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Working with students is always fulfilling when they are responsive because you can tell whether you are making sense. Even though there are several solutions to effective teaching and learning, your presentation means everything at the end of the day. Chalkboards have been popular since the time of immemorial. Gone are those days when tutors used to suffer from dusty chalk sticks and faulty markers. Modernised chalk pens offer a sophisticated solution to blackboard chalks. You can use them for several purposes like decoration, drawing, sewing, colouring, and other activities according to your wishes.

The best chalk pens on the market are developed for efficiency. Your projects are only limited to your imagination with unique colours and excellent quality. You can either go for a certain shade or a blend of hues to expand your options. You can use these pens to create menu boards on your restaurants, to leave a note for your workers or co-workers, or pitch an idea to a panel of smart investors. Regardless of your needs, getting a reliable product will significantly simplify your experience. You will have ideas and a perfect way to transform them into writing. As long as you have concrete specifications, you will not have a problem picking the best chalk ink pen as there is a range of products on the market.

Chalk pen buying guide

Chalkboards and chalk pens provide a platform to showcase one’s creativity to an audience. Chalkboards are an efficient way to send messages and advertise at minimum cost. If you are a lecturer or a high school tutor, changing your style every once in a while might be an advantage since you will always keep your listeners attentive and longing for another session. When communicating to an audience, your delivery matters a lot. A practical method should effortlessly grab your audience’s attention. High-quality blackboard pens give your writing an authentic appearance, thus helping you convince your audience and communicate effectively. Liquid chalk pens have recently been trending because of their ease of use and convenience. The best white chalk pens are preferable for delivering a strong message using a simple technique.

Types of chalk pen markers

They broadly categorise into dry-erase markers and wet-erase markers. Wet-erase markers are paint-based inks that make markings semi-permanent. Writings by these markers do not fade away quickly unless wiped using a damp cloth. Dry markers are easy to remove. You can wipe it off by using a dry eraser when used on the proper surface. These markers may look similar, but they have different purposes. Nonetheless, they work on non-porous surfaces such as laminated paper, mirrors, plastic, whiteboards, and glass. The two types of wet-erase markers are liquid chalk pens and rainproof markers. Liquid chalk pens look like dust chalk marks when they dry up. On the other hand, rainproof chalk markers are oil-based and are perfect for outdoor activities.

Chalk pen tip styles

Chalk pens have a variety of tip styles, which are essential for different applications. The type of marker tip you select should depend on the purpose of your writing. You will have options from tips meant for adding fine and precise details to large tips used to write big letters. The main chalk pen tips that you may find are the bullet tip for drawing consistent width lines, a chisel tip which helps to draw fine medium and broad lines, wide tip markers for large letters and signs, medium point chalk pens, and fine point chalk pens, which are versatile for precise details in broad or fine lines. A chisel tip may provide more options, but a uniform presentation is better to go for a specific type depending on your audience.

Creating the perfect text using chalk marker pens

Writing on a chalkboard is a skill that is not as easy as it looks. Luckily, you can use a few tips to ensure that you create clear text that is readable to your audience. First, always ensure that you use high-quality chalk pens. Unlike poor quality chalk pens, high-quality markers provide uniform, clean, and neat writing. Additionally, they hardly clog, making it easy to write continuously. Also, ensure that you choose the right width according to your audience’s needs. Exert uniform pressure on the board while writing, and work on your spacing. The right spacing determines whether the text is readable to the audience furthest from your chalkboard. Always ensure that you write slowly and consistently to allow the liquid chalk to dry for a uniform shade. Finally, make sure that you clean your chalkboard properly whenever you want to add new text to avoid overlapping.

Top-rated chalk ink pens on the market

Kassa liquid chalk markers have recently been trending because of their reliability. Kassa liquid chalk pens have premium bright chalk ink and vibrant shades to satisfy your writing and drawing needs. You can find a range of neon colours from White, Purple, Red, Green, Peach, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Brown, and Orange. They work perfectly and are erasable on non-porous surfaces. These come with two bonus ink tips with one chisel-shaped and the other bullet-point shaped. They are non-toxic and usable for various activities like creating wedding signs, restaurant menus, crafting, home décor signs, and much more. These chalk pens are perfect for aspiring artists. You can also check out the clover Chaco liner pen, as it is also a top-rated chalk pen for sewing and art because you can use it to draw flawless straight lines on the fabric and other surfaces.

