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About Doorbells

A doorbell is one of the essential door accessories that alerts you about someone waiting for you at the door. You have a lot to choose from wired doorbells to wireless and now, the smart varieties. Let us explore the popular types in detail so that you can choose what’s best and appropriate for your needs.

Times are definitely changing! In the past times, if someone came to your home, they would use their knuckles to tap on the door. The sound of that would alert the occupant that someone is waiting for them at the door. Then, metallic door knockers came that saved you from banging your hand against tough doors. Years passed, and now, we have many varieties of doorbells to choose from. We have wired, and wireless doorbells that require the person to press a button and an alerting sound are produced. The best ring doorbells are also there. Smart bells are another popular variety that notifies your smartphone on the arrival of a visitor. It may even have a camera, motion sensor, and system to talk to the visitor. Read on to explore more.

Popular varieties of doorbells to choose from

Doorbells come in a wide assortment of options ranging from wired and wireless varieties to smart systems. Each works differently. All of them have the same motto of telling you about the visitor. But some may have more security and advanced features than others. For example, a simple wired or wireless bell will require the visitor to press a button. But, if you have a smart doorbell installed at your door, it will be accessible through your smartphone or other smart devices. Bells also differ based on their design, sound, material, and other factors. On this page, we will unveil some things you need to know about the popular varieties.

Wired vs wireless doorbells

As the name suggests, a wired bell includes a wiring system for which you might require professional installation. There are many times when the wiring gets complicated. It is a time-consuming process to install, maintain and repair this kind of bell. On the other hand, a wireless one is electric-powered or battery operated. As the name suggests, it does not require wiring. There are a lot of benefits to having this system. It is easy to install and maintain. The best part is that you can install it anywhere. It transmits the signals easily. Some models may even include some security features like video cameras, night vision, Wi-Fi connectivity and more. Moreover, it looks appealing and stylish. If you want to buy a wireless doorbell online in the UAE, you are in the right place.

Smart doorbell

A smart doorbell is an internet-connected doorbell responsible for notifying the owner’s smartphone or another connected electronic device of the visitor’s arrival. It activates when the person presses the button, or some models even have motion sensors that can detect the arrival. This bell may also let the owner see the visitor, talk to them, or perform other functions, depending on the model you purchased. It may come as a standalone system or can be a part of the home security system. There is a wide range of regular and security doorbells you can find in the market. However, it is important to go for the one that best suits your home and security requirements.

Popular varieties like Honeywell & Xiaomi doorbells

You can find a wide assortment of doorbells in the market. But some clearly win the heart of customers with their features. Honeywell is one of those brands that offer quality wired and wireless bells. You can choose from basic to advanced models with audio and visual capabilities. They may have different tunes, ranges, and battery life. Xiaomi is another name that is known for its smart doorbell systems. Some models even come with security features like face detection and motion detection. Similarly, you can try many other popular varieties like the Byron doorbell and Friedland doorbell.

Tips on how to buy Doorbells in Dubai

Doorbells seem to be an easy pick, but it can become an overwhelming experience for you when you actually search for one. There are countless brands and sellers present in the market that offer various features. Even within one store, you will find various functions, designs, and technology. So, how to decide? It is easy! If you keep certain factors in mind, your shopping journey will become effortless.

  • Consider volume – The main purpose of a bell is to alert you by sound or notification that some are on the door. You need to decide whether you need a bell that rings loud or the one that gives you a low sound. Your choice depends upon your preferences and the area of the house.
  • Consider the size of the home – It makes an important consideration. It will decide the range of the transmitter require. A large space will require a transmitter with a high range. On the other hand, if the area is smaller, the low range one will work.
  • Understand the technology – Doorbells come in wired, wireless, smart and many more options. You need to know which type you want. Wired and wireless options have been common so far. But now, you can go for technological options. For example, you can operate a smart doorbell with your smartphone or another connected electronic device. Moreover, you can avail yourself of features like motion detection, face detection & more.
  • Go for reliable brands – A bell is an essential door accessory that should function correctly. Else, you might miss an important guest, orders, information etc. So, it’s great to go for reliable brands only. They offer quality and tested solutions that will not put you in trouble.

If you consider the above factors, you will be able to pick the right models. So, it’s time to start your online shopping journey. Well, the best part is that you do not have to move anywhere else to begin the search. On, you can find many options. On our product search engine, you will find Wi-Fi doorbells, wired varieties, cheap ring doorbells and more offered by popular brands in the industry. Moreover, find hundreds of trusted sellers here. Also, explore other products in the DIY category. So, go ahead and enjoy your journey!

Question & Answer

What is the best video doorbell?

The best video doorbell for you will be the one that best suits your requirements. You can find them in a range of designs, features, price ranges, and brands. However, there is some feature you should look for. For example, it should offer a clear view and should have night vision capabilities. The microphone and speakers should work well so that you can have two-way communication. You can also consider a motion sensor. It will help you spot activities near the door even if the person does not ring the bell.

Where to install the doorbell?

For your bell to work effectively, you should position it properly. The positioning depends upon certain factors. Like, the height of the home, type of bell etc. However, generally, if you position it 48 inches above the ground, it should work well. This may vary as per your requirements, though. For instance, if you bring a wired bell, the position will also depend upon the power source availability. On the other hand, batter operated models will give you flexibility.

Which ring doorbell is best?

It depends a lot upon your preferences and requirements. The best ring doorbell for you will be the one that best suits your requirements. Different models may come with different features and capabilities. For example, ring video doorbell 2 gives you 1080p video with two-way audio, basic motion detection and night vision. On the other hand, ring video doorbell 3 has some improvements. Like, it will notify you about motions only for close-by subjects.

How much is a video doorbell?

Its cost depends upon the type, model, and brand you choose. It may cost you around a hundred dollars, lesser than that or even more than that. However, it is essential to keep your budget in mind. Look for the medium-cost model that satisfies most of your requirements. Not all high-cost models need to be suitable for you. Different brands rate their products differently. Some can be expensive, whereas some come up with cheap alternatives. So, compare features and prices before making any decision.

We hope that the above guide steers you toward the right purchase. Are you unsure of where to start? Well, you can stay right here. Over here, you can find a wide array of options. Moreover, you get to choose from a high amount of options offered by hundreds of trusted stores. We feature some of the best brands on our portal like Knightsbridge, Byron, Honeywell, Suntech, Terminator, and JEC. So, you will not have to compromise on the quality. Whether you want to buy a video doorbell online in the UAE or some other type of bell, you can find many options here. So, quickly go ahead and grab the best products!