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That air of importance, the sleek silhouette and that fact that it feels so damned timeless – Nope, we aren’t discussing the new apple watch. We’re talking about the Colshirts. That’s right- a turtleneck. They might not be everyone’s favourite wardrobe staple. But they are one of the best pieces to layer, especially when you need some warmth in those cold climatic conditions.

Often, we throw on a piece of any clothing and head out for the day. Little do we think about the historical context of each piece. These Colshirts have always been a staple item of the western closets for years now. These shirts have been a symbol of strength, style, rebellion and modesty throughout history. It was in the 19th century that people started to wear them consistently. Navy, fishers and many other labourers wore this garment for protection and warmth. It was around 1860 that the polo players began wearing them, which gave them the name ‘polo neck’. Our subject stayed within the most extreme fashion trends until the 1920s. They have been continuously evolving since then. Now they have become a symbol of modesty and prudence.

Get chic and cosy with these types of colshirts

Some closet essentials help keep your fashion sense on point, while others transform your entire persona. Undeniably Colshirts are one such item. They are one of the most stylish pieces to wear on chilly days or for a formal event. Featured with a distinctive neckline that is both snug and elegant, they are a perfect piece of clothing for those special occasions. You can find them in a wide range of styles to suit both the lady and the tramp; some even include the chunky knit version. No matter what your style preference is, your wardrobe certainly needs to include these iconic pieces of clothing. However, it is best to explore their types to have a fair idea when shopping for one.

Classic colshirts

These types of Colshirts are usually thin, tight-fitting and have slim necklines. You can use them to layer pieces of clothing. For example, you could tuck in a black classic turtleneck shirt into a skirt with a pair of tights for a warm yet classy look. They also look incredibly dapper when tucked into a pair of jeans. Do you have a jumpsuit or a dress from a summer wardrobe that you can’t seem to let go of? Well, layer them with these Colshirts, and you are good to go. Also, for extra warmth, you can even pair these with a regular scoop or round neck sweater. You could spruce up your wardrobe by experimenting with different cuts and lengths of the Colshirts.

Sleeveless turtleneck shirts

Though the weirdest to be created, the sleeveless Colshirts are a fantastical garment. With such a stellar concept, there is hardly any chance to go wrong with them. And guess what the best part is? Well, there’s no more bulky sleeves! As a wearer, you get an elegant, long neck look. However, the whole idea of the Colshirts is to provide warmth, and this type of turtleneck shirt negates that purpose. In a way, they are those perfect garments that you can only wear in the ideal setting that is neither too hot nor cold. But there are plenty of solutions to wear them in winters also; you need to layer them right. The beauty of layering them is that you would not overheat yourself as you would do with their long sleeves option.

Colshirts with short sleeves

Same look, different feel– this is what the Colshirtswith short sleeves offer you. There is something about their shape that makes them sophisticated, which is why these Colshirts are the all-time summertime alternatives of those long-sleeve bulky shirts. Therefore, you do not have to stick with the boring route of wearing your Colshirts with jeans or dress pants all the time. Crisp, light, and with a most luminous short sleeve polo neck, you can layer this one-piece fashion icon superbly under all your garments. For example, you could pair a breezy midi skirt wrap with these to give out a bohemian vibe. If you want to take the dressy factor a notch higher, add in visual elements such as a textured bag. It will elevate your look instantly.

Turtleneck T-shirt dresses

It is quite evident that when a turtleneck neck is mentioned, you instantly think of jumpers and sweaters, forgetting this extremely chic alternative to the classic Colshirts. Of course, not a full-fledged turtleneck, the turtleneck t-shirt dresses are undoubtedly unique in their style. Try dressing them up with a pair of over the knee boots or heels. If you want to dress them down, pair them with comfy sneakers. However, creating the look is entirely up to you and the occasion you plan to attend. Wear them, and you’ll certainly make some heads turn. Why compromise style over comfort! This turtleneck dress checks all the practical cold-weathers style boxes while striking the perfect balance between flirty and cosy.

Cotton turtleneck shirts

Living in summer weather all year round can get a little dull-especially for style-conscious ones who grew up wearing light summer dresses and fabrics. If you are planning to switch things up in your wardrobe, then why not experiment with this turtleneck? Wait- can you rock a turtleneck in the 30-degree weather? Aren’t the Colshirts meant for winters? Well, we suggest you think again! These cotton Colshirtsare one of the most comfortable and best Colshirtsto wear in summer. Pair them with tailored cigarette pants and statement earrings for a sophisticated and chic look. You can also team them with a faux leather jacket and ankle boots to add in that extra oomph. You could also pair this turtleneck with a blazer if attending formal events.

