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Mens Regular-Fit Non-Iron Check Dress Shirt  Orange/Blue
Mens Regular-Fit Non-Iron Check Dress Shirt Orange/Blue
mens regular-fit non-iron check dress shirt orange/blue
Mens Classic Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt  Pink
Mens Classic Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt Pink
mens classic fit non-iron dress shirt pink
Mens Button Down Plaid Shirt  Blue/White
Mens Button Down Plaid Shirt Blue/White
mens button down plaid shirt blue/white
Mens Classic/Regular-Fit Non-Iron Stretch-Collar Plaid Dress Shirt  Taupe/Blue
Mens Classic/Regular-Fit Non-Iron Stretch-Collar Plaid Dress Shirt Taupe/Blue
mens classic/regular-fit non-iron stretch-collar plaid dress shirt taupe/blue
Mens Classic-Fit Non-Iron Shirt  Bordeaux
Mens Classic-Fit Non-Iron Shirt Bordeaux
mens classic-fit non-iron shirt bordeaux
Mens Classic/Regular Fit Non-Iron Flex Collar Stripe Dress Shirt  Blue
Mens Classic/Regular Fit Non-Iron Flex Collar Stripe Dress Shirt Blue
mens classic/regular fit non-iron flex collar stripe dress shirt blue
Mens Gingham Regular Fit Button Down Dress Shirt  Pink/White
Mens Gingham Regular Fit Button Down Dress Shirt Pink/White
mens gingham regular fit button down dress shirt pink/white
Mens Regular Fit Button Down Shirt  Cobalt
Mens Regular Fit Button Down Shirt Cobalt
mens regular fit button down shirt cobalt
Mens Check Dress Shirt  Water Mill
Mens Check Dress Shirt Water Mill
mens check dress shirt water mill
Mens Regular Fit Collar Check Dress Shirt  Brick
Mens Regular Fit Collar Check Dress Shirt Brick
mens regular fit collar check dress shirt brick
Mens Button Down Plaid Non-Iron Stretch Short Sleeve Dress Shirt  Pool
Mens Button Down Plaid Non-Iron Stretch Short Sleeve Dress Shirt Pool
mens button down plaid non-iron stretch short sleeve dress shirt pool
Mens Stretch Collar Non-Iron Solid Dress Shirt  Burnt Sienna
Mens Stretch Collar Non-Iron Solid Dress Shirt Burnt Sienna
mens stretch collar non-iron solid dress shirt burnt sienna
Mens Regular-Fit Non-Iron Flex Collar Check Dress Shirt  Medieval Blue
Mens Regular-Fit Non-Iron Flex Collar Check Dress Shirt Medieval Blue
mens regular-fit non-iron flex collar check dress shirt medieval blue
Mens Regular Fit Non-Iron Stretch Collar Check Dress Shirt  Navy Combo
Mens Regular Fit Non-Iron Stretch Collar Check Dress Shirt Navy Combo
mens regular fit non-iron stretch collar check dress shirt navy combo
Mens Slim Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt  Violet Twist
Mens Slim Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt Violet Twist
mens slim fit non-iron dress shirt violet twist

About Shirts

The most common piece of clothing in any wardrobe – the shirt, is a wardrobe staple and is one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces of fashion. Every individual today has at least 7-10 shirts as part of his collection – and more of them if he is corporate personnelShirts have always been a traditional part of wardrobes and have only gotten better over the decades.  

The age-old methods of wearing complete button-down, fitted shirts have been wiped away, and the replacements are much better and practical. For something that needs no introduction, shirts are one of the few pieces of clothing that work for both men and womenThe classic combination of shirt and trousers or skirt is the go-to outfit for most peopleBe it slim fit T-shirts for everyday wear, formal shirts and men’s casual button-down shirts for office wear or women’s shirts and blouses there can be so many options. Even with dress shirts for weddings, extra-long women’s shirts that make stylish statement or a satin/silk shirt for those days when heading to the club, you can be spoilt for choices. 

Different types of men’s shirts to pump up your wardrobe 

Be it for men or women; shirts have always been the perfect formal wear. Wear it to the office, for a meeting or a conference; a classic shirt never goes out of style. Moreover, it doesn’t need a horde of other things like accessories to make it better. It is a unique style statement on its own. If you wear it right, it can make you stand out in a room. However, if you’ve been wearing the same style and wish to up your collection, there are a lot of options that you can choose from. The best part is that most shirts look good on all body types, leaving you less to worry about. 

The button-down shirt 

The classic type of men’s casual button-down shirts is perhaps the most common yet looks phenomenon with just about any pants. At times, you need a black or white pair of pants and a tie to team with it, and you instantly have a modern, classy look. These men’s casual button-down shirts have thicker fabric and buttons that run right from the neckline to the base. The lighter colours of this type of shirt work well with dark bottom-wear; while heavy shades are perfect for a formal event or a dinner party. You can conveniently carry off a classic button-down shirt just about anywhere. For the perfect look, team it with a good blazer or waistcoat for any formal event.  

The dress shirt 

Another classic type, this one has a wing, pointed collar that is slimmer than of a regular shirt. The double cuffs and slim fit of the dress shirt make it the best option for a formal dinner or to pair with your blazer or tux. These are best in navy, black or white to match with the pants and a shirt in a shade that compliments the outfit. It is one of the classiest picks and doesn’t need anything else to stand out. If a blazer or waistcoat seems a bit too much for you, merely teaming the shirt with a fitted pair of pants also does the job. However, it is best to keep the dress shirt for formal events only. 

