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About Markers

Do you remember sketching with markers as a kid? Maybe you even had an excellent collection of vibrant colours. While we often associate these pens with childhood, they still come in handy today. This is especially true if you’re an artist who loves sketching. In this guide, we shall take you through the various aspects of marking pens that’ll help you to buy one confidently. So, keep scrolling!

Not long ago, these pens were traditionally a niche tool that only graphic designers and manga artists used. But over time, these pens became popular and more artists fell in for their versatility and wide range of brilliant colours. Besides, they’re also convenient, affordable, and certainly do not make a mess when compared to other pens. Apart from that, they also allow you to apply them to a range of materials. For example, you can use CD/DVD markers, whiteboard markers, and textile pens on plastic, fabric and much more. What’s not to love about these pens? Besides, it comes in an abundance of choices. Let’s have a look at some of the popular types of these makers next.

The different types of markers to choose from 

We bet, as an artist, the more the variation, the better it is. This demand has triggered an explosion in the number of marker products in the market. From highlighters to permanent markers and felt-tip pens, you’ll find different types of these pens online. However, the hardest part is wading through all the different options to figure out which one suits your needs. We understand your struggle. That’s why we’ve compiled below a few popular models that you can consider purchasing when you’re out to buy a marker set for yourself. Check out these models and their characteristics for a better understanding of the variations.

The 12-piece Copic marker set

If you’re a beginner and want a set for daily colouring, then you can never go wrong with this 12-piece set from Copic. The set comes with the most common shades for typical daily colouring. Additionally, it also has a clear case that allows you to store the refillable pens. Furthermore, the set comes with long-lasting nibs. Moreover, you can replace them when they start to fray and wear down. Above all, the set includes pens of strong and vibrant shades that work for every drawing. Besides, Copic is a trusted brand for producing the highest-quality artist marking pens.

The 80 colours dual-tip Ohuhu markers

This dual-tip pen from Ohuhu is a water-based set. Now, these pens come with inks that do not dry as fast as the others. Moreover, the colours are fairly translucent in the lighter shades. So if you wish to blend and make new colours, then you can blindly pick this set. They’ll do you wonders. Additionally, the fine tip ends of the pen come in bullet shapes help you with the precision in any drawing or sketching. Also, note the set contains pens of different sizes, and some bullet tips come in large sizes. In short, they’re one of the best for both artists and novice sketchers alike.

The Artify 40-piece permanent marker set

If you’re on a lookout for the best permanent makers, then consider investing in this 40-piece set from Artify. This set comes with 40 pens, all dual tips, in a clear plastic case. The one end of the pen comes with a fine tip with which you can create fine lines. On the other end, you’ll find a broad tip in a chiselled form. In general, all the pens included in the set have an alcohol-based ink. Moreover, they’re permanent and highly fade resistant. You can also find a white marker in the collection. You can use it for blending or diluting the colours. With all this, we can confidently conclude that these are also the best waterproof permanent markers.

The Bianyo series fabric markers

The Bianyo series is great to apply on any medium, including cloth, clothing, ceramics, and paper. The set comes with 72 pens which include 71 marking pens and one blender. They’re all alcohol-based and dual-tip that allows you to draw lines of 1mm to 7mm thickness. Moreover, the ink dries fast and is waterproof. Further, it doesn’t fade much over time, which means it has high light fastness too. However, you might notice some fading if you leave your work out in the sun for a long time. But, the work stays put for decades if you store it in a cool and dry place.

Tips on how to buy Markers online

Now you know that the versatile markers aren’t just limited to the grade school art projects. Writers and artists also favour these pens for various purposes. However, their sheer variety makes it a bit difficult for you to select the best ones among the lot. Keeping a few tips like the below, handy will help you buy marker pens online in UAE effortlessly. So read on.

