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Fantastic things do really come in small packages. If you’ve ever sat on your cosy couch watching TV, crunching on sunflower seeds, you already know the pleasure of munching on these simple snacks. Edible kernels can be nutritional powerhouses. Plus, they can be a great alternative for people with nut allergies. This explains why you should get yourself a pack of edible seeds. However, before that, you ought to know your options, the places from where you can get them and a few tips on how to buy seeds online in UAE. Read through this article to understand the snack! 

Before we check out the various edibles seeds, you should know the benefits of these kernels first. Edible kernels are like nature’s sprinkles, filled with nutritional goodness. You can mix them into yoghurt or oatmeal, blend into a smoothie, or shake over a bowl of salad. Besides, you could consume them in various ways. You could roast them or eat them raw depending on the particular seed. Either way, they amp up the dietary value of your regular meals. That’s because they’re full of heart healthy fats. That said, let’s check out a few useful edible seeds that you must add to your diet for several health benefits. 

The five different types of edible seeds to add to your diet 

You’d be surprised to find out how many types of edible kernels you can find these days. Do not be fooled by their small structure. They’re packed with numerous health benefits depending on the type of seed you choose. From hemp seeds to pine nuts and apricot kernels, each snack has a separate health benefit. Besides, you’ll only need a spoonful of the edible seeds to enjoy their entire health benefits. Because, they tend to be high in calories relative to their volume. Therefore, it’s best to keep your proportions moderate. Check out these five seeds for eating listed below. Just a sprinkle of these seeds are enough to improve your meal’s nutritional value. 

The chia seeds

Often categorised as a super food, chia seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. They help in keeping your cholesterol levels under control. And do not underestimate these tiny kernels, as they absorb up to ten times their weight when soaked in water. This high water content and fibre in chia seeds help you feel fuller for longer, thereby curbing your hunger. Note, the chia seeds do not have much taste on their own. However, you could add a dash of it to your favourite smoothies, puddings, or fruit salads. In fact, the possibilities are endless. Their unique texture does jazz up your food and make them healthier too. You could buy cheap chia seeds online these days. 

The pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of magnesium. Typically, two tablespoons of these kernels contain about 25 percent of the daily recommended dietary allowance. Besides, they’re also exceptionally high in zinc. This boosts your body’s immune system. Apart from that, these pumpkin kernels also induce better sleep. That’s because, they contain amino acid tryptophan. A research conducted by the Nurtritional Neuroscience suggests that tryptophan if consumed with carbohydrate compares to pharmaceutical grade tryptophan. This can help you fall asleep more quickly. Therefore, including them in your diet is highly beneficial. 

The poppy seeds

We do not if you’ve heard of them before, but what we do know that the benefits of poppy seeds are amazing. Also called as ‘khus khus’ in Hindi, poppy seeds are oilseeds obtained from poppy. You’ll find different kinds of poppy kernels like the blue, white, and oriental. Regardless, of what type they are, they all have similar benefits. The most important benefit is the prevention of heart disease. These kernels contain linoleic acid that contains the omega-6 fatty acid required for optimal heart health. However, make sure that you take them in correct proportions as anything in excess can harm your health. Hence, balance is the key. 

The cumin seeds

While you might have enjoyed many dishes flavoured with a dash of cumin powder or seeds, you may not have realised how beneficial they’re. Their immense health benefits spans them across several cultures and many culinary favourites. From hearty Italian chilli to warming Indian curries you’ll find them in all. So what are they? Cumin seeds is an ancient kernel that originated in India. Traditionally, you can use them in a variety of ways. They’re also one of the best seeds for weight loss. Besides, you can include them in your diet to improve your digestive health, or to control your blood sugar levels under check. Apart from this, they also have antiviral properties that keep bacteria at bay. 

The sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are the oldest condiment known to mankind. They’re nutty and fragrant. So are they good for you? Yes, of course. Their benefits aren’t just culinary. But, their nutrient rich nature makes them beneficial for your entire body. They include a combination of minerals and vitamins which makes them one of the healthiest seeds in the world. The seeds prevent diabetes, cure anaemia, keeps your cardiovascular health in check, has anti-cancerous properties, and helps you maintain a good digestive health. Apart from that, the kernels are rich in powerful antioxidants that makes them a perfect choice to keep your skin glowing.

