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Pumpkin Seeds

About Pumpkin Seeds 

Pumpkin seed is an edible item that comes from a pumpkin or certain other types of cultivars of squash. These seeds are flat and asymmetrically oval with a white outer husk and a light green inside.  

You may also find husk fewer cultivars; they are grown only for edible seeds. Pumpkin seeds are rich in calories, nutrients, and higher fat content. The fat contents include oleic acid and linoleic. These seeds also contain dietary fibres, protein and several micronutrients. Pumpkin seeds either refer to the hulled kernel or un-hulled whole seeds. They are commonly referred to as the roasted end product widely used as a snack. Besides, they are a common ingredient in Mexican cuisine. It is popular in the US, Spain, Mexico, and many European countries worldwide.  

Reasons you should start eating pumpkin seeds now

As per studies, both dried and toasted pumpkin seeds contain about 2% water, 15% carbohydrates, 49% fats, and 30% protein content. A 100-gm serving has about 574 calories and is a rich natural source serving approximately 20% of the daily value of dietary fibre, iron, zinc, protein, magnesium, manganese, and other elements. These seeds may look smaller, but they are jam-packed with valuable nutrients. So, eating a small number of raw pumpkin seeds can provide you with a substantial quantity of natural energy. Here are some elaborated reasons why you should add pepitas to your daily diet today.  

The Antioxidant properties 

These small pumpkin seeds are rich in natural antioxidants like Vitamin E and carotenoids. Adding such elements to your daily diet helps in reducing inflammation and protecting your cells from harmful free radicals, hence developing a natural immune system to fight back many diseases. Studies also suggest that a high level of antioxidants in pumpkin seeds positively impact health. Overall, one study suggests that inflammation was reduced when given pumpkin seed oil. Other studies suggest they help lower drug-related inflammation and fight against many diseases. 

Reduced risks of cancer 

Diets rich with green pumpkin seeds are linked with lower lung, breast, prostate, stomach, and colon cancer. According to scientific studies, eating these small seeds develop the immune system in the body that can fight back breast cancer, causing cells in postmenopausal women  It is also said that the lignans in pumpkin seeds play a significant role in preventing and treating breast cancer at early stages  So, with increase cancer issues with growing age, it is always a better idea to start adding these natural fighters in your daily diet from today to avoid any such problem tomorrow.  

Prostate & bladder health  

Just like cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a common problem that causes issues in urination. Pumpkin seeds can help to reduce the pains and related inflammatory problems in your bladder and urinary tract. Therefore, it is recommended that men add these seeds to their daily diet. Likewise, it also has a positive impact on the overactive bladder. According to experts, taking any supplement of 10 grams of pumpkin seeds can improve urinary function in adult men and women.  

The magnesium content  

Pumpkin seeds are one of the primary natural sources of Magnesium. These seeds hold a unique position as magnesium deficiency is common in many countries. According to surveys, about 79% of adults in the USA had a magnesium intake below the recommended daily dose needed. In contrast, according to medical sciences, Magnesium is important for more than 600 chemical reactions in the body. A reasonable magnesium level is important for controlling blood pressure, reducing the risks of heart attacks, maintaining a healthy skeleton, and regulating balanced blood sugar. 

Tips on how to buy Pumpkin seeds online in the UAE  

From using pumpkin seeds for fertility to buying specially treated pumpkin seeds for hair loss, there is a wide range of products available online. Luckily with so many brands online, you can easily find high quality yet cheap bulk pumpkin seeds in the UAE. As you will be buying the seeds online, you might need to pay a little more attention. First of all, note that there are dozens of brands online selling quality products at the best price possible. So, it is easier to get distracted and coned by bad quality products. Further, you may need to consider the following points while buying seeds online.

  • Buying in bulk is always best – If you eat a lot of seeds and nuts, buying in bulk will always keep stuff handy. Also, bigger serving can save you money. Generally, you will find them standard packaging of different weights. Buy as per your consumption.
  • Try to buy raw – Today you can find processed, and even flavoured seeds. Other times they will come with a lot of preservatives to stay longer. It’s better to buy raw. This way you can enjoy variety and can roast them or make a paste and use them in different dishes.
  • Think of the Storage – Seeds and nuts can get expired if exposed to moisture, heat, or light. So, look for a product with airtight packaging as it will be easier to store.  Otherwise, you will need special airtight jars to secure the seeds.
  • Read previous consumers – The experience of prior consumers can help you decide if you should buy the products from a particular brand or not. So read the comment section of each product carefully and buy a product with at least a 3 out of 5-star ratings.
  • The price range –  Products from top brands are always expensive. But it will also ensure your health safety by offering authorized quality edible products. So always consider investing money in good quality.

It is always a good idea to buy organic products that can provide you with natural nutrients and minerals. However, industrially cleaned, and packed organic foods and beverages are still a bit more expensive. They are also harder to find as compared to their non-organic alternatives. This is why is a perfect place to look for organic products from best sellers. Here the consumers can also enjoy buying with the help of a price comparison tool. This unique tool helps the users to search for cheaper branded items with just a few clicks.

Question & Answer

What are the benefits of pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkin seeds have strong antioxidant properties; meanwhile, they effectively enhance skin and eye health. Studies also find a positive impact on prostate sexual and urinary health. It also contains zinc that makes it ideal for pregnant ladies. Meanwhile, the amino acids and tryptophan in these seeds make them ideal for preventing insomnia. You can also use them for improved digestion and natural weight loss.

Which pumpkin seeds are the best?

If you are looking forward to losing weight, you should try Anthony’s Organic Pumpkin Seeds. It is Gluten Free, Non-GMO, No Shell, Unsalted and Keto Friendly. In gluten–free options, you can also try Good Sense Roasted Salted Organic Pumpkin Seeds and DAVID SEEDS Roasted and Salted Pumpkin Seeds. The GERBS Raw Hulled Pumpkin Seed Kernels are also ideal for vegan and gluten–free diet lovers.

What is the best time to eat pumpkin seeds?

You can use pumpkin seeds at different times of day or night depending on why you want to eat them. For instance, if you have trouble sleeping, you may want to eat pumpkin seeds before bed. They contain tryptophan and essential amino acids that help improve sleep. Also, you can eat them during the daytime or in the morning as a part of your shakes or other types of homemade energy drinks.

Where to buy pumpkin seeds online in the UAE?

You can explore to find all top brands like Spitz, Eden Organic, Bayara, Organic Larder, Castania, Cerreto, or Sun food. All these brands are known and trusted for offering a wide range of seeds for all your healthy and nutritional needs. You can also use the price comparison tool to compare and buy products from different brands fitting in your budget.