Tips on how to buy Turtleneck Shirts

One of the worst things you can say about the item of clothing you wear is that the piece is wearing you. That you look like you are in a goofy costume. That it looks like you are wearing a big puffer coat or a silly frilly shirt. Wear them correctly, as per your style, and you are immediately you are the ‘cool guy’. So now you know the trick. You need to understand certain factors before you go for the final purchase of the turtleneck shirts. We’ve compiled for you some tips that’ll help you buy Colshirtsin UAE effortlessly.

  • Consider weight — A lightweight cotton turtleneck has a different vibe than the big wool turtleneck shirts. Both have to be styled differently and used differently. Thick wool Colshirts are ideal for winters, while the tight-fitting cotton styles are more formal, sleek and better for springtime.
  • Consider colour — Though black Colshirts might have a special place in all of your heart, there are more than just blacks out there. You can find some of the best classic colours that certainly make you look stylish for any occasion you wear them for. You could also get bright coloured Colshirts, especially in summer wear.
  • Go through your grandma’s closet — Though this isn’t the place you’ll find your most stylish outfits, you can still be hopeful since the turtleneck has been around for generations now. And they haven’t changed much along the way. Who knows, you might be able to find this piece for free!
  • Keep an eye on the style and design — Today, you can find several varieties of colshirts out there on the market. From plaid to striped and abstract, you’ll find them in every colour and print. That’s why it’s important to check out their style and design before you pick one for yourself. See if the design suits you. Moreover, it must match with the pant or skirt you intend to wear.

From their lightweight comfort to layering abilities, Colshirts are a must for winter wardrobe and summer closet alike. No matter how you style these versatile pieces – tucked into jeans, paired with your favourite skirt or beneath a puffy vest, will surely elevate your entire look. They are indeed cosy and will get some excellent compliments when worn. So, stock up these incredible pieces of attire without any second thought.

Question & Answer

Are colshirts in style?

We love socking up in the winters, but if there’s one specific style outfit that gets you in the mood for the dropped temperatures is the Colshirts. With their distinct necklines and a plethora of styles, they are undoubtedly one of the most popular winter and summer wear alike. Choosing between chunky knit versions and breezy light cotton Colshirts becomes a daunting task. Such is their popularity. They are indeed a must-have item in your closet, regardless of the changing seasons.

How to wear a turtleneck shirt?

Remember that being creative is the essence of creating a perfect look. Always experiment with styles, colours and layers. You’ll be amazed to see just how many looks you can create with this single piece of clothing. For example, you can wear them under a shirt and flaunt a sophisticated look. Try wearing a turtleneck beneath a mini dress to achieve that modest look. By the way, jeans and the turtleneck shirt are the easiest and the most obvious pairing. But they’ll make you dapper.

Is turtleneck shirts popular?

There is no longer any reason to wonder how Colshirts become popular as they are already a wardrobe staple for many. They are one of the best outfits for those transitional seasons. They keep you comfortable and cosy without weighing down your style factor. Even some men’s turtleneck tops are such that they’ll bring you joy when the leaves start to change. You can style them with anything and everything, which probably is one of the primary reasons why they are so popular among all ages.

Are colshirts still in fashion?

Despite a convoluted history, it turns out that the classic Colshirts never really fell out of fashion. When traced back, the modern-day turtleneck has predecessors all the away from the Medieval chainmail to Elizabeth ruff. They are also the high-necked Gibson Girl shirtwaists, though none of these bears the features of the modern-day turtleneck shirts. From such an era to the present day, the Colshirts have evolved stylishly. This is why we can be sure that they are still in fashion and will not go out anytime soon.

Where to buy turtleneck shirts in the UAE?

Perhaps you are looking to add a turtleneck shirt item to your wardrobe now. Then search no further than! This shopping search engine features a wide range of Colshirts for men and women alike. And the best part, they are from your favourite brands like Adidas, H&M, Polo, Forever 21, Chanel, Reebok, Zara, Nordstrom, Bershka, and GAP. You can also buy them from 500+ online stores. So, visit us now and get your best turtleneck shirt online.

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