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About Bioethanol Fireplaces

Whether you want to double the charm of a dinner party, arrange a romantic evening or need something to make your place warm and cosy in winters, bioethanol fireplaces are there for you.     

A bioethanol fireplace is a type of fireplace that lights up with the help of ethanol fuel. Its primary part is a burner that is filled with fuel. You will usually find it without a chimney. However, it should be operated with a lot of care as this fuel is highly flammable and can result in accidents. You can find them in two basic forms- manual and automatic. While you have to operate the former manually, the latter can be operated remotely with the help of a remote controller, a mobile app or even a smart home system. There is a wide range of bioethanol fireplaces for sale in the market based on shape, style, installation, and materials. Let us explore which one fits the best in your place. 

Everything you need to know about bioethanol fireplaces

Fireplaces of this kind do not just come in manual and automatic variations. From freestanding to wall-mounted versions, you can get your hands on many styles. Apart from making your space warm, it also adds up well to your room aesthetics. Finding the best fireplace depends upon what you are looking for exactly. If you want to buy a bioethanol stove online in UAE, your budget, desired aesthetics and usage are some of the factors that may affect the search. To stop you from overwhelmed, we are putting below some things you must know before considering one set. 

Installation of ethanol alcohol fireplace

Installation of this type of bioethanol fireplace is a breeze as there are vents, flues, pipes or gas lines attached. If you have purchased the hanging or wall-mounted styles, you can affix them to the wall. It is just like connecting a television set. However, you have to keep some safety aspects in mind. It is like keeping it at least 1 meter away from things that catch fire quickly, including furniture, curtain, and other home décor accessories. Freestanding fireplaces are even easier to install than the above two. You have to assemble it, put the burner inside, add fuel and place it wherever you want. 

Bioethanol burner of manual and automatic fireplaces

As we have already mentioned, these fireplaces come in two main variations. One is manual, and the other one is automatic. Automatic variety is several advantages over manual burners. The manual type burns fuel directly from the reservoir and offers very little control over the fire. You will require a match or lighter to light it. Also, they will give you a smell of burning fuel which you might not like. In automatic models, burners are separated from reservoirs. It means that flame and fuel have no direct contact. Moreover, you can operate them with a remote controller, app or even smart home system. 

The popularity of ventless biofuel fireplace

Fireplaces have been popular since antiquity, but if you want clean-burning and eco-friendly benefits, you should switch to a ventless biofuel fireplace. With this, you can enjoy real flame, no smoke and no smell features. They do not require any vent or chimney to send the smoke out. This is the reason why you can install them anywhere. However, keep safety aspects in mind. Like, keep it away from furniture, soft furnishing and curtains that may catch fire. 

 Safety aspects related to ethanol fireplace fuel and model

Whether it is a traditional fireplace or a bioethanol fireplace, the real flame can be dangerous at times. It is always good to look for a set with safety certifications. It does not end here. You also have to pay attention to the material. If you go with Lower gauge stainless steel, it means that you are investing in a quality burner. They come with better safety and brighter flame. On the other hand, cheap burners pose a lot of safety risks. The next aspect is to keep it away from soft furnishing like cushions, curtains etc. 

Tips on how to buy Bio Ethanol Fireplaces in Dubai

Bioethanol fireplaces come with excellent properties. They are renewable, offer clean burning and are portable. There are many reasons to consider one for your home. However, due to the huge number of options out there, it can be a daunting experience for you to pick one. Find some tips below.

  • Installation – A bioethanol burner is both a heating appliance and a decorative item. You can find it in four main types- tabletop, wall-mounted, freestanding and their insert counterparts. As the name suggests, a tabletop is compact and kept on the table, whereas wall-mounted ones are mounted on the wall for better aesthetics. They are the best ventless biofuel fireplace if you have children or pets at home. You can prefer freestanding styles if you are looking for something to move from one room to another.
  • Material – It can be made up of any material like wood, wrought iron and even stainless steel. A purist would prefer the wooden versions as they offer a rustic yet classy finish. However, stainless steel is a trendy material that the masses prefer.
  • Safety aspects – Since a fireplace produces a real flame, it can be dangerous if you do not keep safety aspects in mind. Look for the fireplaces that come with safety certifications. If you go with good brands and sturdy materials, you will rest assured of safety. In contrast, cheap and light materials might not withstand the heat and harsh conditions.
  • Manual vs automatic – These fireplaces come in two main types- manual and automatic. Manual fireplaces have many advantages over automatic ones. They burn fuel directly from the reservoir. Moreover, you will have less control over the fire and experience a burning smell. You will require a match or lighter to light it. On the other hand, in automatic models, burners are separated from reservoirs. You will also have the facility to operate them remotely through a remote controller, app or even smart home system.

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Question & Answer

Are bioethanol fireplaces any good?

A bioethanol fireplace is better than traditional fireplaces. It is a clean-burning fuel and is an eco-friendly option. Moreover, you do not have to be in the burning smell. It is ventless as it does not produce harmful smoke or fumes. It is an ideal option for indoors. Moreover, if you go with a tabletop or free-standing style, you can move it anywhere you want. The best benefit of bioethanol fire is that it is a lot more eco-friendly than a traditional fuel fire. So, many people prefer them over other types.

Do bioethanol fireplaces produce heat?

A bioethanol fireplace is not made to heat the whole house, but it can surely make small spaces warm and cosy. However, since there are portable options, you can take them anywhere you want. There are some factors that affect ethanol fireplace heat output. Those factors are the size of your home and also, its layout. The size of individual rooms also affects the performance. The insulation levels of the home also affect the heat output.

How do bioethanol fires work?

It depends upon the type of burner you have chosen. If it is a manual one, you have to pour the fuel, i.e. bioethanol, into the burner once you have set it up. The concept of an ethanol fireplace is a bit different from other burning stoves. They use bioethanol as a heat source. Hence, no ashes or harmful fumes product out of it. The flames are very clean, and the fireplaces require little or no venting. So, this is how these fireplaces work.

 Where to buy bioethanol fireplaces online in the UAE?

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