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Not all shirts and T-shirts are made equal and if you have been wearing the same thing your mother dresses you in, then perhaps it is time to consider an upgrade? If so, what change would you do a shirt? Well, go long- get yourself a longshirts. It is not just easy to rock an extra couple of inches below the waist but is stylish too!

The longline shirts were first introduced by Kayne West, whose love for fashion, especially hip-hop style, made him sport this trend. He is till date the first inspiration when it comes to these long-oversized shirts. This longline piece of clothing is tees or shirts that come with a slouchy longer fit. They often reach the top of the leg. You could easily say that they are another version of classic hoodies and sweatshirts, which is one of the primary reasons why they look best when you wear them in neutral colours such as white, black, grey or even blue. This was the case for men’s longshirts. However, when it comes to longshirts for women, they are much evolved.

Explore a few alternatives to the Longshirts

Whether this loose anti-fit piece of clothing is your style or not, they are indeed are quintessential when it comes to casual wear, which is one of the key reasons why there is a whole world of longline apparel out there. If you thought that the long hemlines are just incorporated in shirts, then you are wrong, my friend! There is a whole array of these longline pieces that you can pair with anything and everything. They give a new perspective to your entire look. Here are a few types of longline pieces that are worth keeping in your closet. Read on to find out some vital longline pieces.

The longshirts

Usually, the longline shirts come in two types: Mandarin collar or the grandad and the typical collared type. They are great at turning a tailored piece into a street look. This is especially true for a nighttime outfit. They usually come with a fitted shoulder and arms, whereas the torso leaves a little bit of extra room. When it comes to their length, they hit no longer than halfway down the thigh. This is one of the main reasons why you should never tuck in, as they are originally designed to hang out. By the way, the shirt looks best with buttoned fastened all the way up, including the neck. And make sure you never wear a tie with them. It kills the entire look. In the summers you can pair a longshirts with light cotton chinos or trousers.

The long bomber jackets

Undeniably, this is one of the most common forms of longline outfits. Even though the length varies from just past the waist to almost knee-length, you must approach this bomber in the same way as any other regular bomber jacket. The one with the contrast sleeves in leather or denim are prevalent and add a varsity jock aesthetic to your look. They are versatile to such an extent that you could layer them over a tee, jumpers, and even button-ups. With such a lengthy structure, they can easily replace the mac or trench. This will undoubtedly be a modern take on the classic topcoat. Oh! And yeah, just do not wear them to the office because they are quite far from being formal wear.

The knit longshirts

The longline knit piece come in two major types: the cardigan and the sweater. These types of longlines are available in typical gauge and fabric materials. Considering the lightness of the outfit, the beautiful gauge knits work better. Both are usually unstructured and loose, which offer a much-relaxed vibe. However, you wear the cardigans open, to avoid looking like a woollen frock. Though they are open at the front, the knit cardigans usually have lean sleeves, fit across the shoulders and chest relatively fitted. The length often doesn’t surpass mid-thigh. And remember, you should pair them with slim-fit denim and a relaxed fit scoop neck.

The long T-shirts

Indeed, a t-shirt is the most common item in a gentleman’s closet. Such is also the case with women. Damn you might be wearing one right now! Isn’t it? But we are sure they would be the same old boring ones. What if we tell you that you can add a little spice to your look by just increasing the length of your t-shirt. That’s right- this is precisely what a longline t-shirt does. They are loose fitted and free-flowing and extend till the mid-thigh. With such features, they are one of the best long-running shirts which you active men can use for any athletic purposes. Team them up with cropped chinos to look chic and feel comfortable. 

Tips on how to buy Longshirts online

The best way to approach longshirts is to remember that they will NEVER be tucked in. This essentially means that that you cannot wear them for a formal setting. Or can you? Well, most of us tend to get stuck in a dilemma on how to pull off these long pieces of clothing. While most of them work well when layered together. However, it is best if you avoid pairing them with a sweater. Well, there are many more such rules you need to keep in mind to avoid any fashion blunders when you buy longshirts online in Dubai. Keep reading to find them out.

