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Chia Seeds

About Chia Seeds

Chia is an edible seed that is extracted from desert plants botanically known as Salvia Hispanics. This plant is widely grown in Mexico. The history of this plant dates back to Aztec and Mayan cultures. 

According to Linguist, the word Chia mean strength. And according to the folklores, many cultures used these tiny white and black chia seeds as natural energy boosters. Doing so makes sense as these small seeds are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients including carbohydrates, antioxidants, calcium, omega three fatty acids, protein, fibre etc. The Chia seeds are unprocessed whole grain food that your body can easily absorb. According to researches, one ounce of chia seed contains 139 calories, 9-gram fats, 4-gram protein, 11 grams fibre and about 12 grams of carbohydrates.

Health benefits of chia seeds

Good things come from smaller packaging and chia seeds are the best explanation of this saying. These are minuscule yet power-packed with natural minerals and nutrients that your body needs. Rooting back to Mayan and Aztec culture these seeds are majorly appreciated for their oil content. However, over time, they made their way to the culinary world, offering different health benefits. With several uses across the globe, these seeds are cultivated in Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, Australis, Ecuador and many other parts of the world. With increasing uses and awareness about the benefits, you can easily find industrially processed chia seeds online. Here are some significant benefits that you can enjoy from ground chia seeds.  

Helps indigestion  

Fibres play an important part in easing the end process of digestion. Luckily chia seeds are enriching with natural fibres. According to studies, every 100 grams of black Chia serves about 40g of dietary fibre. Taking this amount of fibre daily can help you enjoy a healthy digestive tract. These fibres work as an agent to ease digestion and help ease bowel-related ailments. Hence you can use them for common issues like constipation. These fibres will also ease inflammation and irritability in your digestive tract and will help in regulating cholesterol levels in your body.  

Weight loss with chia seeds 

Although many are against the claim, these tiny seeds are among the most natural agents to cut your body fats faster. These fibre-rich natural seeds can not only provide your ease in basic body functions but will also serve you all the needed energy. All you need to do is to mix a handful of chia seeds with dry fruits and nuts of your choice. Eat them raw or add them to your favourite smoothie or shake. It will be unique in taste as well as keep you full for longer. With a fuller stomach for long, you will be able to control your diet and thus enjoy easy weight loss.  

Omega-3, Antioxidants, and minerals  

These seeds are one of the major sources of plant-based omega acid AHA (Alpha-Linolenic Acid). They are otherwise available in polyunsaturated fats. They are essential for a healthy nervous system. In the meantime, chia seeds are also loaded with essential nutrients. Therefore, they are ideal for use daily to enjoy a power boost naturally. Chia seeds are also full of antioxidants that are associated with acting as an agent to fight inflammation, ageing, growth of cancer cells, age-related cognitive decline and other such issues.  

Cholesterol and blood sugar 

Chia seeds are also useful in maintaining body cholesterol and sugar level in your blood. They have an overall positive impact on metabolic and digestive health. Some studies also list chia seed consumption with healthy blood sugar levels, better HDL (positive cholesterol levels), the reduction in triglyceride levels in the blood (blood fats) and reduced LDL (blood cholesterol). Additionally, you can securely consume them if you have diabetes. Meanwhile, it also helps in maintaining a healthy heart and bones. Also, for those allergic to gluten, chia seeds are safest to use for all their natural powers.

Tips on how to buy Chia Seeds online in the UAE

To get the most benefits from healthy snacks like chia seeds, you should buy organic produce from best sellers online. At you can find the best quality as well as the best chia seed price online in the UAE. As you will be buying the seeds online, there are some points to consider. First of all, note that there are dozens of brands online selling quality products at the best price possible. However, with so many options choosing an appropriate and budget-friendly item can be a great job to deal with. Further, you may need to consider the following points while buying apricot seeds online. Let us review these points.

  • Bulk is better – If you eat a lot of seeds and nuts, buying in bulk will always keep stuff handy. Also, bigger serving can save you money.
  • Prefer raw seeds – If you are buying in bulk, try to buy raw. This way you can enjoy variety and can roast them or make a paste and use them in different dishes.
  • Consider storage details – Seeds and nuts can get expired if exposed to moisture, heat, or light. So, look for a product with airtight packaging as it will be easier to store.
  • Get opinion – Feelings and experiences of previous consumers can help you decide if you should buy the products from a particular brand or not. So read the comments carefully.
  • Check ratings – Always try to buy a product and brand that is reliable and have a better rating online. You can trust a brand or product if it has 3 out of 5-star ratings.
  • The price range – Products from top brands are always expensive. But it will also ensure your health safety by offering authorized quality edible products. So always consider investing money in good quality.

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Question & Answer

How do you eat chis seeds?

You can eat chia seeds in several ways. Some of the common ways people consume these seeds across the globe include using chia water or juice-soaked Chia, chia pudding or  regular fruit and vegetable smoothies. People also like to have raw chia toppings, cereals, truffles, in stir fry recipes, salad dressing or several baked items. They are also used as a crispy crumb coating for fish or meat and mixed with grains. Also, if you are a fan of pancakes or breakfast bars and jams, the seeds can add more nutrition and flavour to your meal.

What are the best chia seeds for kids?

Chia seeds have a lot of benefits for kids. You can make different delicious and colourful recipes for kids to enjoy eating chia seeds. Here you can make overnight oats with chia seeds or make kiwi smoothies with these seeds. Some kids also like to eat a strawberry, Chia seed parfait and blueberry muffins with chia seeds baked in them. Also, chia seed pudding and waffles, pancakes and bread with chia seeds are the best way to keep your kids naturally filled with nutrition.

How to use chia seeds for weight loss?

There are many ways you can use chia seeds for weight loss. For individuals who are struggling to eat large quantities of chia seeds, there are many simple ways to add them to the diet. To do so, you can add a spoonful of chia seeds to your morning smoothie. You can also sprinkle the seeds on the salad or eat it as chia flour. Or you can make chia water by soaking one part of chia seed in 16 parts of water for half an hour. For taste mix, it will take honey, fruit juice or lemon juice. You can also make chia pudding by mixing the seed in milk or yoghurt and adding taste with honey or lemon.

Why are chia seeds good for you?

Chia seeds are good for you for several reasons. They are a good source of omega-3, natural fibre, fatty acids, iron, calcium, antioxidants and many more. Every 28 grams or 1-ounce of chia seed contains about 5.6 grams of proteins. Also, if you mix them with water, they can be the best replacement for egg in a vegan recipe. You can also eat raw, or cooked chia seeds to make sure they are in good proportion and are soaked well before eating.

Where can I buy chia seeds online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying products in food and beverages, quality is of core importance. A wrong choice and buying low-quality products can cause you some serious health issues. Therefore, always look for a reliable retail search engine to buy quality edible products online in UAE. At you can find and buy products from brands like Dr Axe, Energy, Red Mill, Reddit, Salba, and SM Supermarket. You can also search and buy products from many other global brands with just a few clicks.

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