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Peplum tops? Do you remember the last time when you went to the store to find a minimum of 100 ladies wearing it? Almost every style lover had her share in it when it came back in fashion in 2012. Surely the most recent fashion wave has brought them back to the picture with a bloom. However, this time, they have come with a little twist. They are now available in short to long lengths, ruffles, crop-top, off the shoulder, turtlenecks and much more.

As the world is getting more and more fashion-forward the peplums did too. They have groomed well with the passage of time and breaking the ice of traditional outfit ideas. You can style them with high waisted trousers or skinny crop jeans. Meanwhile, if you visit social media, you will find ladies wearing them with bodysuits, or even skirts when they head to the office. Likewise, for girls who prefer to keep a chic style on the go, these peplum shirts are becoming a top priority. The reason is that you don’t need to carry much with them to complete a look. Just a perfect fit peplum top and a good bottom are enough to turn heads around. Let’s explore how you can style these tops for different occasions.

Beginners guide on what to wear with peplum shirts

The peplum tops are feminine and fashionable shirts with a skirt-like flare near the waistline. This style has its roots in the dress-type tunics used by Romans and Greeks. Today these tops are available in pleasing colours, impeccable quality and international designs. Go online, pick a stylish bottom with a perfect fit top and you are set to rock in a snap. With a wide variety, you need to know what type, length or colour you will need to get dressed in. You can pick one from printed, embellished, patterned, solid or self-design as per your taste. Let’s explore some of the possible yet trendy style ideas that are available in online stores to shop and rock.

Off-shoulder and long-sleeves peplum shirts and skirts

Pencil skirts are a must-have for every woman. You can start by just picking up a peplum top that fits your body perfectly. The flared end of the peplum top will accentuate your figure if paired with a pencil skirt. You can consider adding a belt and some statement metallic jewels if both top and skirt are in solid shades. If not, pick a flared skirt and create a magical look your mates’ will foe of. Meanwhile, for ladies who are looking for full leg coverage, a maxi skirt can be the best pair with a peplum. It gives a sophisticated look for parties and galas. However, if you are looking for some additional warmth, add bulk by wearing it with a dress. A bodycon dress is recommended for a sexy style.

Peplum t-shirt with trousers or skinny jeans

Denim has been a lady love for a long time. Here skinny jeans stand top of the list of preferences. The peplums come in handy here again. The combination is sexy and makes you look taller and smarter. Here the wide ends of your peplum tops with sleeves can add volume to balance your skinnies. However, if you wish for an hourglass figure, replace your skinny jeans with leggings. Here you must expect to have a cinched waist with a tight leg fit. Meanwhile, even if you wish to adopt a formal look with these tops, pick wide-legged pants. Here you will have a hook right at the waist and flared at the bottom that looks bold and daring.

Layering your long sleeve peplum tops

Do you have a sleeveless or short sleeve peplum top and wish to wear it in winter? Simply, layer it to cover your sleeves while adding comfort and warmth to your outfit. Better would be to work with contrasting shades. By doing so, you can pop out the sexy style of the peplum. For a cool and simple look, try a different shade of skirt and top. This is the best approach to colour blocking. Here simple lines and the classic shape of a body-hugging pencil skirt can help you experiment the most. However, a funkier skirt with more details can help mix it up. Many daring ladies also opt for leather skirts and pair them with a feminine blouse like peplum mostly in lace topped with woollen jackets.

Peplum denim shirts and shorts

So, we shared some ideas about how to wear peplum to the office or layer them in winter. Skipping the style ideas for summer will not be good. Denim is the best idea to style peplum in summer. In online stores, you can easily find peplum denim shirts and shorts. Mix and match are the keys to rock. So, if you have denim shorts, you can pick any peplum top to look cool and sensual. However, for a denim top, prefer to pick something contrasting like white jean shorts. Another amazing style innovation with peplum came forth as a one-sided calf-length peplum top. You can pair it with ripped skinny jeans or capri pants and high heels to be a groovy sensation on any occasion.