  • Go for one piece at a time – If this is your first time hopping into a longline shirt, then tread carefully. It is alarming how swiftly a long casual shirt transforms into a long dress when layered incorrectly. So, dip your toes carefully. Choose a length that is slightly longer than what you usually wear. Wear them a few times before you experiment with their styles.
  • Avoid the longshirts formals – Undoubtedly, a longshirt’s charm lies in its ability to suffuse some effortless swag into your look. So, they will not win you any brownie points with your boss. However, that does not mean that they would not work for slightly more dressed up off duty occasions.
  • Maintain a balance – The key to styling your longlines is to allow their exaggerated silhouette to take centre stage, while the rest of your look stays shtum. If you make the mistake of oversizing everything, you’ll look like an air balloon. This is why it is best to keep your bottoms as slim fit as possible. Like the leggings for longshirts do great. To simply put it, oversized longshirts makes a great companion for skinny pants.
  • Opt for monochrome outfits – Playing loose and fast to your long hemlines is a pretty radical statement, especially if it is menswear. Adding busy prints and patterns into this mix makes you look pompous. Well, trust us; you don’t want to be giving headaches to people around you. So, stick to block colour pieces when going for these long maxi shirts. Don’t scream for attention, be tasteful but with a classy twist.
  • Choose the right fabric – As a rule of thumb, synthetics and cotton lend themselves well to longline pieces due to their perfect drape and stretch. Denim and linen could also be ideal choices for making garments with more dramatic drops. By the way, avoid Corduroy textured weaves and other fussy materials.

So, now you know that donning a longshirts isn’t a piece of cake for everyone. They are strictly casual wear. However, such is their versatility that, if styled precisely they’ll do wonders to your look. This is the reason why longshirts is arguably the most popular outer garments in the entire world. In many ways, longshirts defy the conventions of traditional fashion, and in a conservative formal environment, you could consider them as a statement piece of clothing.

Question & Answer

Are longshirts in style today?

Longshirts are one of the most versatile pieces. They are modest yet chic, and both men and women can wear them alike. These came into being sometime around 2014. Since then, there has been no looking behind for these impressive pieces of long garments. A longshirts certainly fulfils all your fashion desires because they are available in a wide range of types, styles and patterns. The trend of wearing short shirts is long gone. Now, longline pieces are dominating the fashion industry.

Are long sleeve shirts cool in summer?

Only if your long sleeve shirts come in lightweight fabrics such as cotton. If you wear heavy fabric full sleeve t-shirts or shirts, you‘ll be as good as a fried egg in those scorching summers. Also, remember that the colour you choose is critical. If you are wearing a black coloured full sleeve shirt of dense fabric in summers, then you’ll hardly be able to bear the heat. However, going for a lightweight fabric of black colour keeps you cool, such as a burqa.

How to wear longshirts with jeans?

Since longshirts are a bit slouchy and oversized, you can create a baggy look with ripped jeans. These shirts can also go really well with mom jeans. It can even give an elegant look with flat footwear and styled hair or a bandana for the cool quotient is something you can add. Other than that, you can pair it with your bell bottom and flared jeans as well. People with short stature may have questions about this pair. But if you wear boots or wedges, you can carry the look well. Oversized shirt on the top and flared jeans on the bottom somehow balance the posture and it doesn’t give the appearance of someone tall. But who cares? If you like the outfit and you can carry it, you must wear it.

How should longshirts sleeves be?

Whenever you assess the fit of a long sleeve shirt, you should know that, with the arms hanging relaxed at your sides and the cuffs of the shirt unbuttoned, the sleeves should come down to the centre of the back of your hand. This may look a little long for many of you. However, this typically works very well, and the cuffs are also sized appropriately at the wrists with such measurements. This also prevents the cuffs from sliding too far over your hand.

A longshirts is a huge trend, and you’ll agree with this statement now. So, will you be buying longshirts this season? If yes, then do not miss to check out the extensive collection of longshirtss online on, the largest product search engine. You’ll find them in popular brands such as Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Lacoste, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Burberry, Denim, Polo, and H&M.