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Are you up for trying a new level of creativity? After working with pencils, brushes, and painting knives, many artists feel like expanding their areas of creativity. In such cases, the flip pointers come as a saviour by promising to lift your art creativity to another level. That said, let’s warn you that purchasing these dual-tip markers isn’t as easy as it seems. With all the different shades, brands and styles, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you’re out buying one for yourself. However, your worries end here! In this article, we help you overcome the dilemma involved in online purchasing. So, read on.

First things first, let’s start with defining what the dual-tip markers are. Just as the name suggests, the marker comes with two different types of tips. Most of the time, you’ll find a chiselled and fine tip. Each of them is fitted on either end of the pens. This unique structure of the pen allows you to create different strokes while colouring or even writing. But, just like any other markers , these too come in several different types, tones, styles, and distinct inks. Next, let’s take a look at the characteristics and features of the few trending models that you can invest in.

The best twin-tip markers for your various colouring needs

There’s a chisel, fine, brush, broad and so many more. What do all these types of flip pointers mean? Which one should you choose? Don’t fret. This is precisely what we’re going to discuss in this section. Whether be it the chiselled end of the fine tip end of the flip pointers, it’s crucial to consider the tip size. They range from anywhere between 0.3mm way up to 50mm. Different brands offer dual-tips of various sizes – similarly, the shapes. You can see a bullet tip, chiselled one, and even brush tips. Below we’ve compiled a list of a few dual-tip marker versions with different tip sizes and shapes.

The Tombow dual tip brush pens

The highly-rated, premium quality flip pointer from Tombow is ideal for any kind of writing and drawing needs. This particular set is perfect for fine art, faux calligraphy, brush lettering, illustrations, journaling watercolour illustrations, and more. The product also features flexible tips that work excellently in creating bold, medium, and narrow strokes. Besides that, these markers have smooth and resilient nylon fibre tips. This makes them sturdy enough to take on pressure and not break. Better yet, they come with self-cleaning tips too.

The Ohuhu alcohol double-sided marker

The 80-shades double-sided marker from Ohuhu comes with dual-tips designed for permanent art and craft. Furthermore, the sets include a colourless marker for smooth blending. The dual design tips feature broad and narrow twin tips. You can use both of them to highlight and underline precisely. It also allows you to sketch both thick and thin lines. Moreover, you also get to create distinct styles, sketches, and patterns effortlessly. Apart from that, these beautifully constructed markers resist fading and give an added dimension to your artwork.

The BENICCI dual-tip artist markers set

The BENICCI dual-tip markers are watercolour brush pens that have 25 unique shades of the pen. Their peculiar style helps you to create the best art and craft products, regardless of your expertise. Apart from the 25 unique shades of brushes, the set also includes a bonus water brush that has flexible nylon tips. Better yet, these pens are ideal for all kinds of painting styles. Thus, we can confidently state that this watercolour pen has a versatile design apt for calligraphy. Additionally, the pen uses a non-toxic ink that makes it safe even for kids.

The Magicfly double tip markers pens set

The watercolour flip pointer is yet another well-created dual-tip marker available in a set. They come with a fine liner tip as well as include a highlighter brush tip. Their unique design allows you to utilise them for calligraphy, bullet journal, and Manga. Also, this particular set from Magicfly includes 100 pens with vibrant colours. In short, it gives you every shade and hue that you’ll ever need for any kind of project. On top of that, the pens also provide you with high versatility and flexibility. This enables you to create various sketches, styles, and patterns on any possible surface.

Tips on how to buy Flip Pointers online

By now you must’ve figured out that there are several varieties of flip pointers out there on the market. This is also why segregating the perfect one that best suits your needs, from the others isn’t an easy process. However, having a few smart tips handy will lighten your burden and guide you towards your perfect model in a hassle-free manner. That said, below we’ve listed out a few such tips that’ll help you buy flip pointer online effortlessly.

