Are your Nike shoes fake or genuine? Let's find out

20 June 2019| 10 minutes
Are your Nike shoes fake or genuine? Let's find out

The fascination with sports shoes, running shoes, and sneakers never seem to fade out. Everyone from celebs, endorsers, to our friends gleam with pride when a new pair gets added to their collection. One of the reasons for this is their sheer versatility, which means different things to different people. For some, it's a motivation for fitness; for others, it's a style statement; while for someone else, it's a closet essential. No matter the reason, these shoes are always an indispensable part of one's wardrobe. Whether it's your first time or hundredth time to purchase Nike footwear, we don't want you to be a victim of fakes. 

There's no doubt that Nike shoes dominate the world. These include Nike sneakers, which are a leading choice among sneaker freaks and the iconic Nike Air Max Shoes, which are inspired by Japan's superfast bullet trains. Apart from these, various Nike running shoes for men and Nike shoes for women are also a favourite choice among shopaholics who greatly value style, quality, and comfort.  Through the years, Nike has stayed on top of the game, even with strong competitors around. Well, thanks to the loyalty of brand-conscious clients who are die-hard fans of their premium quality products. However, unfortunately, today's market is widely bombarded with replicas of popular Nike shoes. In fact, sometimes, the fake ones are so brilliantly designed that you won't even have a slight idea of whether your new Nike shoes are original or not. 

1. Why is it so important to buy original shoes?
2. Is it necessary to use original and branded shoes for kids?
3. Tricks to find out if your shoes are original
4. How to buy the best Nike shoes online?
5. Which are the best Nike shoes for running?
6. What are the best Nike shoes to buy online in 2020?
7. Buying Nike shoes online in the UAE

Why is it so important to buy original shoes?

original nike shoes for sale

Shoes cater to your feet, the most important vehicle for your body. With aching or uncomfortable feet, you cannot go about doing your work or everyday chores with ease. It's a constant distraction which won't go away unless you change into something comfortable. Long term usage can also result in foot sores, wounds and other complications if you don't attend to it on time. Hence, making sure you buy originals is critical – they are designed perfectly for a good grip and the highest comfort level. Choose the right size and style that works for you, and you will end up using the pair for years to come. You can never compare a replica to the level of comfort an original will provide you. Hence, it is essential to buy only authentic shoes, although they cost more since your health much depends on it. 

Is it necessary to use original and branded shoes for kids?

original sneakers for kids

Kids keep growing, and this is one of the reasons why most parents go with just about any shoes they can get their hands on. The concept of wasting money on something that will not last them long is prevalent but not right. Growing feet need the most amount of comfort, as the size is continually changing and developing too. If you choose something substandard, these changes will make your child very uncomfortable and worse is they won't know it's happening to them. This can lead them to be in a bad mood, be painful and not enjoy their days. So, although they will end up using the pair for little time, going with the best brand you can afford is vital. Also, pick the right size and not two or three sizes up. You will see that it's well worth the investment.  

Tricks to find out if your shoes are original

buy nike shoes online uae

There are so many reasons why you should not be wearing fakes – they are uncomfortable, bad for your health, destroy your style game and more. However, sometimes you might be sold something that isn't original without your knowledge, and you still pay a reasonable price for it, making the deal so much worst. With new technology and craftsmanship, it is becoming more and more difficult to understand how to figure out the original from the fake. However, there are always some key points that distinguish them. Here they are:  

  • Check the soles- Nike shoes are made of rubber to offer a comfortable grip, while most imitators usually use plastic. Bend the shoes to check their flexibility. Keep mind that a flexible pair is genuine. You should try it out and walk a little to understand it better. If you have been using originals in the past, understanding the difference is easy. If not, take someone along who would be able to help you.
  • Read the SKU number- An exact pair will always come with the SKU (Stock Keeping Number) on the box and printed on the shoes. So, how do you spot the fake one? If the two numbers don't match, then that's the red flag. You can also read up online about the SKU number, so you know a few things to watch out for. Ask the seller or owner some questions and see what they have to say for it.
  • The shoe box is also a clue- Always ask for the table. Fake Nikes generally won't have the brand/logo printed, and even if they do, there will be a spelling error, a missing trademark sign, or another minute glitch. It's also important to compare it with the original logo so that you won't get tricked. Check out the actual one on the website and have it on your phone, ready for comparisons. 
  • Check the stitching - Observe the stitching pattern on the shoes. They should be structured and in a single line without any over-stitching or sloppy models. A lot of fake ones will also have a poorer quality thread that you can see over the stitching. Some of it will be coming off, or if not, there will be thin and small fibres coming out of the original one. This is another thing that will give a fake pair away.
  • Browse for the original one– Nike's website will always have a picture of all its shoes so you can look up the model no. or make. While the colour may sometimes not be exactly similar to the one on the website, the make, style, design, and details should be a precise match. The fake one will also have the model number on the box, so check it online. The actual product should be a perfect match and not have any minute element missing from the design.

