10 smartwatches you thought you don't need in 2019 

25 June 2019| 9 minutes
10 smartwatches you thought you don't need in 2019 

We live in the age of smart everything—from phones to TVs, and even watches. For sure, you own a smartphone and a smart TV, but how about a smartwatch? If you've always thought you don't need this techy piece of technology since you have an analog one anyways,  think again. 

useful smartwatch can take over your life within a couple of days of using it. A lot of those who own a watch like this is sometimes unaware of the endless things it can handle, or you can sync with it. In a matter of seconds of doing this, you will look for your watch to get things done, check something or change something else. It is remarkable how a small piece of the gadget has the power to change things so drastically, and it will leave you spellbound. So, once you get your hands on one and start using it, don't stop there. You can very easily keep pushing it to get more things done, and the results will definitely leave you in awe. You can even sometimes go your phone back and consider your smartwatch to handle everything for you, which it will.  

1. Is buying a smartwatch essential?
2. Are branded smartwatches something you should be investing in?
3. Which are the best smartwatches to buy online?
4. Which are the trendiest smartwatches today? 
5. Which are the most underrated smartwatches?
6. What are the extra benefits of a smartwatch?
7. Top-selling smartwatches  to choose from  this year

Is buying a smartwatch essential?

best smartwatch with value for money online

This all depends on how involved and reliant you are on technology. A lot of times, people try to keep it old-school, especially the non-millennials, as they don't like technology to take over everything. However, in most cases, when people see how easy it is to do things when you have someone assisting you and making it so easy, they don't back out. In fact, over time, their lives are completely taken over by these gadgets, and it just leaves more time to focus on other things. So yes, this goes both ways, and it all depends on the person. However, in a hectic time like today, when there are the right resources to help you out with things, you should definitely go for it. It will make you less stressful, give you more time to spend at home and you can be at peace too.  

Are branded smartwatches something you should be investing in?

best smartwatch brands

For a lot of people, the price is a significant constraint. Therefore, going for dupes makes more sense. They feel it gives them all that a useful branded smartwatch can, for a fraction of the price. Although it seems like a good deal, and you also have people who have been using it for long say the same, there are definitely significant differences. In the other scenario, you pay for the brand, the quality, it's minute detailing, its life, and so many more things. So, even if you can go for a lower budget one but from a reliable brand, pick that instead. Technology is always about working flawlessly, without which you will start to despise it. You can also choose options such as part payment and more, but the investment will be worth every penny for sure.  

Which are the best smartwatches to buy online?

top smartwatches to buy online

Today, online shopping has made everything easy – right from fruits and grocery to medicines and smartphones, and they are so readily available online at the touch of a button. So, when you are looking for your next smartwatch too, there is no reason to look anywhere else. You can categorise as per your preferences and more and then go accordingly. Here are some of the best ones that you can pick today:  

  • The Apple Watch Series 4: The best fitness smartwatch – Boasting a sleek design and lifesaving features, this iPhone watch is the best pick for fitness junkies and health-conscious individuals. It tracks your heart rhythm, suggests an appointment with a doctor once it detects something irregular, calls the emergency services once you faint, and keeps track of your run. It has a long battery life, is a real a lifesaver and has an innovative design. However, one major con is that it is not compatible with android phones.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: The best Android smartwatch – Are you an Android user? Then this is one of the best Android smartwatches that can provide you with ultimate satisfaction.  Aside from its powerful hardware and modern design, it also water-resistant and offers blood pressure monitoring. Hence, if you are searching for a smartwatch for Android that's worthy of competing with the Series 4, then this is your best pick. It is lightweight and comfy, has intuitive UI and eye-catching design. However, it has limited app support.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch: A stylish device with long battery life – Are you searching for a Samsung smartwatch that has it all? Well, the Galaxy watch will never disappoint, as it is loaded with impressive features designed to make your life easier. Available in two sizes, it is one of those smart watches for women that screams style and statement. Plus, it comes with new fitness tracking abilities and prolonged battery life.Its major pros are it uses UI and Bezel and has long battery life. However, it cannot support any apps. 
  • The Fossil Sport: One of the top smartwatch brands in the UAE – Fossil never fails to enhance every smartwatch iteration that it rolls out. This makes Fossil Sport one of the top smartwatches taking the technology world by storm today. Among its key features include two days of battery life, lightweight design, GPS, and Snapdragon Wear 3100, which is designed to provide an enhanced experience over obsolete smartwatches. Plus, it offers a myriad of apps and faces to select from since it runs Google's Wear OS.This one is compact and lightweight, has a large app store and a striking design. However, for some, it can look and feels plasticky. 
  • Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45: The best luxury smartwatch – Do you fancy luxury stuff? Then the Connected Modular 45 is your best bet. It's a handsome-looking timepiece that simulates a traditional mechanical watch. As a premium brand that offers an array of features, it is preferable than most Apple Watch variants and is a class above its android siblings. This watch comes with an elegant design and is a premium brand. It is also costly and could cause an android wear clash.

