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About Felt-Tip Pens

For those who do not know, felt is a textile material of condensed and pressed fibres. A pen made of felt fibres is therefore called felt pens. However, the type of fibres can be different as they can be synthetic like rayon or acrylic and natural like animal fur. If you are new to buying felt pens, you must know this detail as it would help in making the budget.

The first felt-tip pen in 1910 was just a cylinder with ink filled in it that used to connect to a felt-tip. The other variations that followed the cylinder invention was a sponge on the tip pen and liquid ink in the handle design. The modern design that we use nowadays has a fibre felt-tip with a reservoir of ink. There is also another difference that makes the modern structure stand out. We now use safe alcohol-based solvents today instead of toxic ones like xylene or toluene. The modern fibre tip also incorporates pH modifiers, surfactants, biocides and thickeners amongst other ingredients. All designed to ensure the smooth flow you desire.

Felt-tip pen vs marker

The two terms can be interchangeable in many instances, but there is still a difference in the applications. Felt-tips with narrow tips are great for hand lettering, taking notes, drawing, mandalas, sketching comics, and even for special effects like colour mixes. Markers, on the other hand, can be used for filling large areas and creating bold effects, depending on your purpose. You can use markers and felt-tips both on one project for detailing and filling work. We hope the difference is clear. It could be more clear if you see the products with your eye. So, let’s check out the felt-tip pen for scrapbooking, and you will understand the variations.

Felt pens for art

When it comes to pouring your creativity on a surface, a felt-tip makes a great tool. They are highly saturated, resulting in bold and bright art projects. You can sketch intense designs by producing smooth and even lines. And for shading, broad tips or markers can be used. However, you must remember that ink may appear lighter once dried. For first-time users, it can be a challenge to dial in on the exact colour so that the outcome is as you want. You may check the felt-tip pen for sale online in UAE and see if you find something interesting and worth buying. You can also consider paper mate flair to explore the variations.

Felt pens for labelling

Felt-tips look great on any surface, be it paper or glass or any other. Let’s say you want to label containers in the office pantry or your household kitchen. Some of you would go for buying label holders and insert the piece of paper to give yourself the flexibility to change the label in future. In contrast, you can also directly write on the glass in a creative manner mixing a blend of colour shades. If the latter option is in your mind, go for fine-tipped felt pens to write in small spaces or broad-tipped to create large artful letters. Also when labelling, choose oil or alcohol-based pens because they are permanent and smudge-free. If not permanent, you can also choose to have cheap washable felt-tip pens.

Felt pens for writing

Hand lettering, decorating your art project, or even taking notes, felt-tips and flair pens are great with fonts. All you need to remember is to use fine tips, not the broad ones as broad-tipped pens may feather. Also, if you are left-handed, you should opt for quick-dry ink. You can check the specifications and see if the brand or the product advertise itself as quick drying. Avoiding this feature may make your font smudge a lot. Another important feature to consider is a comfortable grip, just like the other ballpoint pens. Writing can be tough on the hands, and thus ergonomic handle can be the best felt-tip pens for writing.

Tips on how to buy Felt-tips pens online

You choose the product according to your needs. In the case of felt-tips and flair pens, the requirement mostly depends on the surface you want to write or paint. The surface must be compatible with the tip of the pen. For that, you need to explore the variants of products and see what fits best. Here, we are compiling the bullet points, or should we say the characteristics of felt-tips pens that you can take as a guide while buying the product.

  • Material of the tip – In layman terms, the nib can be soft and hard. You can choose the harder one if your work involves writing smoothly and evenly. On the other hand, you can choose a slightly smoother conical nib if you will be working with both the tip and the side of the nib.
  • Size of the tip – On a broad brush, the three types of sizes of felt-tips are fine, medium, and broad. However, different brands have different millimetre sizes fixed for fine size, medium size, and broad size. You need to check this feature under the specifications list and then buy the size you think would be great for your art project.
  • Type of the ink – The type of ink has the highest effect on the outcome of your project or work. Some ink types tend to be flowy, while others are compact. Fine detailing and filling the large area calls for different types of ink. Here, both the type of ink and nib plays an important role.
  • Being water resistant – Your project will be less likely to smear when it comes in contact with a liquid if it is water-resistant. And that is the only advantage of waterproof ink. If you want your work to be waterproof choose oil-based and alcohol-based products. Otherwise, water-soluble is another range of choice.
  • Downsides of felt-tips – Bleeding and feathering are two common issues with felt-tips. And basis on these two factors, you can contemplate the quality of the product. Check the brand, specifications list, and compare it with other products of the same range to grab the best in the end.

We hope the tips will help you to narrow down your purchase. As we said, you need to check brands to scrutinise the quality, so we are listing a few brand names. These include Paper mate flair, Bic, Pilot, Pentel, Staedtler, Maped, Sharpie, and Faber-Castel. You can choose any of them to give yourself a better start at shopping for the best felt-tip pens for writing or painting.

Question & Answer

Are felt-tip pens waterproof?

If the specifications written underneath the product image says the felt-tip is waterproof, then yes, it is indeed waterproof. Some products contain waterproof ink, while others have water-soluble ink. For example, Paper mate flair brand has products that are water-soluble, and Berol brand has washable ink felt-tips. Likewise, you can explore and shop brands as per your requirements at our shopping platform,

Can you use felt-tip pens on canvas?

Canvas is an extremely sturdy plain-woven fabric used for making sails, tent, backpacks. So, it is indeed a heavy-duty fabric, and when it comes to painting on them, you should choose the base that works. Only acrylic and oil-based paints can work better on canvas. And about felt-tips, they work well on canvas because their dense fibres provide the required consistency. But do not buy just by looking at the felt-tips, we suggest thoroughly reading the features of the product before adding it into your cart.

Does felt-tip pen come out of clothing?

Ink stain removal technique is easy. The ingredients you need are detergent, white vinegar, and rubbing alcohol. First, you mix one tablespoon of liquid detergent and vinegar with two cups of warm water. Then, take a clean cloth, dip it in the solution made in the first step, and dab on the stain. The stain should disappear with this process, but if it is stubborn and leaves marks behind, use rubbing alcohol then. Let it air dry at last. You can also use ammonia in place of vinegar, whichever substance is available to you.

Where to buy felt-tip pens online in the UAE?

The brand Paper Mate can be a fantastic choice among some of the best craft supplies. You can grab a medium point pack in assorted colours from our shopping platform. You can also explore other brands and compare them. A few brand name include Stabilo, Bic, Pilot, and Maped, among others. So, explore them all right now!

Well, not just felt-tip pens, flair pens,  but you can also explore other office supplies at This one-forestall destination can make your shopping journey seamless and saves your time as well. You can shop in one place conveniently and even grab amazing deals.

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