Tips on how to buy Peplum Shirts online in the UAE

The online market is full of styles, brands, colours, sizes, prints and patterns. Hence when it comes to buying peplum tops with sleeves or skirts to match them, things get overwhelming. Thus, needed is to look deep into things. Only careful shopping decisions can help you save money, time and effort that you invest in buying a pair of stylish clothing. For a peplum dress, top or bottom, the right fit is the key to flattering your body. Hence, before you head for women’s peplum shirt shopping online, know your right sizes.  Next comes knowledge about your body shape and what it needs to look flattering. After that, you will need the following tips to buy a flattering, perfect fit peplum shirt or dress online.

  • Get inspired – You need to know what is trending. What top is best with what style and colour of skirt or jeans. You can do this homework by spending some time online. Follow fashion bloggers and brands on Instagram and Facebook or visit Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Explore – When it comes to upgrading a wardrobe, you have two options. Spend tiresome hours running here and there in the malls. Or, go online and let websites like bring forth the best options in just a few clicks. Online shops bring you more options to shop from.
  • Get the right fit – A right fit varies from one body type to another. Knowing your body type will help you find a top that will look best on you. Here you must also consider the role and importance of colours, prints and patterns on your top.
  • The neckline – While shopping online, you will find peplum tops with different necklines. These will include sweetheart, turtleneck, flouncing cut-out, simple V-neck or round neck and many others. The neckline must incorporate the skirt and overall style you wish to carry.
  • Choose the fabric – Here important is to consider a core feature of a peplum dress. The flare at the bottom of the peplum top is the essence. A sturdy fabric will help in contemplating the feel and look. Contrary, a smooth fabric like georgette will be of no help here.
  • Read product details – Online shopping is just like a layered security system of the Avengers headquarters. The last step is reading the details of the product to understand everything about it before you pay. If nothing is fishy, you can proceed to pay with confidence.

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Question & Answer

Are peplum shirts still in style?

Yes, they are still trending and loved by ladies around the globe. After marking their footsteps in the history of fashion in the 80s, they vanished for a while. However, in 2012 they made a comeback in the fashion world. Since then, these tops are glooming and expanded their wings and boundaries of style and creativity in women’s wear. These tops are now a basic necessity for a women’s casual, formal, office and party wear wardrobe. So if you don’t have this statement piece, it’s time to grab a few with just a few clicks.

Are peplum shirts flattering?

Yes, the peplum tops, and bottoms both are flattering. A standard peplum top is designed to be fitted on the bust of both plus-size and petite women. However, at the waistline, they have an added flare. This additional piece of cloth is where the magic begins. The combination of the two makes the tummy flattered by hiding excessive weight on the abdominal area. Meanwhile, for a slim lady, it gives a curve and a fuller look. Hence, the style is impressively flattering for women of all body shapes and sizes.

What to wear with peplum shirts?

There is a wide range of bottoms that you can pick with the peplum shirts. Here the trendiest combination and looks can be made with skinny jeans or ripped denim in different shades. Meanwhile, straight high cut jeans, loose trousers, pencil skirts, skater skirts, flared skirts, and peplum skirts are the best options. Moreover, just like bottoms, you are free to try different types of footwear, including oxfords, suede, flats, platforms, high heels or even ankle and knee-length boots.

Where to buy peplum shirts?

Here are the you will have the entire range of peplum shirts from all the top clothing brands. Here you can find and compare products from stores. Visit now to find what is trendy and what is on sale. Explore the products with price preferences or brands and get hands-on with the best possible option. Here the wide range of products can be explored with just a few clicks. Hence forgetting the hustle of running back and forth just to end up failing is what you wish to have. We at strive to bring the best shopping possibilities for every person around the globe. This is why we have spent a long time and complied with every item that you may need to style. Upgrade your wardrobe with us while being loyal to your budget and personality side by side.