With so many terrific choices, it has become straightforward to take the pick, hasn't it? However, just like a smartphone, you need to consider all the aspects of a smartwatch too very minutely, that will help you. Some of the inclusions you might not need, so it's pointless to pay extra for it. At the same time, you cannot find something with each feature you need, unless you have a huge budget. So, check for the best one that ticks most of your boxes and you are good to go!  

Which are the trendiest smartwatches today?  

trendy smartwatches online uae

The Skagen Falster 2 Smartwatch is a timeless and techy timepiece that will suit your taste. A Danish creation, it is powered by Google's Wear OS, which comprises weather, world time, activity tracking, smartphone notifications, Google Assistant, and more. Plus, it's battery-efficient so that you can enjoy up to 24 hours of use on just one charge. You can also customise your look with the interchangeable straps. Meanwhile, the Huawei Watch GT is one of the best smartwatches with a heart rate monitor and GPS. The GT is your best pick in this regard. It's mainly designed to keep tabs on your exercises and lifestyle. Moreover, it boasts a prolonged battery life that can last approximately 30 days. However, its faces can neither be personalised, nor its third-party apps can be run. This one comes with a good battery life and high-resolution screen.  

Which are the most underrated smartwatches?

buy smartwatch online

The Emporio Armani ART5003 is a well-made smartwatch for discerning usersGoing for this brand is a great decision, as it combines the powerhouse capabilities and high-end design of android and Fossil. In fact, it has managed to fit decent specifications into a slimline body. Hence, every penny you spend on this device is worth it because it's well made from the aesthetics to the software. This fantastic smartwatch has a luxuriously designed metal case and comes with a travel case too. Some people might find its leather strap weird looking. Also, the Huawei Watch 2 is a comfy and handy smartwatch for on-the-go usersThough this watch's design pales in comparison to the GT, it comes with a bright screen, and everything runs speedily. You will also love its necessary sensors that track swimming, cycling, and running. Not to mention, it's super comfortable to wear. This one is ultra-comfortable.  

What are the extra benefits of a smartwatch?

smartwatch features

useful smartwatch will help keep track of your health. The hustle and bustle of daily life can sometimes take a toll on our health. The beauty of having a smartwatch is that it functions as a workout reminder. What's more, it monitors your calorie intakes, diet, weight, the distance at which you walk and jog, and most importantly, your heart rate. Using accurate information, this device enables you to reach your fitness goals well. You can also enjoy more security. Aside from being just a fashionable gear, a smartwatch is also designed to boost your security. It features GPS tracking that enables you to avoid getting lost on the road and monitor your kids outside your presence.With a smartwatch, it is easy to get notified even when not looking at your phone. So, it is a faster and more convenient way of getting informed.  

Top-selling smartwatches  to choose from  this year

best selling smartwatch

Now that you already know the reasons to invest in a smartwatch, it's time to explore the best models available in the market today. We'll check out each of their upsides and downsides to ensure that you'll make the right buying decision. These are just some of the top smartwatch picks for you this year. If you're searching for cheap and the best smartwatches in the UAEseveral online stores can cater to your needs. Further, our top online picks are Samsung Galaxy WatchApple Watch Series 5Merlin GSM Watch Phone M60 and the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier SmartwatchSo, what are you waiting for? Explore them all today! 

Here on, you can explore the vast array of selections and deals from multiple online stores, including Virgin Megastore, JumboMenakart, and many more. Whatever you're searching for, this product search engine has got you covered from A to Z! 


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