The overshirt  

Iis yet another modern kind of shirt that works as a topcoatTeam it with a casual T-shirt or on top of another simple shirt, and it can immediately turn your whole outfit around! These do not need any other additions like accessories, and you can comfortably wear for a casual day out. You can have fun with colours when opting for an overshirt. Play with patterns, texture and fit and you’ll end up with a different look each time. If layering is your style, you should invest in a couple of beautiful overshirts. The only important thing here is to know how to pair well. If your overshirt is vibrant, ensure your tee and jeans or trousers are simple and vice-versa. Balance out the look, and you’ll be glad about the outcome! 

The short-sleeved shirt  

This works well for those who love to keep it simple even while at work. Pair these shirts with simple trousers and fabulous shoes, for a stunning outcome! They also look great for meetings and conferences – looking for simplicity while being formal. While some have an option of rolled-up sleeves, others have short sleeves that end above or below the elbow. These shirts can be worn with or without a tie, and you can team them with chinos, jeans, or baggy pants. The short-sleeved shirt is a great way to keep it fun and casual, even for workwear. 

Tips on choosing the most  stylish shirts for women 

When it comes to women, the sky is the limit considering the choices they have. Be it casual or formal blouses; women have many more options as compared to men. However, it also means that you need to pay a little more attention in picking them, so they suit your body type in the best way. While shirts are pretty much universal and your size is the only thing to bear in mind here, a few tips never hurt. These easy points are significant to up your shirt game! 

  • The classic slim-fit T-shirts – It’s the primary type of blouse in any women’s wardrobe. While they are certainly not an office choice, they work well for any casual occasion – a coffee date, meet-up with pals or shoppingYou can wear these shirts with washed-out jeans, shorts, skirts, capris, and the list is endless. A good pair of sandals, flip-flops or white sneakers complete the look! 
  • The extra-long women’s shirts – They’re perfect for office or casual wear. These are available in colours, different fabrics and styles like spaghetti or camisoles. Team them with jeans or trousers with a jacket or shrug, and you instantly have a stunning look! The extra-long women’s shirts also work well with shorts or skirts as bottom wear. 
  • The tunic top – It is another essential must-have that every woman should own. These tops are fantastic with tights or skinny jeansas both casual and formal wear. The look is an excellent choice for plus-size women and is comfortable for extended workdays. You can team up tunic tops with belts or hoop earrings for a different look. 
  • The off-shoulder shirt – It is a recent invention that is taking the fashion industry by shock! The amalgamation of trendy with formal is what makes off-shoulder, and cold shoulder tops work. These work well on their own without the help of any accessories or stylish shoes and are lovely as both formal workwear and as a casual option. 
  • The cropped shirt – It is an excellent choice for casual workplaces or as casual wear. These tops end just below or at the navel, and you can wear them with denim shorts, skirts or jeans. Most crop tops are in chequered fabrics and come in an array of different styles and colours. 

Some of the best options while choosing men’s shirts online in Dubai are Arrow, Ted Baker, Marks and Spencer, Ralph Lauren, Sacoor Brother, Polo, Mango, Lacoste, and Van Heusen. Choose a brand that has a variety of fabrics, types and designs to choose from. You can also work with good pants to team with your shirts while shopping. Selecting something universal is one way; however some good shirts deserve a specific pair of pants to go with them.  

Question & Answer

Are shirts meant to be tucked in?

Well, this depends on the type of shirt you choose. To tuck them or leave them just as it is a personal choice. Most modern-day shirts are not tucked in, and they look great. However, for office wear, a lot of individuals prefer tucked-in shirts since it gives their whole outfit a professional touch. If you’re wearing a short shirt, tucking in is not recommended. Short-sleeved shirts too, are generally left outside. If you prefer shirts that aren’t tucked, ensuring they’re not too lengthy and are well-ironed is essential. 

Which shirts can I wear with jeans?

Jeans being such a versatile clothing item, you can team it up pretty much with any shirt and look good. However, since you’ll be mostly wearing jeans to a casual event, wearing it with a short-sleeved shirt that isn’t tucked in is a good ideaA crisp white linen outfit with simple sneakers is a stunning look. If you decide on wearing it to work, tucking the shirt in and opting for the full-sleeved shirt look is best. It is best to keep the overall look simple and trendy. 

What is a slim fit T-shirt?

These work well for most men as an essential kind of shirt and is probably something that every guy has a part of his closet. Slim fits styles work brilliantly with dark trousers, jeans or capris. Sneakers or closed sandals are perfect to complete the look. The slim fit T-shirts are also an excellent option for holiday, wear or casual wear while relaxing at home. With this type, it is best to opt for them if you have a slim physique. Bulky guys can team it with an overshirt or a button-down shirt if needed. They work for the office but look better when worn to a simple, casual setting too 

How can I wear a shirt to a casual event?

Although T-shirts and polos are more preferred for casual wear, no rule says you cannot wear shirts. For a casual event, choose a fun shirt. Don’t stick to the solid primary colours. Shirts with small prints, a fun collar or a creative pocket will look amazing! In this case, keep the bottom wear as simple as you can. Wear it with jeans or chinos – whichever is comfortable. For shoes, sneakers like converse work best and are super soft too. This look doesn’t need any accessories like a belt, tie etc. but a pair of sunglasses will look incredible! 

When it comes to women’s shirts and blousesbrands like Burberry, Lee Cooper, Lacoste, Superdry, Hollister, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, GAP and Zara make for fantastic options. GAP, Lacoste, Newchic, Ounass and Yoins are great online shopping stores. At, we offer you the choice to choose from a magnitude of online brands at a single platform. Check out the details of this Dubai product finder today.