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About Gas Fires

When the temperature outside drops below the normal temperature, you definitely need something to get warm and comfortable. Thus, gas fires are the ultimate place in your house. It often refers to the heart of the home. And why not? That’s the place where many stories are shared and countless memories are made. And put an aesthetic and elegant appeal to your room decor!

The gas fires work similarly to the ordinary wooden stove, which provides warmth and heat to the room. However, the modern gas fires model emits no smoke. Besides, it vents its waste gases directly to the outside world through a tube in the wall. Another benefit is lowering your heating bills by heating the room you are in. Thus, you can switch off your thermostat and allow other rooms to get colder. However, some of the fire models come with remote control. So, you can control the temperature across the room. Besides, it’s easy to use and install but requires a little maintenance. You need to occasionally remove the dust, soot, and carbon buildup from the logs. Thus, to look for the best remote-control gas fire to buy, you need to know this home & living product precisely. So, keep reading!

A beginner’s guide for using the modern gas fires at home

Are you seeking for stylish yet efficient fireplace for your living room? Then, add this product is exclusively for you. It features improve tube-style double burner, designer trim, power vent system, and much more. Besides, these cheap living flame gas fire comes with a remote control that features LED light, fan, temperatures, childproof settings, and much more. The puck smart wall control to turn the fire on/off and adjust the flame height. And through the home automation screen, you can control the fireplaces by turning the fire on/off. So, let’s learn about the varied kinds of fire models for hassle-free shopping online.

Wall-mounted gas fires

If your room has modern yet aesthetic decor, then you need to install these fire models. It matches your room decor flawlessly. However, you can choose to place it virtually on any internal wall of your room. And you can operate it manually with buttons on the right-hand side of the fireplace. However, it reduces running costs is easy to install and service. Besides, it contains the latest gas fire technology, which doesn’t need a chimney or flue to operate. Thus, these gas fires for sale allow you to install them in the living room, dining room, office, or kitchen. But you can’t install it in the bathroom or bedroom.

Living flame gas fires

Do you stay in a medium-sized room and look for an efficient firebox? Then, probably your search ends here! This slime-line fire model requires 110mm depth and 20mm for the collection of debris. It is easy to use with the rotary control which has been designed for a smooth ignition. However, it has a realistic pebble effect which is the best in the market. So, while you move to buy flueless gas fires online UAE, then you can choose to shop from popular brands. And some of them are Outland Living, Bond Manufacturing, Hiland, Uniflame, Blue Rhino, Heininger, and much more.

Remote-control gas fires

Are you looking for a classic firebox for your old house? Then, you should try checking out this product! It has a brilliant heat output of 3.9kW with 80% heat efficiency. Besides, it comes with the safety features like a flame supervision device and oxygen depletion sensor to keep your surrounding temperature stable. However, these cheap living flame gas fires come with multi-functional remote control. And the thermostatic control system helps your room to remain at a comfortable temperature. The best thing you can do is place this limestone design firebox in contemporary as well as traditional style decor.

Tips on how to buy Gas Fires online

With countless options available for your living room, dining room, or kitchen, it’s essential to pick a well-researched product. But more than that, you need to be careful in choosing the right type of fireplace model. From flueless gas fire, wall mounted gas fires, remote control gas fire, and so on. However, you need to make sure you choose the right size, design, and chimney type or flue type model. Thus, it’s tricky to choose the best remote-control gas fires to buy. And it needs a lot of internet surfing and homework. But you can breathe a sigh of relief! We have already done the task for you. Now, all you need to do is consider them all through your shopping journey and pick according to that. So, let’s have a quick glance!

  • Look – It is a matter of personal preferences or taste. However, the classic and minimalistic look is timeless. But the modern and unique design can add style and elegance to your home. Thus, selecting a simple design can add a unique mantle to your home. However, changing the mantle is relatively easy, and they don’t have to change it every year.
  • Style – It plays a pivotal role in installing it in your room. However, you might have to decide on a place for the fireplace which harmonises with your newly constructed room style or decor. There are wood, plaster, tile, marble, limestone, granite, and stainless steel are various materials that can transform according to the context of the room.
  • Space – An oversize fireplace can overpower a room where it’s been placed. And a small fireside can lose its impact. Thus, you need to select the mantle, which is less than half of the height of the ceiling. However, you need to be careful in choosing the materials which suit your lifestyle, as the amount of maintenance the hearth needs depends on how often it is used at home.

However, choosing the right hearth for your home is one of the vital design decisions you need to take. But with the growing choices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the current trends. And with the right budget can save your pocket from getting empty. So, don’t stop your oomph factor anymore and start with your shopping voyage along with It is the best Dubai product finder with 500+ brands and stores allied with it. Thus, you experience an amazing collection of products with an incredible price range.

Question & Answer

Are gas fires expensive to run?

No! the gas fires aren’t expensive to run. In fact, the gas fires cost $60 annually to run. Besides, the electric gas stoves cost $12o annually to run. And that’s because natural gas is inexpensive to run, so is the gas fire. Besides, these fire models produce few polluting emissions, burn cleanly, and are easy to maintain. Thus, there is few ashes or soot in the chimney. And it loses around 60% of heat up the chimney, which is much lesser than the wood-burning fireplaces. Therefore, it’s cool to the touch, which makes it safe for small kids and animals at home.

How to light a gas fireplace?

These firebox models are easy to use and light it up. You need first to read the user manual properly. Next, you need to open your fireplace’s control panel to gain access. This you can find behind the firebox’s front screen. Now, you need to turn the control knob panel off for at least 5 mins to allow excess gas to clear out. You need to twist the shutoff valve in your device until it’s parallel with the gas line, if necessary. Now move the device’s control knob to the pilot position, which helps the fireplace burn. However, to ignite the pilot light, press the finger into the centre of the control knob. And press the ignition switch, which is a red colour button located near it. You need to press the control knob for at least 30 seconds and move the control knob to on position.

How do flueless gas fires work?

Flueless Gas Fires, as the name suggests, doesn’t need to connect to a chimney or flue pipe. Besides, it works cleanly to draw clean air from the room through a vent at the front or top of the fireplace. However, some of the air passed through a heat exchanger to create warm convected air. And this warm air then releases into your room. Thus, it provides more heat to the radiant heat from the fireplace glass. Besides, some of the air is used to feed the gas flame of your firebox model. Later, after the combustion process, the gases are pass through the catalytic converter. However, this filter converts harmful emissions back into clean gases.

Where to buy gas fire online?

The gas fires provide the same warm atmosphere as the wooden fireplaces. But it emits fewer pollutants and is easy to maintain. Besides, it doesn’t give out ashy cleanup as the wooden firebox. Thus, with all these features, it is worthy of being a part of your home. But that doesn’t make your shopping easy, rather tricky! With countless options from a flueless gas fire, modern gas fires, wall mounted gas fires, to remote control gas fire, and so on, make you more confused. And more, you need to consider your room style, dimension, and size to make your room elegant. However, not every online shopping for fireplaces & accessories will allow you to explore the myriad collection of products. Thus, choose as your shopping partner. It is the best product search engine in Dubai with more than 500+ brands and stores allied with it.