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About Fireplaces

What gives a better feeling than sitting by the fire on the chilly nights of the winter months? If you have a cup of hot cocoa, things get even better. So why wait to get yourself a fireplace in your home? You can find some really good collections of fireplaces in

Fireplaces have been around for centuries. People living in colder regions of the earth used it for finding comfort in the freezing winters. While it is true that heat is still useful, it is not the only reason why people nowadays use them. Not only can it give you comfortable warmth and add a nice ambience to your home, but it can also improve the look and feel of your interior. A nice product can add a touch of luxury to a space that is otherwise dull and mundane. Having a better understanding of them will help you make better purchase decisions when you shop. This article will tell you everything you need to know about them before you shop for them.

Different types of fireplaces

In theory, they might sound like a pretty simple piece of equipment. But that doesn’t stop so many different varieties of them from existing. Plus, most modern homes have the fire pit as a major attraction to the home aesthetics. Therefore even if you are not planning to use one, having one in the main hall or living room will surely add value to your home and interior. It is important to know about different types of fireplaces to determine which one will suit your needs the best. Here is a list of the four most common types available in the market.

Free-standing fireplace

If you want to give your living room a modern look with it, then a free-standing fireplace is the best choice. It will give your home a modern look even if the fire pit itself has a traditional touch to it. Usually, a free-standing fire pit comes with a mantel, as well. You can attach this type of fire pit to the ceiling or wall depending on the fuel you use in it. Unless you are using electricity, you will have to use an additional ventilator with it. The biggest benefit of this product is that you can move them from one location to another, depending on your need. But you will need some help to move it around as it is heavy.

Wall-mounted fireplace

Not everyone has an apartment that is large enough for a free-standing fireplace. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely get rid of the idea of a fire pit altogether. People living in small apartments can enjoy the benefits and aesthetics of a fire pit with a wall-mounted fire pit. And because more and more people are living in smaller houses these days, this type is growing in popularity. You have two options when it comes to installing a wall-mounted fireplace. Either you can opt for an electric fireplace that doesn’t require a chimney. But if you are using gas, or coal as fuel, you will also have to make a provision for ventilation.

Traditional fireplace

This is the oldest type existing to date. Being built into the wall of the living rooms, it was easy to install a chimney right behind the wall to carry the smoke and soot to the outside. But these days most people cannot afford to build a proper traditional fire pit because of the limited space. It is also pretty expensive to build a full-fledged fireplace like this. Instead, you can use an electric version of the traditional fire pit. That way, there is no need for a chimney. Going also saves you the trouble of cleaning.

Hanging fireplace

People who are fond of modern design will find a hanging fire pit interesting. While all other options have their bases on the floor, in case of a hanging fire pit, it is the chimney that holds the weight of the fireplace. Because of its special construction, you will need to make provisions to install a hanging fireplace when you are building the house. They can create an appealing focal point in your living room. Also, there is a wide range of possibilities to customise the design of such an option. You can choose one that fits perfectly with all the other elements inside the room to blend it seamlessly with your interior.

Tips on how to buy Fireplace for your home

The hardest part of buying a fireplace is choosing the right one. As they are pretty expensive, you ;don’t have an option to do any trial and error. But choosing the right one is not that confusing if you know what to look for in a good set. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for one.

  • Giving it a purpose – The first thing to make sure before you are shopping is that it is going to be useful for your home. Instead of being junk that hogs up a lot of space, it should add aesthetic and utility value. Or at least one of these.
  • Choose the type – Think about space availability and good design when you are choosing the type. For instance, it will be impractical to install full-blown traditional options if you are living in a studio apartment.
  • Pick a fuel – Gone are the days when wood and coal were the only fuel to use in a fire pit. These days, there are more than half a dozen options for you to choose from. Choose fuel for your fire pit depending on the type of chimney you can afford, and your convenience. The electric fire pit is the most convenient of all. If you want a fire pit only for heating your room, go for the electric ones.
  • Choose the right size – The product you choose should fit in the space you have. The right way to do it is to measure the dimensions of the wall you want to fix it on. The heat output of the fire pit also depends to an extent on the size. A fire pit that is too large for a room will make a room uncomfortably hot.

Besides being a means to heat up the room, a fire pit can also be a piece of art. A well-designed product can completely transform the look of your room and add a modern touch to it. Therefore, give substantial importance to its design as well when you are installing one. While traditional items can add an antique touch to your interior, an electric one is a work of modern art. Also, don’t forget to check out other products from Home and Living.

Question & Answer

Are fireplace ashes good fertiliser?

If you have a fire pit that uses wood or coal as the fuel, you have good news. These ashes are rich in several useful elements for plants and will make an excellent fertiliser. But that being said, you have to be careful about a few things when you use them. The effectiveness of wood ash as a fertiliser depends on how and where you use them. Wood ash is rich in lime and potassium, both of which are vital for the healthy growth of plants. The best way to use the ashes from a fire pit is to scatter them around the plant. You can also compost it along with your other garden waste to make them more effective.

Is fireplace smoke harmful?

While there is nothing harmful with the smoke itself, smoke that comes from the burning of the wood will also contain tiny microscopic particulate matter. These particulate matters are similar to the ones in smog. The danger is that they can travel deep into your lungs without much resistance. This smoke also contains other volatile organic compounds that are harmful to the respiratory tract. In some people, this can cause breathing troubles and can potentially aggravate any existing lung conditions. These can cause minor problems like headaches and lung irritation with short exposure. And if you happen to breathe them for long periods of time, it can cause major lung issues and can increase the risk of a heart attack.

What are fireplace inserts?

The primary purpose of this product is to increase the efficiency of the fireplace. Because a typical item that uses wood or coal as the fuel only produces 40% of useful heat, having an insert that can improve its performance is really useful. An insert does this by creating a closed combustion system. The major parts of an insert are an insulated glass that covers the fire pit from the colder outside air and a steel or iron frame that holds the glass. This will help the fire pit to trap the heat and utilise it in a more efficient way.

Where to buy a wood stove online?

If you are looking to buy a contemporary fire pit online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. You can find anything from a cheap built-in fire pit to the best electric fire pit for home Look for the latest models of fireplace and accessories you want using the shopping search engine. This will also let you compare the prices and features of different models and find out the best one among them.

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