Tips on how to buy Chalk Pens online in the UEA

After looking into the specific types and brands that you can go for, there are additional factors that you should look out for to ensure that you get the best product. The product that you choose should make your writing and drawing experiences more comfortable and worthwhile. Additionally, you need a product that you can repeatedly use for maximum convenience. These tips will help you to pick a product.

  • Usability – A product’s usability is its ability to serve its intended purpose. If you purchase chalk pens for kids or tutoring, you can go for a range of colours to make your sessions more entertaining. If you are going for business markers, you can go for basic colours to showcase formality. All in all, avoid products that do not meet your requirements as you will waste a lot of time.
  • Safety – Safety is an essential factor to consider because chalk pens for general use are accessible to children and pets. If you are purchasing chalk pens for your children, ensure that they are made out of non-toxic chemicals and materials. Always find information about the type of ink used, the materials used to make the tip, and the general materials used to manufacture the product. Look out for product labels since most pet-safe and children-safe products have labels.
  • Ease of cleaning – If you are writing on a surface that will require occasional cleaning and reuse, you should consider purchasing liquid chalk pens that are easy to clean without leaving marks. Liquid chalk markers are erasable on non-porous surfaces like glass, metal, or chalkboards. Writing using a marker on porous materials might leave permanent stains. Thankfully, most chalk pens come with clear instructions on the types of surfaces they are best used.
  • Quality and durability – Authentic products are manufactured using high-quality products to improve their life span and convenience. High-quality chalk pens will give your presentation a bright and appealing look. Even though some high-quality products might come at a higher price, it is better to purchase a durable product than a cheap product with a short life span. You can look out for quality assurance features like a refund, replacement, or a money-back policy.
  • Your budget – Chalk pens come in a range of sizes, types, and colours. When going for a specific package, you should consider how much you are willing to spend. Durable chalk pens are expensive, but they will serve you extensively. However, you can find cheaper solutions with the same versatility as some of the most expensive products. If your options are within a specific budget, you can browse through several products to find one within your budget.

You should not be in a rush to purchase a product because of its attractive appearance or appealing advertisement. Quality is an aspect that you should never compromise because you will be very disappointed if it does not meet your expectations. It is advisable to buy products from trustworthy brands. You will not have a problem finding the best white chalk pens and other products online with reliable brands.

Question & Answer

What is a liquid chalk pen?

Liquid chalk pens are made out of water-base ink, and they are effortless to wipe off when used on non-porous surfaces. Despite the name, liquid chalk pens do not contain any chalk. The ink in liquid chalk pens comes from magnesium carbonate, while the other parts are comprised of a plastic barrel, a porous plastic nib, a cotton filament, a cap, and a tip made out of pressed fibres. Some forms of this ink only contain isopropyl alcohol, polyvinyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and colour additives. The water-based colour mixtures in liquid chalk pens are non-toxic and completely safe since you cannot inhale them. You can wipe them by using a cloth, but some brands provide wiping materials for convenience. Liquid chalk pens and modern chalkboards are an improvement and the ultimate solution to ancient boards and dust chalks.

Can you use chalk pens on a glass?

You can use chalk pens to do writings on all non-porous materials. Furthermore, they are easy to wipe off, and they do not leave behind any stains. A non-porous material or surface is one that does not have any holes. Therefore, it cannot absorb any liquid or gas. On the other hand, porous materials have microscopic holes, allowing them o absorb gas and liquids. Some examples of non-porous materials are glass, metals, and hardened plastic. Even though you can use liquid chalk pens on all these surfaces, it is vital to read the product label because different products are designed for specific surfaces. Using your chalk pens on their intended surfaces will ensure that you receive the best results. If you want a liquid chalk pen for glass, you will have several options as long as you specify your search.

Where can you buy the best liquid chalk pens for your blackboard?

With a wide variety of chalk pens to choose from, finding a reliable brand to facilitate your needs might be challenging. Several brands always claim to have the best products, and it might be hard to differentiate their product quality from the visuals presented online. An advisable approach would be to go through several customer reviews to understand what others have experienced with the product. The information will enable you to know whether the product’s usability will meet your needs. If you are looking for a reliable place to buy chalk pens online in the UAE, we recommend It is an online product finder designed to provide top-rated and highly recommended products. Visit our platform for an array of options with several blackboard pen categories to select from.

Now that you know what to consider and how to buy the best chalk pens online, it is time to start shopping. will significantly simplify your search. You can go for industry-leading brands like Artline, Folia, Chalktastic, and Uni-Ball for quality chalk markers. For more options, check out our Office Supplies section.