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About Pellet Stoves

When it is winter, you need something to heat the inside of your home. There is no shortage of options for that. But among all other stoves that burn wood for fuel, pellets stoves have been gaining popularity for the last several years.

Pellet stoves are nothing new. In fact, they have been around for more than a couple of centuries. Technically, they are a massive improvement over the conventional wood-burning fireplaces that were cumbersome to use and far less energy efficient. Pellet stoves produce considerably less smoke. The heat output is also more if you consider the amount of wood it burns. Moreover, a good-looking pellet stove itself can be a major attraction in a room. But before you start shopping for pellet stoves, read this article to know more about them. Having a better understanding of them will let you make an informed purchase decision.

Best wood pellet stoves for your home

Wood pellet stoves are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the features of each one of them has varied between models. That means you will be able to find a stove that fits your needs. All you have to do is to look for a good stove that fits your requirements. However, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the various types of pellet stoves that exist out there. Only then you will be able to make an informed decision about which one of them to buy.

Pleasant Hearth Pellet fireplace

This is a pellet stove that fares great in both functionality and design. The pleasant Hearth stove resembles a classic wood-burning fireplace in its design. The exterior has a sleep, matte black finish with slots on the tops. But design is not the primary element of a stove, is it? This stove can produce a high amount of heat in a short period of time. If we are talking numbers, this stove can generate enough heat to maintain a comfortable temperature in a 2200 square feet room. Because most houses do not have such huge rooms, you can leave the internal doors open and heat a large portion of your home with a single pellet stove like this.

Bosca Spirit 500 Pellet stove

This is a modern-looking pellet stove that has several useful features. The major highlight of this stove is its impressive burn time. If you fill it up once, it can burn continuously for up to fifty-three hours. So, if you don’t like replacing pellets every other day, you should probably get this one. You can load around twenty-seven to thirty-one kilograms of wood pellets in the hopper. The outer cabinet of this stove is made of ceramic that can withstand an extremely high amount of heat. There is a glass covering in front of the stove that lets you watch the dancing of the flame as the stove burns.

Castle Serenity wood pellet stove

Large pellet stoves are good at heating the space. But not everyone has enough space in their homes to keep one of them. Serenity wood stove by Castle, on the other hand, is compact yet very efficient and reliable. This stove comes with smart features like a programmable thermostat and eco-friendly mode. The thermostat is very useful because if you set the temperature, you don’t want to adjust the flame every time. One downside of this stove is that the heat output is not on par with that of the larger stoves. But as most people will be using it for heating small spaces, this is not that big of an issue.

Deari Serenity pellet stove

This pellet stove has enough output to heat a large room. But that is not the most attractive factor of this stove. It is a fact that even while putting out such high amounts of heat, it does not affect the ambience of the room. The body of the stove does not allow the sound of burning to pass. And similar to the Castle pellet stove, this one also comes with automatic controls. So, you can ignite it, set the temperature and go about your chores. You can choose any of the four modes of heating depending on the level of heat output that you want.

Tips on how to buy the right type of pellet stove for your home

Selecting a pellet stove for your home is a daunting task. It is also important to get the right stove because they are relatively expensive. So, there is no room for trial and error. But you can get it right the first time if you know what criteria to look for in a stove. Here are some tips that you can follow when you are shopping for wood pellet stoves.

  • Consider the heat output of the stove – The power of a pellet stove should be just right for the size of your room. If a stove is too powerful for space, then you will always have to run it at the lowest setting, which is not good for the health of the stove. If the power is too low, it won’t provide enough heat.
  • Noise level – People who haven’t used pellet stoves before will not think that noise would be an issue for pellet stoves. The noise level of the stove depends on the type of convection that it uses and the method of heat transmission. Stoves that use forced convection of heat usually produce more noise than that use natural convection.
  • Front panel – Some stoves use glass panels in the form while others completely cover the flame. While there is no significant functional difference between the two, being able to see the fire through a glass panel can add to the aesthetic of the room. But stoves that use glass panels are generally more expensive.
  • Size of the stove – You also have to consider the size of the room while choosing the stove. Firstly, there should be enough space in your house for the stove. Generally, large stoves have higher heat output, and smaller ones have less. The size of the stove will also affect the storage capacity of the stove. Larger stoves can hold more quantities of wood pellets.

Apart from the main things, there are some minor things as well to look for in a pellet stove. One of them is the environmental impact of the stove. A good stove should burn efficiently without producing a lot of smoke or leaving carbon residue. Another consideration is the aspect of maintenance. The stove should be easy to clean and maintain. Clogging of the burners is a problem that is seen in poor quality stoves. Also, don’t forget to check out other products from Home & Livin g.

Question & Answer

How does a wood pellet stove work?

Pellet stoves resemble a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Besides the fact that pellet stoves also use wood as the fuel, the similarities end there. Pellet stoves use electronic elements to control the burning of the wood and are generally more efficient and way easier to work with than fireplaces. Once you load the pellet into the hopper, an electric motor controls the movement of fresh pellets into the burn pot. The actual burning takes place in the burn pot. For starting the flame, there is a carburettor that mixes the air and the primer fuel. Once the fire is started, it will burn continuously until you turn it off.

Do you need a chimney to install a pellet stove?

A pellet stove doesn’t need a large chimney-like that of a fireplace. But that doesn’t mean they do not need any kind of venting at all. All pellet stoves require some level of ventilation. This depends on the exact placement of the stove and the availability of natural ventilation in that spot. The easiest way to provide ventilation for the stove is to place it near a window. You need to install a vent pipe that is at least three inches wide on the stove. Make sure that the pipe extends outside the room and is tall enough to avoid affecting the air quality of your yard.

Are pellet stoves worth the money?

Pellet stoves are simply an instrument to heat the room. The question is whether they are better than a traditional and much cheaper wood stove. To answer this, one has to consider the advantages that pellet stoves offer over a wood-burning stove. Firstly, pellet stoves are really easy to use and take care of. This is the major reason why most people prefer to use pellet stoves for room heating. Secondly, pellet stoves are very efficient. That means they use less amount of wood to give out the same amount of heat. Over time the money that you save on the fuel can add up.

Where to buy pellet stoves online?

Pellet stoves are really useful for camping trips and cooking. So, if you are looking to buy pellet stoves online in the UAE, look no further as you are in the right place. You will find anything from cheap pellet stoves to the best pellet stoves to buy in All you have to do is to look for them using our shopping search engine . This will also let you compare the prices and features of different stoves and find out the best one among them.

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