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Shirts come in various designs, and each design serves a particular style. Among the new popular designs are the coat shirts, commonly referred to as double layered shirts. As the name suggests, these shirts differ a little from traditional shirts. Unlike the traditional shirt that comes with a single fabric, this one comes with a double layer. The shirt has two fabrics stitched together, one underneath the other. The fabrics could be of the same or different material. Well, there’s more to these coat shirts that you need to know as a first-time buyer. Well, this article presents some of the characteristics you need to keep in mind when shopping for a double layer shirt. 

Just like any other piece of clothing, you’ll find several types of double layer shirts too. Interestingly, many different online shops offer excellent options for these coat shirts for men and women alike. However, most buyers still get into a dilemma when they have to choose a particular model. If you are one of them, you mustn’t miss out on the tricks and tips section towards the end of the article. It’ll help you to select the best-layered shirt online for your needs. We will also highlight some of the popular double layer shirt styles on our platform and how they fit on different occasions. Without much ado, let’s delve into it. 

A few things you need to know about the two-layer shirts before you buy them online 

Indeed, you’ll come across coat shirts of different styles, designs, materials, and colours. But, regardless of which model you choose, every double-layered shirt has some common features and benefits. One of the major advantages of buying the double-layered shirt is that it perfectly supports and controls the body. Besides, the two-layer creates a heavyweight to the fabric, making it more durable than the usual shirts. Above all, it also enhances your figure and shaping your form without making you uncomfortable. Now that you know why a coat shirt is an excellent addition to your wardrobe, let’s see what else you should look at while you’re on a spree to buy a layered t-shirt online in UAE.   

Determine the type of double-layer t-shirt you want

Your search for the ideal coat shirts must start with determining what type you require. Remember, most double layered shirts come in similar materials underneath. However, you will find some with meshwork-like layers under the main material. Warmer double layer shirt brands use a warmer material underneath. Other manufacturers put the double layer on the front and back but not on the sleeves. Interestingly, you can find all these types on various online shops today. Therefore, you can easily pick a shirt that matches your preferences. Moreover, most of the shops that provide you options also give you high-quality images of each model. This enables you to examine your ideal double layer shirt up close and check the inner layer material before purchasing. 

Pick an ideal men’s double layer long sleeve t-shirt design or women’s short sleeve double layer t-shirt 

If you need a double layer shirt that you can wear comfortably in the warm weather, go for a short-sleeved one to not cover too much skin. It is also ideal for working with moving parts or dirt that might soil your hands. On the other hand, a long sleeve double layer shirt keeps your hands warm, and it is also stylish and good for the evening when it might get cold. For long sleeve two-layer shirt, you may go for one whose layers are of the same colour or different colours. The top fabric is usually short-sleeved, with the inner layer being the long sleeve. There are hundreds of quality, stylish short and long-sleeved double layer shirts to choose from for both men and women out there. 

Remember, tank top layered shirts are great casuals

If you are looking for a causal double layer shirt to wear with your chinos, denim and shorts, a tank top layered shirt is a good choice. The double-layer shirt has a wider top than the round neck and snugs around your shoulders comfortably. Most of the tank tops are sleeveless shirts that are great for strolls in the neighbourhood or workouts. However, there also several short and long-sleeved options out there on different online shops. Excitingly, you can get them from popular brands like Alfred Dunner on these platforms. These go well with women’s casual wardrobes. Besides, you can also wear them with different skirts, shorts, denim and long pants. Visit our platform to explore the available options. 

Up your clothing fashion with crop top layered shirt

Crop top shirts are perfect tops for layered dressing. You can usually wear them on their own or on top of other t-shirts, tops and blouses. Several popular brands like Zara and Oysho bring you fantastic options. Most women’s crop top coat shirts tend to be long-sleeved. Therefore, you can pair them with your camisoles, short-sleeved shirts or on their own for that chic look. Besides, pairing a crop top layered shirt makes it an ideal layered t-shirt look for summers. They’re an excellent option for those outdoor parties and girls days out on a lazy weekend. Remember to explore different styles and colours while you’re out searching for your perfect top. 

Pick men’s and women’s double-layered shirt tops in the best materials for winters & summers

If you are looking for a double layer shirt to wear in spring or autumn when temperatures go down, a double layer shirt and jumper is the best pick. Brands such as Calvin Klein make stylish jumper shirts that are both warm and light. There are jumper shirt options for both men and women, which come in various fantastic designs. On the other hand, if you are looking for a light double layer shirt to wear during summer, you can go for cotton, blends of polyester and other stands and pick short-sleeved options. These materials are light ad keep you cool when outdoors in the hot summer sun.

