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Hemp Seeds

About Hemp Seeds

H emp (otherwise known as industrial hemp) comes in a variety of cannabis Sativa species. This plant is mainly produced for industrial use and is a part of a wide range of products. Besides their use in different products, hemp seeds are also an edible product with many health and beauty benefits.

Hemp seeds are right in protein and are a natural source of iron. You can eat them raw, sprouted, ground into hemp meal, or make a form of dried sprout powder. Hemp seeds can also be used converted into liquid and used in baking or making beverages like tisanes like hemp milk. Whereas hemp oil is a cold-pressed form of seed and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. The leaves of the hemp plant are also edible and consumed raw as leafy vegetables in salads. These leaves are also pressed to make hemp juice.

Health benefits of hemp seeds

Since recently, people started considering hemp seed as a superfood. These seeds have a very rich nutritional profile and offer a range of health benefits. Despite they come from the family of cannabis Sativa, they do not produce any sort of mind-altering effects. They are small brown seeds that are rich in fibre, fatty acids, and proteins. The fatty acids profile includes omega-3s and omega-6s. Besides the whole hemp seeds also have antioxidant effects. With that said they can reduce the symptoms of many health issues and improve the overall health of the skin, heart and joints. Here we will talk about hemp seed nutrition.

The incredible nutrition profile

Hemp seeds have an amazing nutritional profile. They have a mild nutty flavour that is also known as hemp hearts. These little hearts contains more than 30% fats. They are rich in two basic fatty acids: linoleic acid (omgea-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (Omega- 3). These seeds also contain gamma-linolenic acids that have many health benefits. They are also a source of protein with more than 25% of their net calories being from high-quality proteins. It makes them smellier to foods like flaxseed and chia seeds. Meanwhile, they can offer you Vitamin E and minerals like potassium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, zinc, iron and sodium.

Reduced heart issues

Hemp seeds can also reduce the risk of many common heart issues. As heart issues are the leading cause of death around the globe, eating hemp seeds can reduce the risk of heart problems. These seeds contain a high amount of amino acids known as arginine that naturally produces nitric oxide in the body. This gas molecule can make your blood vessels dilate and relax leading to lower blood pressure and reduced risk of heart issues. In the meantime, the gamma-linolenic acid in hemp seeds can also reduce the inflammation that can ultimately decrease the risk of heart attacks.

Dealing with skin disorders

At times, fatty acids can impact the immune response in the body. According to studies, the immune system depends on the balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. As hemp seeds are a good source of poly-saturated as well as essential fatty acids, they can benefit your skin. Giving hemp seed oil to people with eczema can improve the blood level of essential fatty acids. The oil may also relieve dry skin and improve itchiness while reducing the need for skin medication. However, it is highly recommended to consult a dermatologist before taking any such medication.

Great source of plant-based proteins

About 25% of calories in hemp seed come from its protein portion. This is relatively higher as compared to any other plant. BY weight hemp seeds provide the same amount of protein as lamb and beef. About two to three tablespoons of hemp oil provide almost 11 grams of protein. Being a complete protein source they can also provide all the needed amino acids. If your body is not able to produce essential amino acids, adding hemp seed oil can fulfil the needed quota.

Tips on how to buy Hemp Seeds online in the UAE

Seeds are natural ways to serve all the nutrients and protein for the healthy growth of your body. Fresh and raw seeds are the best way to quench your hunger and keep yourself healthy. And with so many health benefits of dill, it is a must to consider hemp seed for anxiety or buy the best hemp seed for weight gain or something for your snack time. But, to get the maximum benefit you should buy the best options and as fresh as possible. But how do you know which ones to pick? Here are some tips on how to buy these cheap seeds for sale online in the UAE.

  • Set preferences – You need to start by deciding why you want to include hemp see in your daily diet. Do you like to earn some health benefits or do you want to gain some weight-related benefits? In the latter case, you will need to consult the doctor to know the exact quantity and condition you should take the seed. Buy accordingly!
  • Do some research – It’s always better to do research on food & beverage before you buy. Understand the nutritional values and brands from where you can get them at nominal rates. The more you know about the product the better and easier it is for you to buy them.
  • Buy raw – It’s best to get the raw nuts and seeds. Seeds lose part of their valuable enzymes, minerals, and other nutrients when you roast them. Therefore, even if you plan to toast the nuts yourself, it’s best to buy them raw, as it keeps them fresh till them.
  • Look out for quality – You certainly do not want a spoilt product. Therefore, look at the quality of the seed you’re going to buy. Only the best quality seed guarantees you the highest health benefits. One of the best ways to purchase quality seeds is to get them from well-known brands like Bayar, Super Chef, American Harvest or more.
  • Buy in bulk – While it may be easy to browse through a few options and get a small pack online, buying the seeds in bulk is always an ideal option. Bulk seeds are always fresh than the salted, roasted or canned ones. Apart from that, if you consume a lot of kernels and nuts, then buying them in bulk is always a cost-effective option.
  • Buy cheaper – Buying in bulk will cost you less when compared to the canned versions. Typically, you’ll find both expensive and cheap options out there. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself before you start your search online. You could also get the seeds for sale online in UAE. This way, you can secure a good quality pack by spending less.

Making the choice to go healthy is a responsible decision to make. Incorporating edible seeds into your diet considerably contributes to a healthy lifestyle. However, you ought to buy the right ones that suit your health and taste preferences. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction and help you pick the best seed for yourself.

Question & Answer

Are hemp seeds low FODMAP?

Hemp seeds are incredible for several reasons. One of the many important reasons is that they are rich in Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. This is an important plant-based protein essential for the body. With that, very recently, they are declared as low FODMAP. It means that they are suitable snack options if taken as the recommended serving size. Hence they are added to a daily products like non-dairy milk, bread, cereals, muesli bars and much more.

Can hemp seeds make you sleepy?

No, hemp seeds do not make you sleepy. But hemp is always confused with cannabis and it also contains traces of THC. This THC is responsible for drowsy feelings when consuming cannabis. Which is why consuming hemp will not make you tired? This is the reason why people consume hemp seeds and oil for health and nutritional benefits. Studies also suggest the usage of hemp during the day without worrying about feeling lazy or asleep.

What do hemp seeds look like?

The hemp plants grow brownish kernel size seeds. Inside the hard shell lies a white, soft and light green kernel. These green seeds are rich in essential proteins, amino acids, and a massive amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. When you place an order for hemp seeds you will actually get that soft inner kernel. It is also known as hemp kernels that are pressed to get hemp seed oil. The reaming by-product is turned into hemp protein powder.

When do hemp seeds expire?

Normally the expiry date will be written on the packaging you will get the hemp seed in. But in general, once you open the package and pour the content in an airtight container you will have a limited time to use these seeds depending on where you store them. At first, you need to place them in a cool place like the freezer of the refrigerator to extend the shelf life. After opening you should expect a bad of hemp seed to last for about 12 months in the refrigerator. But if you are keeping it in the pantry they are usable for 3 to 4 months only. The moment seeds smell rancid, toss them out.

Where to buy hemp seeds online in the UAE?

With advancements in online technology and the new trends in shopping, you can buy everything on a retail search engine . These platforms provide you with an opportunity to explore products from different brands and make the best choice for you and your family. Therefore when it comes to edible items like hemp seeds for health, look at Here you can find top brands like OLIG, Navitas, Manitoba, Sunfood, Gerbs, and Nutriva

Besides the healthy seeds for your snack or meals, you can also consider to buy food and beverages from top shops that are trusted to buy food and beverages of all kinds.