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About Paint Pens

With paint pens, you can paint on any surface, do not have to worry about fading, and can preserve your art forever. But that’s not all about these products. There are more features and details, depending on which you can grab the right type of pen.

If this is your first purchase, you must have been juggling with so many questions about paint pens. The first one is, of course, choosing them over age-old paintbrushes. But what is the difference? And why should you choose the paint pens when you have paintbrushes for that purpose, and no doubt, they are working well for centuries. The strokes may be the same, but there is one difference: ease of working. You do not have to take trips to the water container because pens contain the water reservoir in themselves.  And portability also: You do not have to take trays and water containers with you everywhere. So, pens are pretty much less messy. But no offence to brush lovers as we all love brush strokes too.

The overview of water or oil-based paint pens

Oil-based and water-based are two types of paint pens or markers whatever you like to call them. But when it comes to buying the right pen, you not only look at the type but structure of the pen also. Just like paintbrushes size, tip, and density is important. You need to check the broadness of the tip, valve structure, temperature-resistance feature, and whether it is refillable or not. The outcome of your project depends a lot on the details you contemplate while buying a fine paint pen online in the UAE. Here, we have compiled a few variations available in the market. For more, you can search at our shopping platform,

Loew Cornell fine paint pen

Paint markers versatility does not limit to craft supplies, but some can even go beyond that. For example, these Loew Cornell fine paint pens are used for touch-ups during car detailing. The structure of these pens has a visible reservoir with a tip in the end. You can prepare the pen by adding the ink or paint in the reservoir. Further, the operation of these pens is simply executed by dabbing on the surface. That is it! Your job is done, and now you have to wait till the ink get all soaked up. Above all, this pen is an affordable option. Likewise, you can explore more cheap auto paint pen if automobile detailing is your purpose of purchasing markers.

Glass paint pens

Glass, metal, varnished wood, and plastic are non-porous surfaces, which is a little tricky for painting, especially when you do not have the right equipment. The specifications you need to consider for non-porous surfaces is that they must have excellent adhesion, durable, washable, non-toxic, and with a translucent finish. They can be water-based or oil-based, depending on the finishing you desire. Apart from that, you can also invest in dual-purpose ink pens that work on porous and non-porous surfaces, just like most of the UNI Posca pens.

Sharpie paint pens

Let’s now talk about another brand of markers that is Sharpie. This brand has categorised its products as oil-based and water-based with opaque ink. Their water-based acid formula resists fading and is removable from the glass. The vibrant colours stand out on both light and dark surfaces. On the other hand, you can use oil-based whenever you want permanent art. They also resist fading and abrasion. This is one brand, and you can find many like these and their unique products on our retail search engine. But before that, you may want to grab some tips to make an informed decision.

Tips on how to buy Paint pens online

The market is loaded with this and that of paint pens, and it becomes difficult to choose the right product. Be it you paint as a hobby, or you are buying products for office supplies, you should carry full-fledged research first. Here, we have compiled primary elements of this paint product. Making this as a foundation of your purchase, you can then start refining the products online and save a lot of time.

  • Fine tip & extra fine tip pen – Fine detailing is what these tips are for. They are smallest among many tips available and is able to create sharp lines. The difference between the fine tip and extra-fine tip is about a few millimetres. You can check the broadness of tip under specifications list.
  • Medium & broad tip pen – Medium tips are for both, detailing and filling in large areas. If there is no such purpose of covering large areas in your painting, you can definitely go for the medium ones as they serve two purposes. Choosing the tips and their broadness is completely your call.
  • Base of paint pens – Oil-based and water-based are two types of paint pens. Oil-based is permanent, slightly less permanent on non-porous material, and perfect for any surface. Water-based pens give a similar finish as water brush paints and water-proof after sealing. They can also be used on any surface. So, the choice is yours based on the finish you want and the budget you have.
  • Dye-based versus pigmented – If you want to preserve your art for years to come, do not buy dye-based markers. Instead, go for pigmented ones because they are fade-resistant and do not smudge. Especially for office supplies where your art may go online for purchase, you need not want it to fade.
  • Consider the type of surface – If you are painting on fabric, you need a paint that can resist feathering. Also, glossy photographs painting want sheen detailing and highlighting. For both surfaces, you should get pigmented markers. In contrast, glass objects are better with water-based paints. Likewise, you can contemplate or research about the surface before buying the pens.

We hope the tips will help you in making an informed decision. Apart fro tips, you should also get a handy list of some reputed brands. It will help you while comparing the products and features. Some of the brands that we recommend include Uni, Pentel, Crayola, Loew Cornell, Artline, and Edding. You will find out more once you visit our shopping platform, It is one of the best product finders in Dubai that lets you compare and shop with convenience.

Question & Answer

How to use a paint pen?

The reason you get to hear so many questions about using these pens is because they are flowy. Although it has the shape and structure of a pen, you can use it like a paint brush. Before starting, you have to shake the pen to distribute the paint uniformly inside. Once done, you are now ready to do your work. While on it, you can squeeze the pen to pour more colour and create a drip effect or others as you imagine it. Many variants of paint markers are very flowy, while others are not. But the process of using them will remain the same as we stated just now.

When to use a paint pen?

The best thing about these pens is that you can use them on many surfaces like wood, glass, steel, rubber, stone, metal, paper, or even leather. So, you can decorate a mug, t-shirt, or your bag to make them fun and new. Well, art is everywhere, so you can take your pen, master the strokes and techniques and use it wherever you want. Why don’t you start with decorating your wooden pencil case? That could be a terrific idea.

What is a posca paint pen?

Posca paint is similar to any other pens. The only difference is with the variants of tips you can buy to create the art you desire. Chisel tip, extra broad tip, fine point tip, and many more you will find online. If any of it sounds interesting, you can check it all on our shopping platform, And due to these types of tips, their applications are diverse as well. For example, you can use them on wet painting, apply highlights, paint light over dark, and many other paint forms. Top of all, these have the ability to quick-dry.

What is a sharpie paint pen?

Sharpie paint pens are oil-based permanent markers that are AP-certified. For those who do not know, AP certification means the product does not contain any poisonous substances that can cause health issues. Also, their versatility of working on any surface makes them unique. You can use them on metal, pottery, wood, rubber, glass, plastic, stone, and more. If rock painting is in your mind, you can buy sharpie paints without any doubt.

Where to buy paint pens online in the UAE?

You can explore many brands in your search for the best craft supplies. A few brand names include Uni, Pentel, and Crayola, among others. Quality, durability, and endurance are some of the benefits you can get here. However, it is imperative that you find the best fit that fulfils your craft requirements. So, start your search now!

Not just paint pens, but you can explore other office supplies at You will get a flexible range of budget and advance filters to save both your time and money. So, get on it and see what interests you.