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About Maternity Shirts

Maternity is a time in a woman’s life when every little thing that she does tends to have a direct or indirect effect on her baby. Thus, it is an extraordinary time indeed, and extreme care with precaution goes on top of the priority list. A maternity shirt is one of the essential items you must buy at this time.

Another good part about maternity clothing is that nobody judges you for the clothes you wear during this time. Yes, there is a lot of advice coming to the new mom-to-be from everybody – friends, family and even colleagues. At this time, what matters most is to choose to be extremely comfortable in whatever one picks. Thus, brands have come up with individual sections dedicated to new mothers and moms-to-be. There are some brands that have emerged solely to cater to this group of audience, and their ever-growing popularity is reason enough to show that people today go to great heights to ensure that the new mom is cared for, happy and content. Maternity shirts are not cheap, and the extra additions often push the prices sky-high. However, this doesn’t matter to most new parents who will leave no stone unturned in ensuring the best for their bundle of joy.  

Picking the best maternity clothing choices when you’re expecting 

Maternity is tough. Life becomes difficult because you’re growing a whole new person inside you, and you have to bear the pain alone. Of course, family and friends help to a great extent, but when it comes to the real deal, women often feel and endure the pain on their own. During such times, the best way to be comfortable while at home or even during office time is to invest in some right maternity clothing. Specially designed maternity shirts go a long way in ensuring that the new mother feels relaxed and can attend to feeding needs even when the baby is born. Always ensure that you pick maternity shirts from reputed brands so your experience is comfortable, and you can use the clothes for an extended period. 

Maternity T-shirts  

There’s nothing better than laying in comfortable T-shirts, and the same goes for when you’re pregnant too. New mothers adore maternity wear that lets them be themselves. If you’re expecting, the best way to attend to your growing needs is to choose the right clothing that will make you feel relaxed and keep you happy. For everyday wear, maternity T-shirts are the best thing! These have a full-body space, loose armholes and broader sleeves. You can choose the style that works best for you, i.e. short or long tees, cotton or blend, and so on. You can also wear this outside while heading to the mart, use them while sleeping and so on. However, always make sure you pick 100% cotton clothing be it tees, skirts or pants to wear during maternity. 

Maternity gowns  

Maternity gowns are genuinely the most natural thing to relax in while you’re at home. You can feel free to wear them during the day, and they’re perfect for sleeping in, making a meal or chilling out with your husband. They don’t require you to wear pants or leggings along with them; however, you could opt for them if you live in a cold country. Ensure you go with a feeding gown option, so you don’t need to shop again after delivery. Maternity gowns are long and can be of mid or knee-length as well. You can choose from full-sleeves, half or sleeveless, depending on your requirements. Most dresses also have pockets, and it is recommended that you go with one that does. A good number of maternity wear gowns also come in animations and colourful prints so you can up your wardrobe depending on your preferences.

Maternity tops for work  

Dressing up for work is another picky thing that expecting mothers are supposed to do, and sometimes you may just run out of choices to wear. After a while, wearing jeans and trousers is also a no-no, and then you have to stick to skirts and dresses, which sometimes may focus too much on your bump, leaving many women uncomfortable with that idea. The best way to deal with it is to wear pants that have an elastic tie-up and stay away from buttons and zips. For the best type, choose something that is fitted until the bust line and then opens up. This way, your tunny part has ample room, and you can use it as your pregnancy progresses too. Keep the arms also loose, since you may put on a little weight as you come to the end of your term. 

Maternity tank tops 

Exercising should be on top of your list, even during maternity. While hardcore workouts are not the best idea without consulting with your doctor first, walks and slow running is always right. To help you feel calm, invest in some comfortable maternity tank tops that look great and will ensure you feel relaxed while burning those calories. Again, don’t choose a tank top that is too fitted; ideally, something that feels loose around your waist is the way to go. You can wear it on its own (while working out) or wear it with a tee inside (while chilling at home). Gym pants are the best thing to wear while running, but again, ensure they don’t fit too tightly around your waist.