  • Figure out their types – You can categorise these pens based on tips and as well as ink types. When it comes to tips, you can find chiselled tips, fine tips, brush tips as well as broad tips. On the other hand, when it comes to inks, you can find the water-based as well as alcohol-based. This is primarily why it’s essential to explore their types and see which one suits your requirements before you pick one.
  • Do a bit of research – It’s a great idea to spend some time for understanding and studying the characteristics and features of marking pens. Try to know about the top manufacturers. Learn about their specs and the way you can use them. If you know a lot about the product you intend to buy, then it’ll be easier for you to segregate your ideal model from the lot.
  • Check out the tip shapes and size – The marker tips come in various shapes and sizes. As mentioned earlier, you’ll find chiselled tips, fine tips, brush tips as well as broad tips. The fine tips produce precise lines, whereas the broad ones produce thick and bold lines. Therefore, it’s best to consider what you want to draw or write to get the right tip size.
  • Look out for tip materials – Just like the size; you’ll see that the marker tips come in different materials too. One popular material utilised in marking pens includes firm, plastic. You’ll see them enclosed in a metal funnel. It uniformly dispenses ink making it suitable for detailed illustrations and writing. Further, you’ll also find fibrous tips. They’re spongy and versatile. Their cone shape allows you to use them in many ways.
  • Consider the ink types – Most of the inks are either water-based or alcohol-based. Remember, oil and alcohol-based inks tend to bleed through paper. That’s because they’re apt for glossy paper, plastic, metal, or glass. Similarly, you can also find some marking pens that ensure acid-free inks. This helps you retain the quality of your work for a very long time.
  • Explore the colour range – Considering the colour range is crucial when it comes to buying these pens. The more the colours, the more easily you can achieve tonal gradation. Alcohol-based pens offer you the most extensive colour range. Some alcohol-based products come with 358 shades! Of course, you might not need these many colours. However, it’s still better to check out your colour options.
  • Check out the light fastness – Indeed, all art media fades over time. The light, oxygen, and humidity gradually break the chemical bonds of the molecules that create colours. Now, the ability to resist this colour degradation is light fastness. If you’re creating artworks that you want to preserve for a long time, then pick markers with the lightfast or archival feature. They hold colours for decades.
  • Pick an affordable model – You’ll find alcohol-based markers more expensive than the water-based models. However, the more the price, the better the dyes, colour types, and blending. For artist quality marker, you can expect the price range anywhere between AED 10 to AED 25 per pen. However, you can also go for budget-friendly water-based models. Either way, it’s best to set aside a budget before you start exploring and purchasing them online.

When buying your marking pens, be sure to pick something that fits your deal. You do not want to be spending on something that you wouldn’t use later on. Therefore, carefully observe the various options, their features, and characteristics. It’s better to weigh the pros and cons before making the final call on your choice of pen.

Question & Answer

Are markers washable?

Using marking pens is a blast. And you can have even more fun with them if you know that they’re washable. But, remember that not all marking pens are washable. For example, the permanent marking pens, certainly do not come off when used on skin or fabric. The pigments used in the washable marking pens are usually put into a water base. This allows them to dissolve easily and separate when you expose them to water.

Which markers last the longest?

Usually, the permanent markers last the longest, that’s around three to four months. However, when it comes to the regular marking pens, the brands determine the longevity and colour fastness of the marker. If you’re on a lookout for such pens, then consider checking out various water-based and alcohol-based models from the Sharpie brand. The brand offers marking pens that last the longest.

Why are Copic markers so expensive?

Copic pens typically use a quick-drying alcohol ink with smooth, vibrant colour. Besides, they’re also one of the most versatile, highest-quality, and longest-lasting alcohol-based marking pens available out there. Additionally, as an artist, you can use them for various kinds of art and design, including fine art, graphic design, animation, illustration, animation and manga. But, remember when you’re assessing them for cost vs value, make sure to know your requirements. You can always secure cheap Copic ciao marker sets on discounts and sale.

Why are markers better than crayons?

Several factors make marking pens better than crayons. For example, when the tips of the marker pens are smooth and always on point, the crayon tips can easily become bumpy overtime. Furthermore, the pens have a much better style than crayons. Crayons tend to come with peeling wraps wound around them. Above all, you can find more shades and tones when compared with the crayons.

Where to buy marker pens online in UAE?

The surge in demand for marking pens over the years has pushed manufacturers to create several options. And hence, you can find distinct types of these pens online. However, purchasing from a reliable and hassle-free web portal is vital to secure the best sets. Well, check out if you want to experience a convenient and pain-free marker shopping. This product search engine brings to you pens from brands like Crayola, Edding, Tombow, Artline, Staedtler, Bic, Molotow, Pentel,, and Pilot. What’s more, you can also explore other office supplies from over 500+ online stores.