  • Check out the marker types – This is one of the essential steps to perform while purchasing online. Exploring the various types of dual-tip markers available in the market helps you pick the best ones easily. Apart from that, it’s also essential to have an in-depth of the product you intend to buy online for a successful purchase.
  • Keep an eye on the tip design – Art needs perfection, and this perfection comes from the perfectly designed marker tips. This is especially true when it comes to beginners. That’s why the flip pointers need to have the best tips that allow you to create fine lines, bold strokes and even defined shading using them.
  • Assess the quality and durability – The dual-tip markers, or for that matter, any type of markers are an investment. It showcases your creativity in transforming what you’re into in the art. And in such a scenario, you do not want something that fades or smudges after a few months or weeks. You need to make sure that the products you pick offer you long-lasting colours.
  • Look out for the pigments – Remember, the long-lasting colours come from the best inks. You’re going to really want ink that has several qualities. It must be smudge-proof, bleed-proof, and smooth. One of the best ways to ensure this is by checking out the surface on which you intend to draw or write. Understanding the type of surface you want to draw on will help you pick the right pigment.
  • Pick a marker without bleeding – As mentioned earlier, you really do not want to have the dual-tip markers that bleed through your sheet. Bleedy markers really suck! If you’re making a professional piece of art, you’re going to need a pen that doesn’t cause an unnecessary mess.
  • Check out the fineness – Indeed, nobody wants to have a flappy and blobby tip regardless of their shape. Uneven globs of ink on your drawing spoils the entire piece. This is why it’s essential to consider the fineness of the markers. You’ll need smooth, fine and firm brush tips to create the best artwork.

Choosing the best flip pointers will give you a chance to showcase your perfected art and craftwork. That’s why you need to put in a little bit of effort and thought before you purchase a model online. We hope the tips provided above will help you settle with the best product without any hassle. Above all, your personal preference stays much above all this. So, make sure to make an informed decision.

Question & Answer

Which twin tip marker shall I choose?

Choosing a perfect flip pointer involves careful consideration of various factors. From budget to shades, tips and style, everything plays a crucial role in determining your ideal pen. However, the ultimate decision depends on your personal preference and the art you want to work on. Therefore, it’s crucial to figure out what you need the dual-tip markers for before browsing or shopping for them online.

How much is a twin tip marker online in UAE?

Several online stores these days offer you distinct models of dual-tip markers. And you’ll find them in different price ranges too. The prices usually depend on the quality, number of pens in a set, the brand, and the platform from where you buy. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget so that you can secure a dual-tip marker set that’s comfortably within your range. You could also buy twin tip markers for sale online in UAE if you’re an economiser. But, make sure you do not compromise on the quality regardless of which model you choose.

Which is the best brand of twin tip marker?

Various artists have different definitions for ‘best’ flip pointers. In general, the best dual-tips are something that suits all your needs and one that comfortably fits your set budget. Apart from that, the finest dual-tips are also those that are of the best quality. One of the best ways to ensure that your markers feature all this is to purchase them from reputed brands. You can find some of the best dual-tip pens for bullet journaling, writing and colouring from brands like Crayola, Sharpie, Staedtler, Zebra, Deli, Faber-Castell, and Mitsubishi.

Where to buy dual-tip markers online in UAE?

With unique features and premium quality, the demand for dual-tip markers has been on the surge for several decades now. This is primarily one of the reasons why you can buy them from several online stores across the town. However, browsing through endless sites can easily make you overwhelmed. If you wish to avoid this and experience, smooth marker shopping then visit This superfast shopping search engine helps you frisk through the endless options from several brands and compare prices all under one single roof. Better yet, you can purchase them from popular online stores with just a click too! What’s more, you can also buy several other office supplies right here.

Whether you draw for fun, for living, or to pursue your hobbies, flip pointers are a versatile set of markers. They not only enhance your artwork but also help you create masterpieces with less effort. However, by now, you know that not all dual-tip markers aren’t the same, and they have different features. This is why it’s essential to carefully choose them. We hope this guide has provided you with adequate information on the dual-tip markers for you to make an informed decision.

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