Tips on how to buy Seeds online

When you need a quick snack to quench your hunger, a handful of seeds are an excellent option. You must’ve figured this by now! However, to get the maximum benefit you should buy the best options and as fresh as possible. But how do you know which ones to pick? Keep reading to receive some tips on how to buy these seeds online in a hassle-free manner.
  • Know your preference – Which kind of seed do you like? Understanding your preferences is one of the first things to do before starting your search for the seeds online. Knowing what our preferences are helps you sort out the ones that you need from the ones that you don’t. Besides, it also helps you pick the right one.
  • Do some research – It’s always better research on any food & beverage products before you buy them. Understand their origin, nutritional value, check out the places from where you can buy them and production houses from where you can get them at nominal rates. The more you know about the product the better and easier it is for you to buy them.
  • Explore your options – You’ll find an endless list of consumable seeds out there on the market. From usual aniseed to alfalfa seed and linseed, you’ll find many options. However, not all of them might suit your. Therefore, its best check out these different options first before you make your final call on a particular seed.
  • Check out the health benefits – Every seed has different properties. Therefore, it offers you various health benefits. Hence, it’s best to check out the advantages that they can offer you when you add them to your meal before you buy them. This way you’ll know how much of it to add to your regular meals to reap maximum benefits.
  • Make sure it’s fresh – in most cases, it’s easy to tell if the fruits and vegetables are fresh or not. But it can be tricky to pick out a fresh seed. So how do you tell it’s fresh? Well, the outer shells of the kernels should be hard and clean. You shouldn’t see any pits or dents underneath the seed. Also, you might be able to catch a fresh aroma if the entire packet is fresh.
  • Always purchase raw – It’s best to get the raw nuts and seeds. Remember, they lose some of their valuable enzymes, minerals, and other nutrients when you roast them. Therefore, even if you plan to toast the nuts yourself, it’s best to buy them raw, as it keeps them fresh till them. Besides, it’s good to buy them unsalted.
  • Look out for quality – Quality is prime when it comes to any food product. You certainly do not want a spoilt product. Therefore, look at the quality of the seed you’re going to buy. Only getting the best quality seed guarantees you the highest health benefits. One of the best ways to purchase quality seeds is to get them from well-known brands like Bayara, Super Chef, American Harvest, and Green Farm.
  • Buy in bulk – While it may be easy to browse through a few options and get a small pack online, buying the kernels in bulk is always an ideal option. Bulk seeds are appear to be always fresh than the salted, canned ones. Besides, you can actually see what you’re buying. Apart from that, if you consume a lot of kernels and nuts, then buying them in bulk is always a cost-effective option.
  • Look out for the price – It’s best to get your kernels in bulk as it costs you less when it compared to the canned versions. Typically, you’ll find both expensive and cheap options out there. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself before you start your search online. You could also get the seeds for sale online in UAE. This way, you can secure a good quality pack by spending less.
Making the choice to go healthy is a responsible decision to make. Incorporating these edible seeds into your diet considerably contributes to a healthy lifestyle. However, you ought to buy the right ones that suit your health and taste preference. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction and help you pick the best seed for yourself.

Question & Answer

Which seeds are good for weight loss?

There are many seeds that help you get through your weight loss journey. These not only reduce your belly fat but also help in sustainable weight loss. The seeds included in this category are pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, and chia seeds. Each kernel has a different way of working your body to reduce the fat and keep your weight under control.

Which seeds for eating shall I buy?

Seeds, in general, contain all the necessary materials to develop into complex plants. Because of this, they tend to be extremely nutritious. They’re not only great source of fibre but also contain healthy mono-saturated fats, minerals, anti-oxidants, and important vitamins. Therefore, they offer several health benefits when you make them a part of your diet. Some popular seeds that you can incorporate in your diet are flaxseeds, chia, hemp, sesame, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds.

Where to buy seeds online in UAE?

Today you can order your seeds from several online platforms. You could check out – a superfast product search engine that offers you the biggest selection of edible seeds online. Better yet, you can purchase them from popular brands and that too from your favourite online stores. Besides, you get all this under one single roof with one single click. Seeds are a great source of healthy minerals, vitamins, and fats. Furthermore, they help reduce risk of certain diseases. Above all, they’re an excellent snack. So, get them today! Explore the freshest collection of kernels, nuts and seeds right here on

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