functionally similar to the level bathroom style. They come with a locking mechanism that is built to handle and turn the snib on the handle to lock the door. These locks can be unlocked from outside using a key. In most models, these locks have no built-in plates. These handles are ideal for interiors like bedrooms as they provide both privacy and security. Only the key holder can have access to a locked room from outside if these locks are installed. But in some cases, it is also used as an exterior lock even though the security provided is limited and not much reliable.

Tips on how to buy Door Handle online in the UAE

When it comes to buying door handle for sale online in the UAE, there is a lot to consider else than the colour and finish. Besides figuring the type, you have several important factors to consider. But before we head towards discussing those factors, let’s speak about the core of a door handle. Above any other features, your door handle must serve its core function – the security of your property. A door with the best features and look that lack offering safety and stopping intruders is of no use at all. And when you head to purchase a lock that can provide you with safety, here are some elements that can be of greater importance.

  • The cost – Generally handles range from $5 and can go up to $ 500 or even more. The rule of the price is simple, the higher the level of security a doorknob offers, the higher will be the cost. So, consider your budget range before you head to look for a product online.
  • The locking mechanism – Modern door handles come with different locking mechanisms. They can be keyed or keyless.  For exterior doors, you can opt for advanced types, but for the inside of the house, the locking mechanism does not matter. Instead, it is all about your personal preferences.
  • The measurements – If you are replacing the knob with an old one, it is important to make all the needed measurements before heading for a purchase. These include measuring the back-set, cross bore, and the thickness of the door. Check for the knob according to this size.
  • The ease of installation – Are you going to install the knob on your own? If it is so, you should pay attention to the installation method of the handle you are buying. Online reviews on a product can be of great help to you in this regard.
  • The ease of use – For the most part, the door handles do not pose an issue in use. But there are always exceptions. For instance, the elderly or people with arthritis struggle more to turn the handle. You can consider such limitations and look for recommended items to buy.
  • The aesthetics of the handle – In the end, you might want to consider how the looks like. Besides functions, these handles have a variety in shape, style, colour and finish. Hence you can easily make a choice for the handle that can match your door colour, style and other accessories around.

At times when you need to read and understand the door handles before heading for a purchase, many questions are answered in the product description section. It is thus recommended to read the product description section to have an idea about the size, make, model and other features of the product. For more surety, you can also go to the customer review section to know more about the performance of the product.

Question & Answer

What is a split spindle door handle?

A split spindle door handle is a unique design that replaces the solid spindle and allows the external handle to operate the lock mechanism with a cylinder key only. The inside of the handle can be used as normal for easy and quick exist. These handles are available in a variety of lengths to fit both Timber/ composite and PVC applications. Moreover, these handles are highly corrosion resistant and offer a long-time smooth performance.

Which door handle is best for domestic use?

An ideal door handle for your home is the one that matches the door styles and finishes, and all other types of door accessories installed. Also, the handle should be durable, corrosion-resistant and must also come at cheaper rates to meet your budget requirements. Some of the best-selling items that you can buy online are Kwikset Lido Half-Dummy, Honeywell Straight, Decor Living Athena Collection, Kwikset Pismo. You can also look for products like Schlage accent, Dynasty hardware vail, Probrico wholesale, Avalon 0530, and Emtek select.

Why are door handles made of brass?

Most of the door handles are made of brass; it is naturally self-disinfecting. Moreover, brass effectively sterilised the bacteria from every hand that turns the knob. Another reason for the popularity of brass is its high corrosion resistance and durability. This is one primary reason why brass handles are a highly popular item for outer doors. In the end, with all these properties, the brass door handles are still a cost-effective option that can last longer than any other handle material we can find in the market.

Where can I buy door handle online in the UAE?

Door handles are a considerable investment, and if you are successful in investing in a genuine quality product, it will last with you for years to come. Therefore, we will recommend you explore a reliable product search engine to find best-selling items online. At you can find more than 500 brands selling a wide range of door closers online in the UAE. Some brands that you can buy here are Ikea, Baldwin, Hafele, Andersen, Godrej, Yale, Milano, and Dorit.

At, you can also use the price comparison tool to find perfect budget products from top global shops. Explore the most comprehensive product search engine to find a variety of DIY including door accessories for all your domestic and commercial needs.