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Some concepts of architecture and interior design can seem confusing if you are not familiar with them. They are filled with terms and objects that sound strange to laymen. Escutcheons, or keyhole covers, are among them.

The word “Escutcheons” has its origins in the Latin language. In Latin, it meant a shield similar to that which guards objects and the ones that soldiers used to carry to the battlefields. But today, these words mean a decorative metal covering around the keyhole of door locks. They have been around for hundreds and thousands of years. This is an item of ironmongery that these days is essential in every home. Read this article to know more about keyhole covers. Having a better understanding of them helps you make better choices when you are shopping for them.

Different types of keyhole cover

It is no wonder that a decorative item will come in many shapes and designs. The rule ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ never applies to these things. People constantly try to come up with new designs and features. Therefore, shopping for them can be an overwhelming experience. But all of them can be broadly classified into four groups: Euro keyhole plates, standard keyhole plates, oval keyhole plates, and antique keyhole plates. This article will tell you everything you need to know about them and will also give you a few tips that you can use to find the right type of keyhole covers.

Euro escutcheons

These are keyhole covers for locks with euro cylinders. Most locks that provide high security, generally, use euro cylinders. The most recognisable features of these locks are the large circle for the portion where the key enters the cylinder and a half oval below it that houses the locking mechanism. Therefore, these keyhole plates also have a similar circle and half oval appearance on the inside. But the shape on the outside can vary. Most commonly, you will find such covers in square, circular, and oval shapes. You can also find them in a wide range of finishes.

Oval keyhole cover

Oval profile keyhole plates are, probably, the most minimalist type of all keyhole covers out there. Evidently, these covers come in oval shape inside cutouts. More often than not, the outside shape is also oval. However, as it lacks any complex shape in the design, you can also use them with other types of cylinders. All of them are of the same shape doesn’t mean there doesn’t exist any variety. You can find them in a lot of different finishes, including stainless steel, copper, bronze, and chrome. Choose one that suits the best with your door.

Standard escutcheons

As the name says it, these keyhole plates are designed for standard deadlocks or sash locks. Not all deadlocks and sash locks come with keyholes of the same. Because of that, it is common to find standard escutcheons in a wide variety of shapes. It can be a regular oval cover, antique keyhole-shaped ones, or anything else. There are also two-piece covers and single piece covers. Two-piece covers are more modern and have a ring-shaped cover that can hide the screws. In the case of single piece covers, the screws will be visible.

Antique keyhole covers

Standard keyhole plates are pretty basic. They are only there to hide the ugliness of an exposed locking cylinder. But if you want a keyhole with elaborate decorations, then you can always get an antique keyhole cover for your door lock. Antique escutcheons are far from being simple like a regular escutcheon. They are usually much larger in size and feature complex designs. However, they might not be suitable for all kinds of doors and all kinds of locks. You have to make sure that the overall aesthetics of the room, the door, and the lock is fit for antique covers.

Tips on how to buy Keyhole Covers

Finding the right keyhole plate for your door might be harder than you think. As there are thousands of options out there, it is really hard to choose one out of them. Moreover, this makes it easy to make mistakes when you choose. But how do you then find escutcheons that fit your needs and aesthetics? Well, it gets a lot easier if you know what factors you should consider when you are shopping for keyhole covers. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping.

  • Consider the shape of the cylinder – The main purpose of using keyhole covers is to cover the imperfections of the locking cylinder. For the best results, the shape of the cover should be the same as that of the cylinder. But if you can’t find one that fits exactly, then you can go with a standard cover or an oval profile cover.
  • Material – You will find escutcheons in a variety of different materials. There are copper escutcheons, stainless steel escutcheons, aluminium escutcheons, and bronze escutcheons. The price of the escutcheons depends not only on the design but on the material as well.
  • Finish – If you want to perfect the look of your door lock using keyhole covers, then it’s essential to install one that matches the finish of the rest of the lock. If you are not able to find the exact match, then you should at least use a cover that complements the finish of the lock.
  • Size and thickness – In order for the cover to completely hide the contour of the locking cylinder, the size of the cover should be similar to that of the cylinder. You don’t have to use a cover that is exactly the same size, though. But you should make sure that the cover doesn’t make it harder for you to use the lock.

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Question & Answer

How to fit the keyhole cover on the door?

Before you start the installation process, you need to have all the tools that you need. For fixing a keyhole plate, you will need a bradawl, screwdriver, and screws. Before boring the holes, place the plate over the lock and mark the positions of the screws when the plate lines up with the cylinder. Then use the bradawl to bore holes for the screws to go. The centre of these bores should be the point that you marked previously. Then place the plate in the position and use the screws to tighten it in place. Because keyhole covers come in pairs, you will have to do this on both sides of the door.

Are keyhole covers necessary?

Any door, and door locks for that reason, can work perfectly well on their own. Neither of them needs a keyhole plate to function. But the purpose of keyhole plates is not functional. It is to cover the imperfections on the locks. So, if the lock itself does not come with them, it is not necessary to get one. But the downside is that you won’t get a polished look. A keyhole plate helps you hide the locking cylinders as they are not the best-looking part of a lock. So, if you are a person who is concerned about the aesthetics of the interior, it is worth getting one.

Can keyhole plates help stop draughts?

Draughts are streams of air coming through places that air is not supposed to come through. Draughts can make it difficult to control the temperature and humidity inside a room. Gaps between doors are one of the main reasons for droughts. These include the gap between the door and floor and also the keyhole. But you can fix this easily using a keyhole plate that has an extra cover to close the keyhole. These covers are movable, and you can move them sideways when you want to insert a key inside the keyhole. So, yes, you can stop draught currents using keyhole plates.

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