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Aniseed Seeds

About Aniseed Seeds

Anise plant comes under the member of the carrot family. The scientific name for anise plant is Pimpinella anisum. It is bright-olive green to grey-brown. Aniseed seeds are high in iron, copper, manganese, calcium, and phosphorus. Anise is probably one of the earliest spices recognized by humanity. It is a part of the Umbelliferous group that consists of cumin, caraway, fennel, and dill. Anise has always been a part of therapy, along with its cookery qualities.

Anise seeds have several health benefits. Romans used to utilize anise to taste cake which they used to consume right after huge meals. They used to do it for the better digestion of the food. Anise tea is also there, which you can buy online. The tea works wonders and is best in dealing with bronchial ailments, coughs and mucus. They also treat respiratory system blockage. So, if you want to see its magic, then you should definitely get your hands on the best anise seeds . But before that, let’s understand aniseed seeds’ benefits. Keep on reading.

Anise seeds benefits

Anise seeds work like a miracle for the digestive system. It enhances digestive features and works excellent for digestive problems. If you have an upset stomach for a few days or months, then you can add anise seeds to your diet and experience its magic. Aniseed seed is a boon to the digestive system. It offers ultimate treatment for digestive illness and provides certainty for a well-maintained digestive system. If you are suffering from vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, gastric problem, and diarrhoea, then you should definitely try out anise seed. Basically, anise seeds work as an appetite stimulant.

Treats cataracts and insomnia

If you are suffering from a cataract, you can take 6 grams of aniseed seeds, and you will be all sorted. But if you are suffering from late-night sleep or generally you do have a proper sleep, then you can start taking aniseed tea. Anise seed tea works incredibly in managing sleeping disorders. To treat insomnia, you can begin taking anise seed tea before bed. You can also add honey to it to make it taste better. So, if you are looking for anise seed for sleep online, then you can hop on It is your one-stop destination for all your food & beverage needs. Our product search engine has over 500 brands like Starwest Botanicals, Fito, Bayara, Super Chef, Royal Herbs, and more. You can get authentic anise seeds from these branded stores at

Boon for skin

Anise plants are additionally being utilized for treating skin disorders. It used to be a boon for treating acne. However, the anise seed oil is poisonous to insects. But it helps in specific ways of treating acne skin. You can dip the oil in a lotion and then apply it to your skin to lower the chance of discomfort. Aniseed seeds have multiple functionalities and benefits. If you want to really see its magic, then buy it online and experience its richness. Many users search for it at lower prices. So, they look to buy anise seeds for sale online in UAE to get them all at discounted and lower prices.

Cures respiratory health

Anise seeds have extraordinary functions in treating the respiratory system. Its function has an ideal expectorant within the body. Anise seeds help in losing phlegm within the throat and lungs. Moreover, these seeds are efficient and a boon for treating asthma. Anise seeds are really a well-liked component in several cough medicines. Also, it treats many diseases, such as bronchitis, sinusitis, influenza, and pneumonia. But if you compare aniseed seed vs fennel seed, then you will get to know me, then you will get to know many new things. Anise is an annual, whereas fennel is a perennial. Both these seeds are used for liquorice flavour. However, fennel is less sweet and intense than anise seeds.

Tips on how to buy Aniseed Seeds

If you want to get the most benefits out of healthy snacks like anise seeds, then you should definitely try your hands on the bestseller online. At you can explore the best quality as well as the best anise seeds price online in the UAE. As you will be buying these seeds online, there are significant points that you need to consider. You will find dozens of brands online selling quality products at the best price possible. However, you may get confused with so many options available. So, why not shop at a single destination that provides you with everything? So, on, you can find anything you want. But before that, consider the following points while buying anise seeds online. Keep on reading.

  • Go for bulk buying – It will be best if you buy nuts and seeds in bulk. This will always keep stuff handy and save you money a lot. Also, you can prefer buying raw seeds. This way, you can get the authentic taste and use them in different dishes.
  • Airtight packaging – Anise seeds can be damaged due to exposure to moisture, heat, or light. So, to preserve it, always keep it in airtight packaging as it will be easier to store.
  • Check what people say – Customer reviews are the best feature of buying online. It tells you everything about the product. It gives the product insights and tells about its pros and cons. So read the comments carefully and make up your mind.

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Question & Answer

Are anise seeds the same as star anise?

Anise seeds and star anise are both alike. The major difference between the two is that anise seed is potent with a spicy flavour. On the other hand, star anise comes with a subtly milder flavour. You can interchangeably use them in recipes. But you will need to make sure that you adjust the mildness of the Asian ingredient. To get star anise and anise seeds online, you will get many stores offering them at different prices. But if you believe in the quality and authenticity of the product, then we will suggest you hop on It is your one-stop destination for all your top-quality food and beverages items. Here you can avail of some great deals too! So, what to wait for? Start exploring our site today and make awesome purchases.

How to use anise seeds for weight loss?

If you want to lose weight but in a proper way, then you can achieve that zero body figure by anise seeds. For that, you need to take one teaspoon of anise seeds and add hot water to them. But make sure that you do not boil them as they may kill most of their nutrients. Now, the next step is to cover it and let it rest for about 10 minutes. After that, take the drink and have it three times a day. It will boost your digestive system, remove the toxins from the body, and help in lose weight faster. You can easily buy anise seeds from our store, and you will never regret it. You can buy anise seeds for weight loss on our product search engine if you want to experience the magic of it.

How much are anise seeds?

Anise seeds are pretty famous in Dubai and UAE. If you want to experience its magic and the way it cures your overall health, then get anise seeds soon. If you do not have time to go to the market and stand in a big queue, then you can order it online. You can get 1 kg anise seeds for 39.50 AED in UAE. But, if you want to get these at lower prices, then you definitely check out It is your one-stop destination for all your food and beverages-related items. Our product search engine has over 500 brands like Starwest Botanicals, Fito, Bayara, Super Chef, Royal Herbs, and more. You can get authentic anise seeds from these branded stores at

Where to buy anise seeds online in UAE?

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