10 Best PS4 and Xbox One games to play before you die 

20 June 2019| 7 minutes
10 Best PS4 and Xbox One games to play before you die 

Computer games have come a long way since the days of Pac-Man, Duck Hunt, and Mario. Nowadays, the advanced capabilities of PS4 games and Xbox one games are truly impressive and addicting. No wonder, these games have been getting global attention since their release.   

If you have never played any game on PS4 or Xbox before, then now is the time to experience the kind of excitement they offer. Life is short for dull moments and a mundane lifestyle. Hence, we'll explore below the top games that suit your personality and can take your adrenaline rush to the next level. The PlayStation4 is a pretty strong console. It is arguably the greatest achievement of Sony to date. Well, just until the PS5 arrives! Whether you are playing on an advanced PS4 Pro or the original one, you’ll need a remarkable collection of the best PS4 games.  However, what is the best ps4 game in the town right now and what new games are out for PS4? Keep reading to find out. So, without further ado, here are the best PS4 games list that can make your life more exciting.

1. Top five PS4 and Xbox sports games
2. Top five Best Battle Royale adventure PS4 and Xbox games  
3. Buy PS4 and Xbox one games online 

Top five PS4 and Xbox sports games you should try playing now

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There is a limit to how much sports you can play outdoors. After a few hours, you get exhausted and want to get some rest. But not if you are playing sports on the console. Some people complain that people are playing virtual sports instead of real sports. But that is not entirely true. Sports games only compliment real sports. Furthermore, they let you try your gaming skills on world-class players. And unlike other games, you don't easily get bored with sports games. There are infinitely many ways you can play sports games. Here is a list of the best rated Xbox One and PS4 games. 

  • MLB The Show 20 MLB is not a new game franchise. But the SHOW twenty is a recent addition to the Xbox and PS4 games list. This is probably the most popular baseball game out there. You can play a whole season of baseball in these games. Apart from that, there are options to create custom tournaments and single matches. Huge variety and size of content and smooth gameplay puts it ahead of other baseball games. 
  • Rocket league - Even though this is not a realistic sports game, it has millions of hardcore fans. In fact, it is a cross between monster trucks and soccer. As you can imagine, it is not easy to shoot the ball in the direction you want like you would do in a regular soccer game like FIFA. Having a fast truck in this game is a significant advantage over other players. 
  • Gran Turismo Sport - This is an online-only race game. While it might be a dealbreaker for many people, the online focus has helped the game to push its boundaries. As there are millions of racers in the game, the races are highly competitive and follow real-life etiquettes. The game graphics are also pretty realistic. You might not be able to tell a car from the game apart from a real car. The only giveaway will be the crowd that looks like cardboard cut-outs. 
  • NBA 2K20 - Basketball is a sport that has followers all over the world. That itself is the primary reason for the popularity of NBA games. In the latest edition of the NBA, the gameplay and graphics are better than ever. The on-court action has improved a lot from the previous iteration of the game. And it has all the players and teams in the NBA like it always had. Many people will find the ubiquity of microtransactions in the game a bit annoying. 
  • eFootball PES 2020 - PES is not the official game of the football association. But it still has an extensive player base thanks to its strategic gameplay. The graphics might feel like a notch below that of EA’s FIFA, but PES will give you the most satisfying soccer game feel. And it is probably the best Xbox one game of all time. 

Yes, it is true that adrenaline levels when you play outside and play video games don't match. But that doesn't take away the fun and challenges of playing PS4 games and Xbox one games. The feeling that you get when you are playing video games against ruthless opponents can be testy and emotional. Moreover, you can use video games to find out different ways to win real-life games and formulate new strategies. And no lockdowns will prevent you from playing games on your console. 

Top five Best Battle Royale adventure PS4 and Xbox games

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Battle Royale games only came into existence in 2017. But within a few months, the genre has taken over the gaming world. The major attraction of such games is that dozens of players can battle each other at the same time. Interestingly, one does not need the latest and greatest hardware to play it. Much of the rendering is taken care of by cloud-based servers. The gameplay is also pretty simple. The player or the team has to be the last one standing at the end of the game to win. But different Battle Royale games differ in the game design and pace. 

  • Fortnite Battle Royale - Fortnite Battle Royale was released in 2017 and has seen a meteoric rise since then. Even after the release of other game titles in this genre, Fortnite has remained in the first spot. The notable selling point of this game is that it is a PS4 game for kids despite the battle theme. It doesn't show blood, and the kills do not look gory.  Frequent content updates keep the gaming experience fresh. Graphics are impeccable. But still, this is not the most realistic battle royale game out there.
  • Apex Legends: Titanfall - In theory, this game is just like any other battle royale game. But there are many small differences that make it popular among gamers. The game revolves around a fictional place called Titanfall universe. This is where the gameplay happens. The begins when you drop on to a map from futuristic-looking warplanes. Then you have to search the map and gather weapons to fight. One feature it has is unique. Unlike every other game, you can respawn your teammate who was killed earlier in a match. Smooth gameplay and snappy graphics are other factors for the game’s success.
  • Call of Duty: Warzone - Call of Duty is not a new name in the list of battle games. But they were late to come up with a battle royale title. Nonetheless, it seems like the effort they put into the game development has paid off. It has fifty million active players across the world. This number is even more amazing when you consider the fact that it took only a few months. Call of Duty Warzone is for people who like superfast and high energy gameplay.
  • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds - This is the title that led to the popularity of the battle royale games. There aren't a lot of fancy features in this game, nor does it have a fast gameplay. But when it comes to realistic weapons and firefights, there is no one else that can rival it. For that reason, this is a pretty slow game. Players have to think and form strategies to become the last one standing. There are plenty of places where you can hide and wait for the enemy to appear to ambush. Still, there are a couple of things this otherwise perfect game fails — the presences of hackers and slow response time.

Battle Royale games are a great way to put your gaming skill to test. Unlike other battle games, it is real players that are coming at you instead of bots. This results in fierce and gritty fights. You will feel the tension building up as the game progresses and the circle shrinks. The shrinking circle forces the players to meet at the centre, and the game almost always ends with a final showdown. Usually, one game can last anywhere between fifteen and thirty minutes. 

Buy PS4 and Xbox one games online

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Now that you know all the major PS4 games and Xbox one games, which one is it going to be? Will you be going for the PlayStation or is it the Xbox One games that tickle your fancy?  Check out Jumbo Electronics, Menakart, and more to explore and buy some of the best PS4 games. Here on our product search engine, you can also explore upcoming PS4 games, Xbox One games for sale in the UAE, and the best Xbox 360 games of all time. What's more, you can buy here the most exciting PS3 games online in Dubai at amazing prices!     



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