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About Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds come from an aromatic plant that looks like other members of the carrot family. These plants have feathery leaves with tiny white flowers. These plants yield small hard brown crescent-shaped seeds.  

Caraway is also known as Persian cumin or meridian fennel. Just like many other aromatic plants, the caraway is also used for many health treatments. According to studies the black caraway has been employed since antiquity for treating different medical issues in traditional healing systems. The use of black cumin in many Ayurveda treatments is a common ritual around the globe. These seeds basically offer digestive aids which were first mentioned in Egyptian tests or herbal knowledge that dates back to around 1550 BC. According to recent studies these seeds are a rich source of essential oils with a higher level of antioxidants.  

Health benefits of black caraway seeds 

Meridian fennel or caraway seeds are cultivated and circulated around the entire world. Despite we use black cumin seeds on daily basis, most of us don’t know the benefits they bring. After being introduced to different cuisines it is hard to ignore the associated pros and cons. The cumin spice has higher fibre content From helping in weight loss to delaying the serious signs of ageing, there is a long list of health benefits that come with caraway seeds.  And due to widely experienced perks, these seeds have become an essential part of baked goods like brands and are impressively adding to their nutritional values. Hence if you are willing to add something healthy to your lifestyle, opt for caraway seeds and enjoy benefits including some mentioned below.  

Helps in dealing with digestive disorders 

Since the middle ages, people are consuming caraway to aid digestive disorders after a feast and prevent issues like bloating. Likewise, studies also suggest the use of cumin seeds in folk, traditional and herbal medicine. Among many others, the caraway was mainly used for mild spastic conditions of the GI tract, fullness and bloating. It also has a proven impact on easing gastrointestinal discomfort. the volatile oils from this plant include caravan and carvol that are effective in soothing the muscles in your digestive tract that results in relieving spasms and expelling gas.  

Healthy skin  

Cumin seeds are a natural source of vitamin E which is a macro-nutrient necessary for keeping the skin healthy. Vitamin E is also responsible for increasing the water-retaining properties of skin naturally. Also despite the concentration of Vitamin C being lesser in caraway, it is sufficient to keep the skin healthy by increasing the production of collagen. Hereby collagen we mean the essential type of protein that is responsible for supplying structural integrity. it is generally lost as we age, so we need to take a certain amount of collagen to slow or delay ageing. Both Vitamin E and C in caraway helps in maintaining the skin elasticity and preventing it from wrinkles and spots.  

Improved cardiovascular health  

High blood pressure is notoriously a major reason for the poor health of the ageing heart. Luckily there are plenty of minerals in eh caraway seeds that make it just the right thing to cope with all these problems. These minerals play their role in tacking the side effects of high salt concentration in the blood. This excess salt in blood is the reason why it becomes hard for the excess water to leave the cells and results in increased blood pressure. A natural way to deal with the problem is to use a mineral-rich diet. Caraway seeds are a surefire way to do the job.  

Dealing with irritable bowel syndrome 

Caraway is also widely used in combination with peppermint oil. This oil is used for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome that causes a wide range of symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhoea, abdominal pain constipation etc. A combination of 90 mg peppermint oil with 50mg of caraway oil if taken three times a day can lead to reducing the pains and irritation. It is also helpful for IBS if used topically. Even if you want to try this at home, you can apply caraway oil in the abdomen area cover it with a moist towel and place a heating pad on the top. 

Other benefits of caraway seeds 

Besides many health benefits, there is still a long list of suspected benefits of caraway. One potentially amusing use can be witnessed as an agent to lower cholesterol levels in the human body.  Whereas another study on diabetic rats found that the caraway can lower the blood sugar and cholesterol level. This study opens doors to treating the same symptoms in humans. Further investigations are already in process to find the effectiveness of caraway seeds for liver and other organ functions. However, historically we have proof of women using caraway oil to reduce menstrual cramps and as an antispasmodic agent for reducing muscle cramps.

Tips on how to buy Caraway Seeds online in the UAE 

Seeds can be a healthy snack for any person wishing to stay young and energetic. If you are keen to get the maximum advantage from these healthy natural snacks, you should buy organic items. it is also important to buy fresh items and use them in their best conditions. Luckily, there are many brands selling the best small black seeds to buy online. But as there are different uses of cumin or caraway seeds, it is important to know how and what to choose to meet your needs. To help first-time buyers online, we are here to share some tips on making online shopping easier and fun.

  • Make sure the item is fresh – Determining if the nuts and seeds are fresh or not is a bit tricky. So when buying seeds online, look for a reliable brand that is known for offering high-quality items. Remember if the seeds are darkening in colour, mouldy, and shrivelled up, return them back to the suppliers as they are no longer good to use.
  • Buy in bulk – Nuts and seeds can stay fresh for a long. So if you are about to use them on regular basis, buying them in bulk will save you from the hassle of shopping again and again. but it will also help you save some costs as you can get more quantity in bigger packages as compared to what you will get in smaller.
  • Always look for raw products – It is important to buy raw seeds and the roasted items lose some of their essential minerals, enzymes and nutrients. Even if you are planning to roast a seed, keeping it raw as long as you can is best. Also, unsalted items are a better option to buy as the salted one is too high in sodium which is not good for health.
  • Consider the storage – Seeds contain natural oils that can easily rotten if exposed to a certain temperature. So Before buying nuts or seeds you should consider the space you will be storing them in. make sure you have reasonable airtight glass containers and spaces where there is no direct sunlight.
  • Know what previous consumers have to say – While buying online, you should always consider what previous users have to say about the product. As a rule of thumb, you should only buy products with a higher consumer ranking. these unbiased reviews are an effective way to know about the performance of the product selected for purchase.
  • The price range – Different brands and sellers have different price tags. Also, the price varies based on if the seeds are raw or have been under some kind of processing. It is thus better to set a budget limit for seeds and look for products accordingly. here you can take help from the price comparison tool to find cheap caraway seeds online within a few clicks.

In the end, we will recommend you do some market search before settling for any brand or product that you see on your screens. It is also important to consult your physician or medical expert to know if the particular type or form of seed is suitable for your body. You should also ask the experts for the maximum quantity of the seed you can intake on daily basis. Also if you are using the seeds for any treatment you should ask the experts for the minimum quantity to be effective.

Question & Answer

Why are caraway seeds good for you?

Caraway seeds are good for a number of reasons. These seeds are naturally rich in several plant and mineral compounds that are helpful in the healthy growth of the human body including the proper working of many basic vital organs. These seeds help in weight loss, promote digestive health and relieve inflammation. Besides, it is also effective in promoting better skin health and aiding in issues like diabetes.

How to use Caraway Seeds?

Caraway seeds are used in a number of ways around the globe. In terms of culinary application, these are the best and somewhat essential ingredients in rye and soda bread. At the same time, they are used in a wide range of baked goods like cookies, dinner rolls, cookies, muffins, French toast. They are also used in curries, soups, stews, casseroles and sauces. For supplement purposes, they are used in the shape of capsules, powder or essential oils.

How much caraway seed should I take?

To make tea you can use two to three teaspoons of crushed caraway seeds per cup of boiling water. Steep it for about 20 minutes and strain. You can drink it up to three times a day to aid digestion and relieve menstrual cramps or gas etc. In the shape of homemade tinctures, one-half to a teaspoon is reasonable for use per day. For further confirmation, you should consult your health experts and follow their advice carefully. It is important that you take medical advice before anything in your body on a long term or permanent basis.

Where can I buy Caraway Seeds Online?

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