Tips on how to buy Coat Shirts online

As mentioned earlier in the article, you’ll find hundreds of greatcoat shirt options out there on different online shops. You’ll see options from popular brands such as Vince Camuto to many new quality manufacturers. Remember, such a high number of options might make selecting a good double layer shirt a nightmare. We want to help by offering several tips and tricks that you can use to narrow down to the perfect double layer shirt for your next event.

  • Keep an eye on the materials – Do you need a warm or light double layer t-shirt? Your answer determines the material to pick. There are cotton, fabric blends and heavier strands to keep you warm. It is good to mix up different fabrics to have something for the warm and cold seasons.
  • Mind the length of the sleeves – As a coat shirt buyer, you’ll find shirts that come with both short and long sleeves. You may go for short-sleeved double layer shirts for that casual style or in warm weather. The long sleeve option also looks great across the year. The sleeves may come in different colours from the rest of the shirt.
  • Pick your ideal style – What kind of collar, sleeve, length do you prefer? Make sure you at least have a subtle idea about what kind of shirt you want. You may go for casual round and tank tops or go for shirts with collars. There are also crop double layer t-shirt women’s options on our platform. Pick different styles if you wish to buy more than one item.
  • Choose your colours – Double layered shirts come in a plethora of colours. You can pick plain colours, floral, animal print or even ones with abstract designs. Many a time, you can also match your coat shirt colours with other clothes in your wardrobe. Also, you could create good contrasts to enhance your style.
  • Do not compromise on quality – Not all brands and online shops sell the highest quality coat shirts. This is why you need to be careful while selecting your pick. Consider buying yours from reputed brands to avoid spending more on something that isn’t worth it. You can buy your double layered shirts from a few popular brands, including Kensie, Alfani, Ideology, H&M, and Bar Iii.

Those are the top five best tips to land with the best coat shirt while buying from any online shop. However, our product search engine makes it even easier for you by providing you with page filters to narrow down to the kind of double-layer shirt that you need for the next event. We recommend that you explore various items before settling down on one to experience different styles in place.

Question & Answer

Where do you buy a double layer shirt online in UAE?

You can buy quality double layered shirts online from Our platform lists hundreds of leading clothing brands that provide the best quality clothing on the internet. There are tens of brands for each type of coat shirt, with many of them selling different styles. Do take time to explore the various styles on the platform. In addition, we also bring you other clothing options such as casual and formal wear, shoes, accessories and jewellery. If you want to add a few pieces to your wardrobe or want to latest trending styles for both men and women, our platform is the first stop to visit. We have categorised items in different sections to ease navigation and narrow them down to the ideal item.

How do you style layered tops for women?

You can style women’s double-layered tops with various items in your wardrobe, depending on your personal preference. For example, a crop top layered shirt works well with your shorts and a pair of canvas shoes. You can also wear it on top of a long-sleeved collar top and long pants. Similarly, you can also pair a tank top with your short skirts or denim and still look trendy. You can wear these layered tops on your own or throw a leather jacket on top, especially in the cold weather. A double layer shirt top for women is a versatile piece in the wardrobe that will go with almost any casual clothing at hand. We recommend picking various styles so that you have something that works with much of the wardrobe.

Can layered t-shirts for men be paired with shorts?

You can wear layered t-shirts with your shorts. Shorts are a casual, easy style that you can do when taking a lazy walk at the weekend, for a casual boys’ night out, and relaxing out and about. To look good with your double layer t-shirt, men’s, go for short sleeve options. It is also good to pick prints rather than plain colours. Besides, it would not hurt if you go for a double layer shirt with contrasting colours rather than matching your shorts. Bes sure to pick a two-layer shirt with a slim fit so that it does not look oversized when you wear your shorts. Get some converse or classically styled sportswear to complete your casual look the next time you go outdoors.

Are layered tops for women good for high heels?

Yes. Women can wear layered tops with high heels. High heels work with formal and casual styles and may take lots of clothing and still look great. First, high heels look great with your pencil jeans and a crop top layered shirt and good for those casual parties. You can also wear high heels with your short skirts and a layered long-sleeved shirt for dress down workdays. A double layer shirt can also be worn with various long pants and chinos and still look hot and chic. Be sure to pick colours that do not clash. However, a little contrast works well with most of the ladies. Our layered t-shirt for sale online in UAE has all the leading women layered top sellers.