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About Permanent Markers

Wherever or whenever comes the need for writing or marking ceramics, wood, stone, plastics, cardboard or metal, permanent markers are the online choice of professionals. This is because they can stay on any surface for much longer than any other writing tool.

Permanent markers are also known as indelible markers. They are a special type of writing tool used for permanent or semi-permanent writing on any surface. Besides the above mentioned, these markers are also used on regular paper, but the ink tends to bleed easily and is easily visible on the other side of the paper. The ink in permanent marker is specially designed with unique solvent, pyrrolidone, resin, colourant and glyceride. This unique combination also makes the marker highly water-resistant with lasting impressions. Besides the ink, there is a lot more to understand about these pens/markers. Therefore we are here to share some basic information about these markers with you.

Understanding the construction of permanent marker

Although you might use permanent markers daily, you are likely hard-pressed to understand and explain how they work, just like the variety in tips (from ultra-fine to wide), shapes (including chisel point, wide bristle, and bullet tip), and colours (ultraviolet reactive and metallics) they very in basic ingredients. The unique ingredients in permanent markers make them perform differently on any surface and deliver different results. If you are the one who uses these markers quite often, this discussion will help you understand your tool in depth. The information we are about share will give you a helping hand in your buying process.

Understanding the construction

The first thing is to understand what a permanent marker is actually made of.  All permanent markers are primarily made of hollow plastic and air-tight tube. This tube has one end open while others are closed. This tube encases a stick of sponge-like porous material that protrudes slightly out of the opening, otherwise known as the tip of the marker. This sponge, like absorbent material inside the tube, is saturated with ink. As the ink evaporates or drains from the tip, the siphoning effect draws ink from the inside of the tube to the outer edge of the tip.  

The colourant and solvent of the marker

The pigment, otherwise known as a colourant, delivers you different shades like black, blue, red, or more. The colourant is responsible for giving a specific colour to the ink in the sponged tube of your marker. Unlike temporary markers, permanent markers contain pigments instead of dyes. They work in combination with the solvent to deliver lasting results. The solvent is also responsible for transporting the ink from the sponge to the nib of the marker. In a quality permanent marker, xylene is the most commonly used solvent.

The resins

It is a glue-like polymer, in resin is responsible for sticking the colourant to the paper once the solvent evaporates. If the inks were just solvent and colourant, the colourant can easily turn to dust and fall off from the paper as soon as it dries or the liquid content evaporates. But luckily, the ink resins are naturally sticky, and thus they work fine with the solvent to keep it free and fluid inside the plastic tube of your marker. While buying online you can explore the product description section on the product page and read about all these details.

Understanding the differences

A major difference between permanent and non-permanent or commonly used markers is in the ink resin they contain. A permanent marker tends to be highly non-polar and does not dissolve in water at all.  So, if the ink with this non-polar resin gets on any fabric, it will not go out easily. Instead, it will need a non-polar solvent like acetone (commonly used in dry cleaning) to remove colourant from the fabric. Additionally, a permanent marker often uses special dyes and pigments that do not dissolve in the water.

Tips on how to buy Permanent Markers online in the UAE

By now, you might have had the idea that when you head to purchase a permanent marker for colouring online in the UAE, the choices will be infinite. And it is you who need to decide if to pick a cheap option or opt for the best permanent marker without considering the surging costs. Even if that is easier for you to decide, the brands have more to confuse you. Therefore, we are here to share some tips on how you can purchase an ideally versatile and useful leather art portfolio for professional use.

  • The shape of tip – When it comes to buying a marker, start with the shape of the tip before you dive into brands. Decide what type of tip shape or nib you want. It is crucial because the shape of the tip defines and impacts your experience of colouring.
  • Single or double-ended marker – Permanent markers will come in both single and double side tips. A double-side marker is ideal for enjoying the best of both worlds. Commonly you will find them in a combination of brush and chisel tips to match most of your stroking needs.
  • Water Vs alcohol-based markers – The next big thing to decide is if you want to alcohol-based or water-based item. It would help if you chose carefully as it will directly impact the blend-ability and permeance of stroke.
  • The range of colours – If you want to buy a single piece in black, blue or else, the process is simple, but for a range of colours, you will need to look at the package carefully and assess what shades a box of the permanent marker contains to offer you.
  • The cost – It is also important to consider the price you will have to pay for the box of markers you are buying. The price may vary based on the type, make, and brand of the marker. Also, note that alcohol-based markers are more expensive than their water-based counterparts.

We hope these tips be of great help to you, but if you cannot find a reliable option that can satisfy all your needs, look for an expert or peer suggestions. You can enlist some of the recommended items and start your hunt with those. At, you will be able to find dozens of options from hundreds of brands online. The extensive collection of handpicked high-quality products will surely help you make the smart decision and save money and time at the same time.

Question & Answer

Is permanent marker washable?

Unlike natural markers, permanent markers are made of non-water-based pigments. This is why they will not break down or dissolve when they contact water and are thus considered and referred to as waterproof markers. For the same reason, you cannot wash and remove them from any surface. Moreover washing these inks demands special care and instruction. You can either find such details on the marker seller website or the user manual that comes with the product. Otherwise, you can consult online tutorials for help.

How to remove permanent markers from the whiteboard?

At first, it is always recommended to keep a permanent marker away from a whiteboard. But if it gets in contact with the whiteboard, I prefer using a quality dry-erase whiteboard marker. Here you will need to carefully trace over every line you made with a permanent marker. Allow the dry erase to rest for 5 minutes and then clean with a microfibre cloth or eraser. Otherwise, you can also use Methylated spirits followed by Micro Fiber Cloth and a whiteboard cleaner.

Why is a permanent marker terrible for your skin?

Permanent markers are wrong for your skin because they are mostly made of solvents that cause serious health concerns. These pigments penetrate the top layer of skin, and once you draw anything on your skin and the ink dries out, the content is later absorbed by the skin and sent to the blood. And the chemicals like xylene from solvent dissolves into the blood. This chemical can cause organ damage and nervous system breakdown if it stays in the body for long.

Where to buy permanent markers online in the UAE?

Explore any product search engine to find the most variety of permanent markers as your office supplies or if you wish to buy items for your personal use or kids. This is where you can find top brands like BIC, Staedtler, Artline, Pilot, Edding, Pentel, and Uni. All these brands are known for offering the best quality or reliable and eco-friendly products at cheaper rates. At, you can also use the price comparison tool to compare the price of products and make a smart and economical purchase.

Besides some mentioned above, also gives you access to products from top brands like Camlin, Faber-Castell, and Tombow. You can also use the price comparison tool to find perfect budget products from shops you trust the most.

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