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About Thermal Shirts

Winters are exceptional! The weather gets pleasant, you have to get your warm clothing outside, and you can enjoy a cup of hot beverage at any time of the day. Ah, bliss! However, a few warm clothing items are something that makes the experience even more enjoyable. 

Winters are also great when it comes to experimenting with clothes. Today, brands have so many choices for winter wear that you’ll be amazed! You don’t have to stick to a jacket or cardigan. With endless opportunities in both, you have more options to be stylish in the winters. Plus, the inclusion of add-ons makes all the winter wear options so much better. You can now add your style statement to everything, even when the temperature is low! With so much happening in the winters, like activities, parties and meeting up with friends, you’ll want to be on top of your fashion game now more than ever. And what better than opting for some fantastic winter wear to make the dreaded season pleasant? 

Choosing the right kind of thermal shirt for this winter 

Among different winter wear options, the thermal shirt is one of the best. If you think it’s a boring option, think again. Gone are the days when you would find them only in solid colours in the same striped pattern. Today, brands are going far and wide to ensure their winter collection stands out, and among them, individual choices like women’s waffle thermal shirts and thermal tee shirts for men are gaining so much popularity. You can go all out while choosing a women’s waffle thermal shirt, which is growing in demand now more than ever before. In fact, with all the different choices, shopping for winter wear and especially specific options like long and short sleeve thermal shirts is getting challenging. Here’s how to make the most of your choices.  

The everyday thermal T-shirt  

If you live in colder countries, it is a given that you will have a daily option of thermal or woollen wear that you can wear to the office, as casual wear etc. This one needs to be an all-rounder, which works with all outfits and is great for long-term wear. For this, the best choice is a thermal T-shirt. Great for both men and women, you can wear this one conveniently on its own or with thin innerwear for added warmth. It does not need any additional layering; however, you can add a muffler and earmuffs for extreme climates. Wear the tee with jeans, warm leggings or pants, and it is the best and most comfortable choice to wear to the workplace. You can also choose to wear it on top of your regular outfit and remove it once you get to work. 

The long-sleeved thermal shirt 

Another common and popular choice, long-sleeves, are fantastic winter wear options because they shield your hands. Especially if you travel long distances to reach your workplace or even drive yourself there, your arms could use some warmth, and this is what the long sleeve thermal shirts do. Since it’s a shirt, it looks more formal, and you don’t have to worry about using it as a separate layer aside from your regular clothing. You can very conveniently use it as a shirt. Women can also resort to this option and wear it with pants or a warm skirt. It also looks great under a shrug or trench coat, left open. Long sleeves make a unique style statement on their own. Again, you can include additions or not, depending on your level of comfort. 

The thermal tee shirt 

Out of so many thermal wear options, one that is comfortable and a favourite of many is undoubtedly the thermal tee shirt. Both men and women everywhere adore tee shirts. With informal corporate wear attires, it has also become possible to wear tees to the workplace. If not, most companies also have a policy of allowing at least one day when employees can resort to informal clothing choices. All of this is because they make for fantastic opportunities that are relaxed and comfortable. Thus, in winters too, you don’t have to spend your days trapped in heavy coats and sweaters. With this option, casual office wear is possible while keeping you warm.  

The thermal pants and shirt set 

Nothing feels better than having a collection of warm thermal clothing. They’re the perfect thing to wear for a walk at home and are excellent for sleeping in. When it comes to office wear, you could switch the pants for something a little formal and layer the tee with a jacket. The thermal pants and shirt set is available for both men and women. Another option includes the turtleneck and cotton blends, which work and look just as good. For kids too, you can easily find thermal wear clothing sets. The pair generally comes in a solid, bold colour. Add a muffler or earmuffs when it gets too cold. Women can also team the set with a warm shrug or shawl while stepping out.  

Tips on how to buy Thermal Shirts

Thermal shirts are the best thing for the winters. If you live in a place that sees low temperatures regularly, you may end up wearing these much more often than you intended to. Whether it is a men’s thermal tee shirt or a short sleeve thermal shirt for women, knowing a few things before purchasing always helps. If you’ve purchased them before, make sure you take note of what you like and don’t like in your shirts. Here’s how to ensure you get the warmest tees.

  • Quality is everything – You want your thermal wear to last a few seasons, and thus, focusing on the quality is essential. Always opt for a branded piece rather than something that will help save a few bucks. Believe us; it’ll be worth it to spend a little more.
  • Check the fabric – It is crucial to have a soft, comfortable material and great for long-term wear. A lot of poorly designed winter wear starts feeling itchy until you have to do away with it. Pick only the best.
  • Solo or layering – How do you plan on wearing your winter clothing? On its own or with some other additions? Most new styles work perfectly well on their own. You can choose to buy it.
  • Innerwear or outerwear – It also helps to consider if you’ll be wearing a thermal tee or shirt on top of something or wearing it underneath? You can figure it out by getting a close look at your wardrobe.
  • Colours make a difference – If your priority for thermal wear is work clothes, choosing reliable, bold shades is better. However, if your requirement is casual, don’t stick to the basics but have fun with your choices.
  • Don’t forget to try something new – Don’t stick to something you have been wearing for long. It always helps to try something new every once in a while. Give yourself a break from the regular and add at least one impromptu thing to your wardrobe every time you shop.

It also helps to go through your wardrobe before heading on your next winter shopping spree. If you find something maybe from last year that can work, you can think of creative add-ons for it instead. It does not have to be heavy on the wallet when you consider adding some choices—being creative is all it takes. Mix up your choices and make them look different with amazing accessories.

Question & Answer

How can you keep thermal clothing safe?

Well, the bad part about investing in thermal wear is that you need to keep them away when summer starts, only to be taken out again next year. When this process starts, the best thing to do is to send the coats and jackets for dry cleaning and have everything else cleaned well, possibly a good machine cycle, depending on their instructions for washing. Next, start folding and keeping them in a well-ventilated box. Store it safely in a space that does not have moisture or any pests. This way, your clothing will be safe and ready for you when next winter comes.

Can you wear a thermal shirt by itself?

Yes, a thermal shirt looks good with a pair of trousers or pants. You can also wear it with corduroy for added warmth. For when it gets a little too cold, the best thing to do is to layer it inside or outside with any other regular or winter clothing. The double protection goes a long way in keeping you warm and comfortable. It is also recommended while travelling, so you don’t have to rely on additional items like jackets and wraps to keep you feeling warm.

Is a thermal tee for women recommended?

Women can wear a thermal tee or shirt for office wear or formal wear. They’re a better option than blouses or cotton shirts or T-shirts in the harsh winters. For those who don’t like jackets and prefer being comfortable in single clothing, thermal wear is best for them. They’re also great while travelling. Adidas, Polo Ralph Lauren, H&M, Hanes, GAP, Nordstrom, Dickies, Marks and Spencer, and Timberland are good options. You can find these brands here on Explore a wide range of options and narrow down your choices using filters.

Where can you buy thermal shirts online in the UAE?

A lot of fantastic online stores sell some of the best thermal wear you can get your hands on. UAE is home to brands from across the world, and there is nothing better than having branded winter wear options. For the best picks, however, you can choose online stores. Another great option is to use this Dubai search engine that helps to weigh the best choices for clothing, accessories, shoes, electronics and more from across 500+ online stores with ease. After this, you’ll never want to shop online without it!