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About Fireplace Accessories

Do you have a fireplace in your house? Then you also need some good quality fireplace accessories. Having them can make it easier for you to use and maintain the fireplace without putting in too much effort.

Perhaps the first-ever tool human beings used to control the fire would have been a stick. It helped them to get the wood in and out of the fire and to kindle it and remove the ashes to make it burn bigger. Later, that stick evolved to become a poker stick. Over time, fireplace and fireplace accessories grew more and more sophisticated. Now we have come to a point where fireplace accessories are also popular decorative items. But before you start shopping for them, read this article to know more about them. Having a better understanding of them will allow you to make better purchase decisions.

Different types of fireplace accessories

Even in a modern home, a fireplace is an important ingredient to add aesthetic value to the property. Although today we can find many variations in the style and functionality of these fireplaces. Likewise, each type or style of fireplace comes with a set of accessories to keep it working and in good condition. Fireplace accessories can keep the fireplace safe and secure. But there are dozens of different tools for fireplaces. Although it would be great to have all of them, a few of them are definitely more essential than the others. Here is a list of the fireplace accessories that you should have.


Andirons, which are otherwise called a ‘dog iron’, are commonplace items in older houses with a fireplace. Basically, these are iron stands that hold the wooden logs and also lift them up a few inches above the floor so that the air can flow below them helping them to burn. A pair of andirons is a must if you want the fire to burn consistently. It also keeps the logs from rolling away. Without andirons, the fire will not burn quite well. Instead, the logs will sit there smouldering because there is not enough air available for them to burn. You will have to clean the ashes that collect between the andirons every once in a while, to ensure that there is enough space below the logs.

Coal bucket

A coal bucket can serve more than one purpose. Primarily this bucket serves the function of holding a small amount of coal that you want to burn for a short period of time. But you can also use this to clean the ash from the hearth. There is no doubt that all fireplaces require regular cleaning to make sure that they work well. Having a coal bucket makes it easy for you to carry the burnt remains of the wood and dispose of it easily. And it also helps as a place to collect the ashes when you don’t have time to throw it away. Therefore, you need a coal bucket even if you don’t use coal in the fireplace.

Log grabber

These are an advanced form of traditional tongs. Similar to tongs, a log grabber also has three prongs at the end that help you grab the logs. But log grabbers are even easier to use because of the lever that extends from its handle to the prongs. These prongs are movable, and when you pull the lever, it can switch from an open position to a clutch position similar to how a scissor works. This makes it possible to grab a burning log of wood and rearrange it without putting out the fire. While you can do the same thing using a poker stick, a log grabber makes it a hundred times easier.

Fireplace screens

Yet another noteworthy item on the fireplace accessories list is the screen.  As the name suggests, it is a screen that you put in front of the opening of the fireplace. You might think, why would anyone need a screen for the fireplace? Well, this screen will block any hot embers that fly off the fireplace into the room. Although such embers won’t be hot by the time it reaches the room, they can mess up your floor. So, placing a screen will reduce the amount of dust that reaches the room floor from the fireplace. A fireplace screen itself can be a piece of decoration in the room.

Tips on how to buy fireplace accessories

Choosing the right combination of fireplace accessories can be a daunting task. That’s because of the wide variety of tools and materials that are available out there. Also, you have to decide between the design and functionality of them. But selecting the right set is easy if you know what to look for in them. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for fireplace accessories.

  • Select your style – Fireplace accessories come in a variety of different styles and finishes. It is better to follow the same style language of your fireplace when you’re buying fireplace accessories as well. If the fireplace is of a traditional style, then go for traditional accessories that use ornate designs and golden trims.
  • Choose the materials –  A wide range of material options are available for fireplace accessories. You should not compromise the quality of the material as these tools are supposed to sustain a lot of heat and dust. The most common materials are wrought iron and steel. Wrought iron is nowadays used for accessories that follow traditional design standards.
  • Size of the tools – This is the most important factor to look for when it comes to the functionality of these tools. The design and finish of the tools only matter to a certain extent. But in the end, they should let you carry out the tasks with ease. The right size of the tool depends on the size of the fireplace. For example, you need a longer log grabber if the fireplace is bigger.
  • Choosing the number of tools – It is not necessary to buy every single fireplace tool. Rather you should consider how often you use the fireplace and your budget to decide what and all tools you need. There are a few tools that everyone needs, like a poker stick, coal bucket, etc. Besides these, you choose to have or not have those decorative accessories.

There are a few other things that you need for your fireplace that won’t necessarily qualify as fireplace accessories. One of them is the fire extinguisher. This is a must-have for every fireplace, and you should keep the extinguisher at an easily accessible spot near the fireplace. You will also need a match striker and blower to help you start the fire in case you are not using electric starters. Apart from these, don’t forget to check out other products from Home & Living.

Question & Answer

What is the purpose of fireplace tools?

The obvious and most important purpose of fireplace accessories is to control the fire. Sometimes you will need to kindle the fire to make it burn bigger and other times you will have to make it burn smaller. You will often have to get the ashes out and put them in fresh logs. As fireplaces do not have any automatic controls, you have to do this all yourself. Having special heat resistant tools makes it easy to do this. Besides this primary function, fireplace accessories can also double as decorative items. Some of them follow antique designs and elaborate detailing that makes them a beautiful piece of artwork.

What is a stove thermometer?

Just like any other thermometer, a stove thermometer also measures the temperature. But the design of a stove thermometer is optimised for using near fireplaces. Depending on the type of thermometer, the exact working of it varies. But basically, you put it near the stove with its probes facing towards the fire. After a while, the dial on the thermometer will give you the temperature of the fireplace. Usually, you have to put it right in front of the fireplace just outside the screen cover. Although the reading on such a thermometer will never be precise, it is enough to give you an idea about how hot the fireplace is.

Do you need a fireplace glass door?

Fireplaces can work without a glass door. But having a glass door brings in several advantages. For one thing, it provides a barrier between the hot inside of the fireplace and the room. This is a great safety feature to have, especially if there are kids or pets in the house. Also, studies show that closed fireplaces are more energy-efficient than open-hearth fireplaces. Making the fireplace more efficient will result in long term savings as you can considerably reduce your monthly utility cost. Another obvious benefit is that glass doors can prevent smoke and ash dust from getting inside the room.

Where to buy fireplace accessories online?

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