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From business conferences at organizations to classrooms at schools or colleges, whiteboard markers have always been an important writing tool. However, they come in assorted options, which is why you should not settle for any random variable. The below guide will help you choose an appropriate one.

A whiteboard marker is a dry erase marker that is used to write on a non-porous writing surface. The marks that you create with this marker can be erased using a damp cloth, handkerchief, tissue, baby wipe and more such items. You can also find permanent markers in the market, but those are hard or impossible to erase, hence, not preferred by users in offices or classrooms. In contrast, a whiteboard marker is one of the essential office supplies that so many people use at workplaces regularly. However, they come in a wide range of options. It can be confusing to decide which one to go for. So, on this page, we will let you know everything you need to know about them. Also, towards the end, go through the tips to find the best and cheap whiteboard markers.

Things to know about whiteboard markers

A whiteboard marker is easy to use and a dust-free option, especially when allergic to chalks and their dust. It is a terrific tool to keep track of key points during presentations, meetings, conferences, and even class. However, the type and quality of marker you use at work can make a huge difference. Some may have a fine tip, whereas others may come in bullet tip option. You can get a wide range of colour options. Moreover, the options that do not smudge easily and the varieties that erase with a little finger flick. Are you in search of the best whiteboard marker for sale online in the UAE? Let us explore a few important details first.

 Characteristics of dry erase markers

You can find whiteboard markers in various colours like Black, Grey, Brown, Green, Pink and many more. Some brands will give you a wide colour coverage, whereas others may be restricted to just black or maybe brown. If you are in search of a basic set of colours, then Pilot and Pentel would be good to go with. The next crucial feature about the markers is that they should be versatile for all popular kinds of non-porous writing surfaces, be they whiteboard or glass film. When it comes to longevity, different markers have a different life. Some will run out of ink faster than others. The speed of drying may also vary from marker to marker. However, to test it, you should wait at least 3 seconds before attempting to clean the marks.

Bullet, Chisel, & fine point dry erase markers.

There are three types of tips you will usually find in whiteboard markers- Bullet tip, Chisel tip and Fine tip. The size of the stroke depends upon the tip you choose. A bullet one will generally make 2-3mm of stroke whereas, in the case of the Chisel, it may range from 2-5mm. Usually, fine tips are capable of producing a 1mm stroke. The selection of tips depends upon personal preferences totally. For example, you may prefer Chisel during a presentation, but to create a grocery list for the fridge whiteboard, you might have to go for the fine one to include many details in a little space. Some brands can even come with more options, or you can say, further categorization of tips. Like in Chisel, you can get super fine or super-wide Chisel.

Popular markers like eBeam Smartmarker & Pentel Maxiflo

Whiteboard markers come in many options. However, some clearly win our hearts. For example, if you want to make your meetings effective and productive at work, you should go for eBeam Smart markers. The best and unique part is that all the data you write through this marker can be saved and streamed to anyone. So, there is no need to capture ideas in the form of photos or notes anymore. If you want to stick to basic but best, the Pentel Maxiflo Flex-feel marker is another popular choice. It comes with a unique flexible tip that lets you create both wide and fine strokes. Moreover, there is a push-button at the end that lets you replenish ink by pump action. Many more options can transform your whiteboard experience, like Crayola dry erase markers & more.

Tips on how to buy Whiteboard Markers in Dubai

Whiteboard markers appear to be a straightforward purchase. However, when you step into the market or browse online for the same, you will be overwhelmed with the number of choices. Some may come with a wide tip, whereas others will be pointed. There is a wide classification based on a number of factors like colour, longevity, price, brand, and more. Whether you are planning to buy refillable whiteboard markers online in the UAE, smart markers or other varieties, here are some guiding tips that will help you.

  • Consider colours – There is a wide range of colour options you can find in the market. So, if you are picking a set, then go for the brand that offers you the widest coverage in terms of colours. Go for the high pigmentations as you know how important it is for people to see what you are explaining on the board. Light colours tend to perform a little low in this case. However, you may prefer them to mark the details of lower importance than others.
  • Consider the size of tip – You can find markers in thin, board and thick tips. If your work is detail-oriented, then close your eyes and go for the thin one, but to write smoothly on the board, you might require a board tip marker. So, your choice depends upon your preferences and also, the work.
  • Consider erasability – You can find markers in two mail types- dry-erase and wet-erase. Dry erase markers are generally preferred when you want to write something and erase it quickly. On the other hand, if you need one for long projects or signage, then go for the wet erase one that requires water for removal.
  • Consider longevity – Drying out is a common problem with whiteboard pens or markers. So, it is essential to choose markers that do not dry out easily. However, the placement of the marker may also bring a difference. Place it horizontally to reduce the dryness problem.

So, are you ready to pick the best one for yourself now? If you are wondering where to browse for the latest options, then this is the right place. On, browse an extensive collection of whiteboard markers offered by popular brands of the industry. Whether you are looking for BIC dry erase markers or Staedtler Lumucolor whiteboard markers, you can find almost all the popular varieties here. You can compare product features and prices to find the ones that suit your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly go ahead and grab the best items while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

Where to buy permanent whiteboard markers online in the UAE?

If you search for the best permanent markers online in the UAE, consider that you have arrived at your destination. On, you can see an array of options offered by over 500 trusted online stores of the industry. Moreover, it is quite easy to set your preferences for price, colours, sellers and more to quicken the search. Over here, you will find quality markers as we have the best brands listed on our website. It will be effortless for you to find many options and take a pick from them. So, go ahead and take the best ones.

Does the whiteboard marker come off the clothes?

If you use whiteboard markers at work or school, then the ink may stain your clothes occasionally. It might not go with ordinary washing. However, you can use some special agents to get it off easily, like, a combination of vinegar and rubbing alcohol. You can also run murphy oil on the surface to get rid of the stain and then wash it with mild dishwashing soap. However, the agent may vary depending upon the type of cloth and marker ink. The above solution might not suit all the types. So, it depends a lot on upon type of marker you use.

Which whiteboard marker is the best?

Whiteboard markers come in assorted options; however, some clearly win our hearts with their characteristics and performances like Artline, Crayola, Bic, Staedtler, and Camlin. If you want to browse their collections in one place, you can do it right here. Moreover, you can filter your options and compare prices to find suitable products under your budget. If you pick us, you can rest assured of the quality as we have the best brands listed here. You just need to choose from them. So, go ahead and grab the best one.

The above guide will, for sure, take you towards the right product selection. However, you might be wondering where to find the best options. Well, you have arrived at your destination. You can find a wide assortment of markers offered by the best and trusted stores on our product search engine. Whether you are looking for general or washable dry erase markers, you can find many varieties here. So, what are you waiting for? Make no delay and choose the best whiteboard marker pens before stock ends. Have a happy browsing experience!