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About Petrol Stoves

Backpacking is a fun activity. You can follow the trails in the woods, see the sunrise through the trees and sing along with the birds. But having something hot to eat and drink will make this trip even better. That’s why a petrol stove is a must-have on all backpacking trips.

While having a freshly cooked meal at night is absolute bliss when you are camping, there is a limit to how much weight you can carry with you and how much storage space you have in your backpack. So, every item should be of the absolute minimum weight that is physically possible. If you travel lightweight, you can see more places and walk more trails. A good petrol camping stove should help you do just that. It should not weigh heavy on your shoulders but still should let you have hot meals throughout the trips. To purchase a good stove like that, you need to know more about petrol stoves. This article will tell you everything you need about them.

Beginners guide to petrol stoves and fuels

Despite all the inconveniences, cooking on a camping trip is quite enjoyable. You can enjoy the delicious, hygienic, homemade food, with those friends and family members. And the nature around you is surely an undeniable plus. And what is more fulfilling than having your food steaming hot and delicious while standing on top of a mountain. People who are serious about having a nice meal even while camping should also carry a backpacking stove with them. Depending on the type of fuel and the built quality of the stove, it can become more or less convenient to carry them and to actually cook using them.

Different types of backpacking stoves

Almost all backpacking stoves fall into three broad categories: canister stoves, liquid fuel stoves, and alternative-fuel stoves. Canister stoves are the most modern of them all. They use hydrocarbons like butane and propane as fuel. Because these fuels come inside canisters that can be screwed onto the top of the stove, the stoves that use these fuels are also called canister stoves. Liquid fuel stoves are more common among campers as they are more affordable and easier to use. Kerosene stoves and petrol stoves fall into this category. Alternative-fuel stoves are quite different from all of these and run on fuel pellets, wood, or coal.

About petrol camping stoves

Petrol is a highly refined form of crude oil, which, in fact, is a form of hydrocarbon. The distinctive feature of petrol stoves is that they burn clean and do not produce any smoke or leave any residue. They can even work in sub-zero temperatures, and the fuel does not freeze up. Although petrol stoves don’t work as smoothly with other liquid fuels like kerosene or diesel, you can use these fuels if you are stuck with no other option. Petrol stoves are therefore versatile as well. International travellers who don’t have a lot of fuel options opt for petrol stoves for this reason.

Advantages of petrol stoves

Being able to lighten your luggage is great when you go camping. And that is why petrol stoves are the best option for camping. When you compare petrol stoves to other types of stoves, they are lighter and do not take up as much space in your luggage. Another benefit is that petrol is easily available from any gas station. That means running out of fuel is not an issue. Because of that, you can carry fewer fuel cans when you travel. The heat output and efficiency of petrol stoves are much higher than stoves that use other types of fuels like kerosene stoves.

Disadvantages of petrol stoves

The main disadvantage of petrol stoves is that they require priming before you can use them. Fortunately, you can use the fuel itself for this purpose. But as petrol is volatile, you might lose some fuel due to evaporation when you prime the stove. You might also spill some fuel in the process. Once primed, you don’t need to prime them again unless you don’t use them for a few hours. When you compare petrol, which is a liquid fuel, to other solid fuels, like hexamine, petrol requires more storage volume and care. Therefore, transporting petrol is less convenient as compared to transporting solid fuel.

Tips on how to buy Petrol Stove Online in the UAE

While there aren’t many variations of a petrol stove, they do differ in their build and efficiency. Having a good stove can be a lifesaver on a camping trip. For that, you have to look at all the criteria that make a good stove. This is easy if you know all the things you should consider when you are shopping for them. Here are some tips that you can follow when you shop for petrol stoves.

  • Stove weight – When you are hiking on a trail or walking long hours, every ounce of weight in your backpack might seem to weigh you down. Therefore, you should try to travel as light as possible. As a stove is among the heaviest items that you will carry for a camping trip, having a lightweight stove is a great relief.
  • Consider the burn time – The burn time of a stove refers to the time that a stove can burn for a given amount of fuel. If the burn time of a petrol stove is longer, you can carry proportionally less fuel. In fact, the burn time indicates how efficiently a stove burns the fuel.
  • Heat output – Every stove has a maximum heat output. This will greatly impact your speed of cooking. A stove that has the most heat output while also being efficient and has the most burn time is the best option. But such a stove will be more expensive than the average petrol stove.
  • Ignition method – A petrol stove might have an integrated igniter or a separate stand-alone igniter. The integrated igniter is always the best as you don’t need to carry an extra item when you are packing. You should also look at how easy it is to prime the stove and how long does it take before you can start using it.

A petrol stove needs regular maintenance for it to work well. The fuel lines and valves need cleaning for the smooth running of the stove. Before lighting the stove, you should check the lines for any leaks or damage. And never operate the stove in enclosed spaces, like inside a tent. This will cause the buildup of carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas. Apart from all these, don’t forget to check out the fireplace and accessories along with other products from Home & Living.

Question & Answer

What fuel do camping stoves use?

Not all camping stoves use the same type of fuel. In fact, there are more than a dozen different types of fuels for camping stoves. Each of them has its own set of pros and cons. The most common among these are the liquid fuel stoves. They can run on fuels like white gas, kerosene, diesel, and petrol. White gas is actually the purest form of petrol that contains no additives, like ethanol. White gas burns well and does not leave any residue inside the fuel line. Then there are the stoves that run on fuels like butane and propane. While they are very efficient and compact, they are also expensive and hard to refuel if you are in rural areas.

What is a liquid multi-fuel stove?

As you can tell from the name, liquid multi-fuel stoves can run on a few different types of fuels. These include white gas, petrol, diesel, and kerosene. They find wide popularity among campers and backpackers as they can find fuel to operate this stove even if they are in a remote village. These stoves cannot burn solid or gaseous fuel. That means you cannot boil the water using coal if all you have is this stove. Another benefit of liquid multi-fuel stoves is that they can work without any issue even if the temperature is below the freezing point.

How to prime a petrol camping stove?

Before you can cook or boil water using a liquid fuel stove, you have to prime it. Priming means you are enabling the stove to maintain a sustained flow of fuel from the fuel canister to the burners. You have to heat up the burners and fuel valves. To do that, fill the priming cup in the stove and light it up. If the fuel is petrol, you can use the petrol itself for the priming. Then after heating the valves to red hot, turn on the fuel valve and let it flow to the burner. Then try lighting the stove. If the stove keeps burning, then you can throw the pot on and start cooking. If not, repeat the whole process one more time.

Where to buy a petrol stove online?

Petrol stoves are really useful for camping and for heating your house. If you are looking to buy a petrol stove online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. You will find anything from a cheap petrol stove to the best petrol cooking stove to buy online on Look for the stoves using the retail search engine and compare their prices and features to find the best one among them.

There are more than 500 shops and brands offering petrol stoves here on These include some of the popular brands like Nikai, Midea, Saachi, CAMPINGAZ, PRESTIGE, and GASONE.