Due to bulk stamping, the fake logo will often have a blurred or bleeding sign while the original one will always be clear. Stamping of fake logos is ordinary while originals may be stamped or stitched.Another one is discounted shoes. Discounts are exciting, but shoes that don't come near close to their actual price may most possibly be fake. While some old stock Nike shoesmay be discounted for clearance, it is safe to avoid websites that offer unrealistic price drops.Also, the original Nike shoes will always have dimensions, logo, and "Made in" specified on the product. Fake ones will have misspelt words, incorrect sizes, or no label at all. 

How to buy the best Nike shoes online?

best nike shoes online

Firstly, understanding where to buy Nike shoes online is essential. If you're a frequent online shopper, you know that apart from the brand, some several other websites and retailers sell new Nike shoes. The great thing about them is that they offer exclusive discounts and promotions so that you can expect a happy online shopping experience. Among the most trusted and favourite retailers in the Middle East and the UAE are Sun & Sand Sports, Level Shoes, Ounass, Tryano, and many more.  

  • Understand your needs to decide which Nike shoes to buy - With the variety of choices available in online stores, it can get taxing to decide. While trending Nike shoes for men and women are the best ones to start with, feel free to opt for other colours that suit your taste. It would also be great to ask yourself the following questions: Is it for running? How often and for how long do you plan on wearing them each day? Any outfits that they should match with? What is your budget? Which is more important according to your requirements – comfort or style, or both?
  • Put together some shoe concerns – If this is not your first-time buying shoes, then this step is easy. Know the things that you want in your new pair so you can refer to that list while shopping. Finding a pair according to these specifications is easy, thanks to so many brands that now understand all that people look for in their shoes. You can also make a list of aspects that your current pair of sneakers lack and see if the new ones offer a remedy to those concerns. 
  • Research on where purchase genuine Nike shoes- Online stores are your best pick. With the vast array of choices, they offer when it comes to design, fit, and style, there is no reason to shop anywhere else. Plus, you can do it in the comfort of your home. However, don't forget to research the popular Nike shoes before making a purchase. You can also check for when they have some serious discounts, and it makes sense to wait a bit if it's around the corner.
  • Check the policies and online reviews– It's a wise decision to read through the rules and policies of the online shop of your choice, so you're not in for a surprise later. Also, check out reviews on social media and other platforms to see what other buyers have to say. It would also help to make a small purchase from any online store before going all-in for an expensive investment. Online shopping is getting easier every day with better and more comfortable policies as compared to retail shopping.

Shopping from a reliable store also means you will end up with a genuine pair and don't have to worry about that bit. There are always easy tricks that will help you distinguish between a real and fake website that also applies to its products.Make sure you take time out when you are researching and only go with something that feels very comfortable if you are new to buying shoes and sneakers, its best to try some out at your nearest store and then buy them.  

Which are the best Nike shoes for running?

best nike shoes for running

Nike Air Max shoes are excellent for running, outdoor activities, and workouts. The newer variations also offer all-day comfort, cushioned heel, external reinforcement for added support, and special toe-to-heel cushioning that can give you an experience that's better than the best. White Nike sneakers for women and black Nike sneakers are also some of the best-selling ones that you can add to your shopping list.For the best picks, search on Shops.aewhere you can find over 500 renowned brands that offer a vast and splendid selection of genuine Nike shoes. Forget the hassle of searching online for the best deals when you can have everything in one go on one super user-friendly website! 

What are the best Nike shoes to buy online in 2020?

shop nike shoes online uae

With every year, there are newer variants of Nike shoes that are launched. They are more comfortable, made with more modern technology and have so many different features to suit your comfort level. Some of the latest choices are the Air Max 270 Extreme SneakersNike Zoom Fly 3 Running SneakersNike Air Force 1 Shadow SneakersAir VaporMax Plus SneakersAir Max 95 Se SneakersNike Air Skylon II SneakersNike Men's Flex Control TR4 ShoesNike Women's Run All Day 2 ShoesNike Kids' Star Runner 2 Shoes and the Nike Men's Air Max 720 Shoes. Along with these, of course, there are several other variations that you can pick from. 

Buying Nike shoes online in the UAE

where to buy nike shoes online uae

What really helps when it comes to buying the best shoes is your comfort and sense of style. Both play an important role because they help identify what suits you the best. In the end, it should reflect on what you believe and work well as per your sense of taste and style. It is beautiful to stick to something you were always comfortable with. But make it a point to check out the latest offerings because you never know what you might find. If you are confident that a website sells original shoes, then buy from them, as you don't have to worry about this factor each time you purchase. 

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