Tips on how to buy Maternity Shirts 

While being comfortable is the number one priority when you’re pregnant, with so many brands and choices, it would be a poor choice if you settle for something basic. Keep your maternity clothing fun, and you’ll love coming back and relaxing in them. They’re also amazing to wear after you deliver because they’re so comfortable. They also make feeding easy, and if you’ve had a c-section, that’s even more reason to choose one. Here’s how to choose the right ones.

  • Comfort is everything when it comes to maternity tops – Don’t go for maternity tops that look great and don’t feel as comfortable. Be it for office wear or to wear at home, always choose comfort during this particular time in your life.
  • Heard about funny maternity T-shirts – If you love showing off your funny side, how about a funny maternity T-shirt to make it better? Brands today come up with all kinds of hilarious pregnancy quotes, animations and one-liners to get your funny bones tickling. Make sure you check them out online or design your own using plenty of online options.
  • Weigh your options when it comes to plain maternity T-shirts – Maternity wear doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Although comfort is key here, make sure you check out brands that design even simple and plain maternity T-shirts that look fantastic. Check your choices before zeroing down.
  • Check the fabric and get a larger size – Always check for cotton fabrics that absorb sweat and ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed whenever you wear it. While you’re expecting, choose a healthy option, so you’ll naturally grow into it as your due date comes closer.
  • Don’t Forget to research about brands – Don’t always go with the first thing that comes your way. It is a good idea to put in some work and research about brands that cater to maternity clothing and see what else is out there.
  • Always Invest for long-term use – You can very easily keep your maternity wear for post-delivery wear too. This is a time when the new mom takes time to heal, and loose clothing is her best friend then. Invest in a way that lasts.

Maternity is a complex and challenging time, and with everything comfortable that you try to include into your routine, clothing makes it to none of the top priority things. Ensuring you put in a little more effort on this part will surely make the journey much better for you and your little one. Makes sure you consider them for longer durations I.e. even for after delivery use. Plus, if you’re planning to extend your family soon, they can last you for the next pregnancy too.

Question & Answer

What is the best thing to wear to work while you’re expecting?

While nobody expects you to come to work in perfect formal wear, some new mums may often like to feel like they’re a part of the office even when they’re expecting. That’s completely fine until you ensure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, and it makes those frequent trips to the bathroom not too challenging. Invest in shirts that aren’t too fitted and are roomy around your waist and hips. Choose cotton pants or ones with elastic for stretchability during the first few months. Later, it is better to stick to midi dresses and skirts. ASOS, H&M, GAP, Old Navy, Nordstrom, Next, ZARA and River Island are some fantastic brands.

What footwear works well with maternity clothing?

Along with maternity clothing, the best thing to wear is probably flats. Expecting mothers are told to stay away from high heels. They cause a strain on your back and hips, and heels also tend to push you off balance. Resulting in a fall during this time can be dangerous to your baby. So, keep away from even the shortest heels and work with comfortable converse and sports shoes, flats and beautiful slippers. You can mix and match these options for casual wear, office wear and even for parties.

How can I make the most of my maternity wear post-delivery?

Well, before getting started on creating something different from your maternity clothing, you may want to hang on to them for a little while longer. Most couples often plan their second child almost immediately after their first one. If this is the case with you, keeping them away to use for the second time is a great idea. If not, then you can always hand them to a local tailor or a store who can probably alter and make the sizes better fitted for you to wear post-pregnancy.

Where can one shop for maternity clothes online in the UAE?

Dubai is home to some of the best maternity brands, and it doesn’t get easier to shop for this particular time in your life. Some of the best maternity brands are here today, and their collection of clothing is simply fantastic. If online shopping is not your cup of tea, this excellent online search engine will make it simple for you. With, you can easily browse from among so many different options of the same product from various websites and have the best results at your fingertips in seconds.